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  1. Hi devs. If you plan to do other options for the I-16, then this should have been taken into account at the initial stage of development. Because when you try to hang the rockets, you have to throw away the inst.board. On I-16 24, 27, 28, standardized parts were used. You also have a strange box instead of cylindrical chassis domes, even though there should be windows in the domes, so that the pilot can see the condition of the chassis legs during the flight. Wrong shapes of pit doors, wrong flightstick, wrong kompass... This is the 2012 model for sim IL-2 BOS, there are no such errors.
  2. I'm Psy :) Our studio not work with sims already half year.
  3. это 1Б Головатовский из Саратова, он в декабре 42 выпущен.
  4. Неа, я просто очень честный:) И людей хочется подбодрить, ничего не брошено, "Наша тема" никуда не делась. Мы еще летом сдали свою часть работы, вероятность что ЕД это все "под скатерть" положит думаю ничтожна. Сейчас затраты на разработку по сравнению со старым Ил-2, просто не сопоставимые, такие вещи никто "чтобы было" делать не будет. Человеческих ресурсов надо очень много, так что как только ребята в ЕД разгребутся с основными задачами там глядишь и секретные проекты начнут анонсироваться :)
  5. Вообще, мы как партнеры ЕД в этом году выполнили работы по 2м кабинам советских ЛА, но какие это ЛА, когда будут выпущены и в каком сеттинге, это пока секрет ЕД.
  6. Why am I supposed inauthenticity of your drawing. The fact is that at one time, I made ​​inquiries about the origin of packets of drawings in color form (like your) and was mentioned authoritatively that this is actually the modern drawings. But who and why there would be stamped it as original FokkeWulf's factory, is unknown. And of course, once they are not original, it is necessary to use them with great caution. Well any way, here my drw, Ta-152, original FW factory too, even date 1943 and drw number identical, but different at important areas. FW magic?
  7. As I can see this drawings do not reflect actual plane construction, because photos a real Ta-152 have a differences with it. I posted original factory Ta152 drw, and it correspond a real plane. Maybe your drawing is a fake, because the pits' part is very similar to the drawing of Bentley, and its already been found do not correspond to the original assembly factorу drawing of the relevant part of the windshield.
  8. Thanx you for the wonderful photo, as we can see the camera photographed the pit view just at the level of gunsighting. This is indicated by the fact that the sighting elements of doubler sight are almost on the same line! And what is interesting is that the bottom reflector of sight is an obstacle for the viewing!
  9. Ok, IvanK, my friend :) look at photo, we see that cover line heads derectly to frame corner, and the gun sight sitting not parallel to cover line. Look to drawings, we see absolute identical thing! With all respect to the good old Bentley but his drawing is incorrect. It is now absolutely sure. At least with relation to Dora.
  10. Hello, I'm the creator FW-190 pit. Actually, all the evidence the lack of visibility bottom of bulletproof glass, posted here, really do not belong to FW-190D. I built the front of the pit frame guided by the factory drawings, in which everything is exactly as you see on the 3D model. If you look at pictures of a real FW-190D, you will see that the "bar" is there. I actually believed that other versions FW have a different design of bulletproof glass and front part canopy as seen in the pictures. Actually, the pit frame do not occludes gunsight, it is a perspective distortion caused a game engine. From the point of view of the correct 3D model, everything accurately. The sight sitting at that height as the original. If developers decided that the issue of obstruction of gunsight really exists, the gunsight can be easyly raised up to 5mm. But it is a matter of DCS. PS photo FW with EZ, for general reference only, due to different canopy design. Just for general reference, this is factory drawing of Ta152 with gyrosight and "bar" :)
  11. Скелетная анимация это технология с помощью которой анимируются персонажи, люди, животные, механизмы где надо изгибать или деформировать что то, например движение мускулов живого существа, изгибы шлангов, веревок, рукавов. Технически представляет собой скелет встроенный в оболочку фигуры, аниматор задает движения скелета, а алгоритмы трансформируют движения в деформацию оболочки. В простом случае реализации бывает и без деформации - 3д модель выполняется из кусочков по числу подвижных частей, но так было в основном в начале появления этой технологии, сейчас одно автоматически подразумевает и другое.
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