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  1. Hi all i have puchase Thrustmaster Warthog hotas. But i try on 3 pc (one with windows 8.1, and 2 with Windows 7). In game controllers windows, and in target software no command works. I try to calibrate, but the stick cursor (and other axis also on thrust) doesn't works. IT is some software/drivers problem or Hardware issue ? Thanks in advance
  2. Ok i find it and install in testmode. but when i try to mapping one virtual joy appears an error message. It says "Cannot read mappings from joystick driver". At end installation some driver it's not installed. (It's only for curiosity, but i want try it). Thanks Lorenzo
  3. Hi guys, I have Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate. I have same problem with ppjoy, i can't start... Where can i download latest version of ppjoy ? Thanks in advance. Lorenzo
  4. Thanks Outlaw. About drivers i use this It's beta driver. It's good ? Which one you use ? Thanks. Lorenzo
  5. Hi to all I have read in many forum about this problem and seems it's not solved. Someone that have Saitek x65 and this problem can tell me how to solve or reduce. I have drivers with calibrate option but after some time x axis go out of center. Thanks in advance Lorenzo
  6. Thanks Le0kong For Saitek X65f dual throttle problem in FC2 is perfect. Works correctly. Can i upload this file in user file in web site DCS ? (Under your name) Thanks Lorenzo
  7. Absolutly perfect ! :thumbup: Works perfectly. Thanks, slawek39. :smilewink: Lorenzo
  8. Perfect !!! Now works great. Very good idea ... some like one bypass Thanks Frechdachs And thanks also to fitness88
  9. Yes all funcioning properly. In FC 2 there aren't secondary axis z, only primary (left throttle of stick)
  10. Before i used x 52 hotas throttle These are the keyboard binds in options control.
  11. Hi to all i can't, in option controls, set the right engine with right throttle of X65. It' take only left throttle on both engine, or left, or right. In Lock on 1.1 works fine and also in FC 3 Thanks in advance :smilewink: Lorenzo :)
  12. Thaks Blaze ! There are no mods (e.i. lockonfiles) ? P.S.: beutifull Florida. In Milan, Italy here's snowing. Bye
  13. Some adequate answer to the question ? :) Many Thanks
  14. Hi to all i'm looking for Night Vision Goggles. For FC 2 or FC 3. For Su 27, Su 33, F 15. I try to search it in lock on files, but i find nothithing Thanks Lorenzo
  15. Ok, works correctly after Windows 7 Ultimate upgrade (WAU) Windows Anytime Upgrade. No needed deactivation and activation again after upgrade. Lorenzo
  16. I find it on upgrade win 8 from win 7 http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=93260&highlight=upgrade+os Lorenzo
  17. I want to upgrade windows 7 home premium to windows 7 Ultimate with Windows Anytime Upgrade. (WAU) It's not a reinstallation of OS. I have to deactivate FC 3, and after uprade Os active again FC 3 or not ? Thanks
  18. It's same thing also for Black Shark 2 ? When i reach 0 number of activation passed 30 days and 1 added ? Thanks
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