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  1. Some news for hot fix in 2.0 ? Pitch doesn't work and stick and throttle don't move inside cockpit
  2. Already make activation in steam edition (1.5). But in 2.0 mig 21 have many bugs like control and throttle and stick inside cockpit doesn't move.
  3. Hi how can i reinstall DCS World 2.0 an NTTR (Nevada) without re-download all. i have 27 gb of NTTR download via torrent. When i try to install 2.0 in the old folder window says that not possible. "Some module maybe works correctly" or some like that
  4. what's the exact name for mig 21 in command line? I try many but window says unknown module. In 2.0 mig 21 doesn't works correctly i read there are some hot fix. It's exact ?
  5. Hi all after i trying to install Mig 21 in module manager, i stop install, but now module manager doesn't show module Mig 21. Can i cancell some file to reset ? Thanks Lorenzo
  6. Fo now C-101 Aviojet haven't weapons ? I want to buy it, but if for now do not have weapons i wait purchase. Thanks Lorenzo F.
  7. Thanks, however, training mission it's inside Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\aircraft\<<module>>\Missions\EN\Training (For NTTR) I think not for all modules.
  8. Hi i can't find mission and training for all modules. In Mission menu it's blank and also in training. Thanks Lorenzo P.S.: Now i understand: all mission for Dcs World it's make for Caucasus terrain not for Nevada.
  9. Yes Exactly this. I think now i must re-download all via torrent client ?? or not ??:(
  10. Hi all i finished to download NTTR via download module manager (torrent) with DCS World 2.0. But now when i click install in module manager inside DCS World 2.0 i have another download of 2.7 Gb for complete. (Not via torrent system but via http) My download speed in this case it's very slow 20 / 50 kb/s. I must download again entire NTTR via torrent (utorrent client) ? (25.7 Gb) The 2.7 Gb it's an upgrade / patch ? Thanks Lorenzo F.
  11. Copying from previuos installation of DCS world 1.5.1:thumbup::thumbup:
  12. Yes my question is about deactivations.
  13. Hi if i format pc, before i deactivate all modules. But the number of deactivations decreases ? And if decreases when i reach zero what i must do ? Thanks in advance Lorenzo F.
  14. There is a more precise date for release for M2000c ? Thanks Lorenzo
  15. Good news I sent it back to Amazon. Amazon refund me rapidly. I bought it again and today arrived. Now all works perfectly also on usb 3.0 port. Someone have profile for Flaming Cliffs 2 and 3 ? Thanks to all for attention. Lorenzo Farina
  16. Ok Thanks Now i sent it back to Amazon. Thanks for help Lorenzo
  17. Sorry i don't understand the phrase "It should work straight out of the box"...:( I am italian and some time i can not understand.:helpsmilie::helpsmilie::):) But yesterday i send it back to Amazon. P.S.: Ok now it's clear.
  18. One more thing: Warthog doesn't works also before update firmware. Perhaps drivers update firmware ? Lorenzo F.
  19. And then :) I try on 3 pc. Perhaps some problem with firmware of Warthog ?
  20. Thanks BaconSarnie. :) There are some issue on Windows 8.1 64 bit ?
  21. In USBDeview list doesn't appears. I try warthog on 3 pc but nothing 1 with windows 8.1 and 2 with windows 7. Lorenzo F.
  22. Thanks for reply The Hotas Warthog it's new. I have installed the latest drivers from this link. I try to plug in all usb port (usb 2.0 and 3.0) In device manager doesn't appears like "HID-compliant game controller" But under Human interface device appears with other name like "hotas Warthog bulk" In "Game controller" doesn't appears. Display in Game controller only with Target sofware, but axis and bottons doesn't works. I have already try with bootloader system exactly like in pdf attachment. In the firmware update appears error error timeout device should have arrived in HID, code 0x34100002. I try on 3 different pc (one with windows 8.1 and 2 with Windows 7). All 3 pc are correctly update. Lorenzo F.
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