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  1. Made a little bit of progress with the Power Quadrant. I temporarily hooked it up and the Lever Power OFF switches and Finger Lift switches are working as intended.
  2. Not quite right I have no more to say, goodbye.
  3. From the review: "Changing the CYCLIC TRIMMER MODE selection to Joystick without springs and FFB made a big difference, the same with the Pedal trimmer mode. But it still wasn’t quite right. I tinkered with the curves some more and ended up with the collective curve at 20%, and pedals at 15%. The cyclic is still a challenge because with the trimmer mode now set, I was able to bring the curves back to zero and the model is flyable. Even though it feels much better at a hover but is still not quite right. It’s just fine at cruise or maneuvering flight but at a hover my normal cyclic inputs that I would make in a real aircraft results in lots of over-controlling. So far, I haven’t been able to find a setting that gives me both realistic hover handing and maneuvering flight characteristics." It sounds like he has realistic helicopter controls, not everybody has these... in fact I would say he is in a tiny minority. Also from the comments... PHMAC Hey Joe, thanks for sharing you impressions on this DCS module. It was a very interesting read indeed. I think your conclusion on which helicopter module developers are using to test a model could be spot on. I never thought of that. I’m curious to read ED’s response to your review and if the things that are not completely correct or lacking in the early access model planned to be fixed or updated in future updates. Thanks again for sharing your insights. UPDATE A link to this article was posted on r/Hoggit where ED Community Manager u/bignewy commented as follows: "Its an interesting article, and some of the feedback is good, it was an opinion piece and not data driven, but we will take the feedback on board for early access as it progresses. I do feel the author was having some control issues, transitioning from real controls to a home sim can be difficult. The comparisons to newer versions of the AH-64 probably did not help, the avionics are different in various ways from the version we are modelling in DCS and we still have more work to do here during early access. Flight model tweaks are still to come, roll at high speeds, having to use to much torque pedal, VRS ect. so that will be addressed in future patches. Always good to get the feedback from real pilots and the team have all taken a look, including our own AH-64 pilots. Thanks - Bignewy" It is in Early Access as Joe himself states, you sensationalised it compared to reality. All those quotes are from before he set it up correctly for his hardware after that still not perfect but it will never be.
  4. After having read the review I have to ask, did YOU actually read it?
  5. Thanks, the girlfriend was not happy! Even less happy when I bolted one of the dining chairs on to it, I did as... perhaps I was a bit vague in my explanation Yes, definitely the upper left Fire Detection Panel and the Alarm Panel, don't see me using the Enhanced Up Front Display so that is out. I am working on the Lower CMWS Panel, I don't see much use in the upper one. You will love the MPD's they are great fun, now I actually need to start using all the nifty things they allow you to do!
  6. I received the Total Controls MPD Frames, fit like a charm Unfortunately I only got to try these for a wee while as I will be away for the next few days, but so far quite impressed and lucky to be one of the very first customers.
  7. I have been working on an extension of my Spitfire/Mozzie cockpit (Both which have been WIP) to include a Apache module. I never really had much interest in helicopters until I got the Apache and immediately knew I was going to be flying it a great deal. So I purchased a Virpil Collective and started modelling. The FWD Panel is not based on any dimensions, however I brought some panels from TekCreations which I used as a rough guide. I then modelled some spacers for use with MPD Frames which I have purchased from Total Controls. The LH Console is work in progress, I plan on developing the design so I can pull the Apache throttle and install the Warthog when required. You can see the Spitfire Spade Grip "stowed" behind the FWD Panels. The Panels have a 3 degree angle on each side. I am expecting the Total Controls MPD Frames to arrive tomorrow so I will upload another picture once installed. Here is another shot of the TekCreations panels, showing what they will look like once fully installed. Technically I am a VR user so I don't plan on backlighting the panels.
  8. How are things progressing, would be nice to get a new status update like the last one
  9. @RedskinMike Since you have access to the real deal any chance you could find out what the angle is between the pilots MPD? Unless I am mistaken it does not look like a simple flat panel in front of them. Thanks, Krupi
  10. Awesome, congratulations looking forward to seeing some pictures of the finished article. Any update on price?
  11. Hello, Quick question, will we be able to connect two of these together so only one USB is used or will they each take up one USB slot? Any update regarding release date? Thanks
  12. Hi Chaps, Appreciate that I only raised this a few hours ago however it would be nice to get a response/confirmation. Thank you
  13. Why... It is only visual. You don't have to use the trailing antenna if you don't want to.
  14. This wasn't present on the vast majority of FB.VI as they had the GEE radio installation and therefore this was ommited. For more details on the radio equipment see the thread above. Seems a shame that with all the work that has gone into this we have a bit of a franken mosquito.
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