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  1. If I understand you correct your blades doesn't start at all? You have to get sure to turn the throttle to idle. It is the grip on collectiv lever. It needs to turn top to the pilot, hope that helps
  2. this should be the track, i tried it right now and didn't got in single player, now trying it in multiplayer. what i found out is that the landingstrip is close to the airports, so it shows the 9008 instead of coordinates, which would make some sence to me. keep you informed Persian_Gulf_New_2020_targets-20201110-194907.trk
  3. hi i tried to type in the coords for a road to land on, but as i press L-Mål DCS is crashing every time, didn't fine a report on this so i do. log file is attached crash message tells problem AJS37.dll dcs.log
  4. Thank you "Dekra Sim" you made my day today :-) i will give you guys the chance to find it out what i mean. following circumstances: i changed my weapon load, and asked the ground crew to update DTC Card, meanwhile i closed the canopy, thereafter came a big smile into my face
  5. hi, i want to add a radio transmittion via a trigger. my problem is i couldn't browse to the file. when i select open in the ME nothing happens. i tried a restart, without succsess does anyone else has the problem? or can help me with a lua command to get i work? thx so far
  6. i got CTD when i want to play the walkman. OpenBeta can anyone else confirm this?
  7. hello all there, i want to create for a mission a F-10 menu, i tried to figure it out how to do, but stuck, due to i don't still not understand lua (little shame on me) what i want is following: i actually created 4 radio items which should stay there all time. so i need just item 5 i need now the following. F-10 root menu F1 = message 1 F2 = message 2 F3 = message 3 F4 = message 4 F5 = choose color sub of F5 ...RED ... activate Unit 1 --sub of RED ... activate Unit 2 ... activate Unit 3 ... activate Unit 4 sub of F-5 ...BLUE ... activate Unit 1 --sub of BLUE ... activate Unit 2 ... activate Unit 3 ... activate Unit 4 sub of F-5 ...ORANGE ... activate Unit 1 --sub of ORANGE ... activate Unit 2 ... activate Unit 3 ... activate Unit 4 sub of F-5 ...WHITE ... activate Unit 1 --sub of WHITE ... activate Unit 2 ... activate Unit 3 ... activate Unit 4 activate means set GROUP KI on hope you can help me thx guys, with this option is done i can share you a different but maybe funny mission :thumbup:
  8. still not working after patch for me, can't change any pages and the fontsize is to small
  9. same, but i can't even change the sides of the kneeboard, anyone the same problem? any tipps
  10. thanks Smil, but i know that, i tried it in the ME, Missions and when i host a server, nothing helped but finally with help of a friend, we found out it was a mission, which was somehow damaged, through upload or download. Deleted this .miz file and everything works fine.
  11. hi i need your help, today i wanted to edit a mission in ME, when i try to load it, i see the blue botton on the left side, but no window is opening were i can select a mission. the same when i tried to select a mission, when hosting a server. I tried to repair the install, everything is correct. i have no mods installed current version does anyone know this bug, or even better know how to get off it? please help and there were no updates since 2 days ago when it worked
  12. thanks, that helps, for german keyboard it will be LAlt + Ä
  13. hi folks, can you confirm that the rearm dialong can't be open in 2.1.1 i tried it with different airplanes in Normandy map aswell in Nevada, it is not opening. did i miss something? found nothing in the forums right now thx
  14. confirm, but you can switch your RWR to lights only, located right side, "LJUS + LJUD" means "light and audio" to LJUS, works fine
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