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  1. For me are 0.26 of 17 december now
  2. New model of Mirage ...???:devil_2::poster_oops:
  3. Today is 16 and i can't stay in my skin. I climb the wall and the ceiling.:robot::crazy: When cames out ? Perhaps at end of december ?
  4. Exact, I translated it wrong from italian:music_whistling::thumbup::book::robot:
  5. Exact Be patient. In italy we says "If you look at a pot that would boil, the water in the pot never boil" or somethings.
  6. Some one have Mig 15 module and have mission training interactive or not ? Thanks
  7. Hi Guys There are Mission training interactive inside module Mig 15 ? Thanks Lorenzo F.
  8. In future maybe released mission training interactive ?
  9. Hi can anyone suggest me some training mission to download ? Perhaps there aren't ?
  10. I try to lock a target with vertical scan, but the lock it's not automatic. Can i lock target automatically when in range and inside the zone of vertical scan ? Thanks
  11. I hope, but i don't think. :(
  12. Some one know the date of release of C-101 on Steam ? Thanks PS. I can't open thread in Steam Support
  13. I think maybe other days for release. Keep calm
  14. i'm too :thumbup::smilewink::huh:
  15. But maybe today or tomorrow ?
  16. But officially what the developpers says about the date realese ?
  17. This friday ??!! Very soon Are you sure ?
  18. Thanks but there arent more precise date ? :thumbup:
  19. Hi maybe mid december the release 15 / 20 ? Some news ? I can't wait pleeeeeese:lol::):thumbup::pilotfly:
  20. How can i get hotfix ? Automatically with DCs world update ?
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