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  1. Awesome, congratulations looking forward to seeing some pictures of the finished article. Any update on price?
  2. Hello, Quick question, will we be able to connect two of these together so only one USB is used or will they each take up one USB slot? Any update regarding release date? Thanks
  3. Hi Chaps, Appreciate that I only raised this a few hours ago however it would be nice to get a response/confirmation. Thank you
  4. I won't be buying any PTO until Normandy is complete. To be honest with no decent WW2 multiplayer server and the AI being in a pretty terrible state I can't see myself buying anymore modules at present and I have brought virtually all of them despite not really flying the modern aircraft. It is unfortunate that trust has diminished to this point but this is what happens when you let things fester without addressing the issue. @Reflected we know that things take time however communication is key when that is the case, the SOW team have been quite open to pointing out the bug issues for them and their community. ED just hasn't communicated well with the WW2 crowd.
  5. I do agree that negligence is definitely a factor here, perceived or not, the bugs and lack of support feels like DCS WWII is the ugly step child. Hats off to Phil and Dietrich for sticking to their plan, it is a shame that they didn't talk to there own community but that wasn't going to fix the issues.
  6. Why... It is only visual. You don't have to use the trailing antenna if you don't want to.
  7. This wasn't present on the vast majority of FB.VI as they had the GEE radio installation and therefore this was ommited. For more details on the radio equipment see the thread above. Seems a shame that with all the work that has gone into this we have a bit of a franken mosquito.
  8. This also occurs when starting the Mossie, if you forget to turn the fuel tank cocks to on you can start the engines and they will sputter on and on until you turn the fuel tank cocks to on.
  9. When the Luftwaffe were able to break through in Operation Bodenplatte the Typhoon gave a reasonably good account of itself.
  10. Three months after D-Day the luftwaffe had been pretty much beaten back to Germany. Now as Mogster already alluded to, the Typhoon were not employed during Operation Overlord as an air supremacy fighter. Typhoon squadrons were used as close air support, the limitations of the Sabre engine meant that they were previously used as a low level deep strike aircraft which isn't where fighting generally took place on the western front. So the Typhoon in hindsight cannot be regarded as an air combat aircraft, it was a failed interceptor that found a home as a fantastic close ground support platform. This means that they stuck with the army, participating in Cab-Rank missions, unlike the Spitfire, Mustang and Thunderbolt who were employed in air supremacy... So it is hardly surprising that the Typhoon did not in fact have a great number of enemy aircraft to it's name. The successor to the Typhoon the Tempest in its relatively short service life garnered an impressive record and was the aircraft that the Typhoon should have been if it hadn't been rushed into service to counter the Fw190.
  11. Krupi


    F4F would be a great addition. What I would love to see would be an Italy/Malta/North Africa map, I think that would be absolutely fantastic such a rich history and a great range of applicable aircraft. To bring the conversation back to the Hurricane this front was really the last Hurr'i'ah for the aircraft.
  12. Krupi


    @NineLine Hi NineLine, Do we know which Rocket rails the Mossie will get? The difference in weight is substantial, Mk1 being larger and steel Mk3 being aluminium. Also, I know it is a late war design but what about the Rail and Drop Tank Combo. Up to four RP3 and a Drop Tank could be carried like so.
  13. Spitfire IX were used on Operation Diver against the V1, however as they were operating from the UK as part of ADGB (Air Defence Great Britain) they were using 150 Octane Fuel which we don't have access to currently. Also as the name suggest the speeds of the V1 meant that the best way to intercept them were to fly high above and wait for radar confirmation on the area and direction before diving.
  14. Krupi


    What a ludicrous statement! The heavy disparity is something that you will never get away from. Take Europe Germany, Italy vs UK, USA and Russia. You could argue the case even for France, Belgium, Poland aircraft as well. I agree that we need more Axis aircraft, 109G6, 109E, 190A4... that is it for the German Fighters. I 100% agree that the Luftwaffe aircraft could do with some polish, as does the P-51 visually, and bug fixing. So that means we are on to the Ju87 and twin engine aircraft. Ju87 and HE111 are not really present in the Normandy Map and as far as I am aware the Channel doesn't really fit with BOB. So that leaves us the following for the Normandy Map and for arguments sake beyond... Apologies if I miss any, trying to keep it to ones that were of importance and numbers. Missing AXIS: Me109G6 & G14 Me110 Me262 Me410 Ju88/Ju188 Ju-52 Do217 Arado 234 Missing ALLIED: Hawker Typhoon Hawker Tempest Spitfire Mk XIV P-38 P-51B P-47C B24 B25 B26 Mosquito B Mk XVI DC-3 Lancaster Halifax Wellington Beaufighter I haven't even touched the Russian Front and already! 15 to 8 "missing" aircraft. I would hope one day the most important of these will at least have an AI. At the moment what I would personally like to see for the Luftwaffe are the following: Me109G6Early/Late or Early and a G14 Ju88 Probably the A4 After this does ED have sufficient data to produce the Ju88 let alone the Bf110, Me410 etc...
  15. This would be great, Normandy is still very rough compared to other map. Would be nice for Urga Media to respond, perhaps we would have more luck if someone posted this on the Russian area?
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