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  1. A further improvement is to set your x values as follows: Center = { x = 1600; ... Right = { x = 3040; ... Since the x coordinates are zero-based, you are offsetting your cameras on different displays by 1 pixel. Re. the distortion on the sides, do you have your in-game monitor set to 4480x900 with an aspect ratio of 4.9777? I'm not sure if that will make a difference and it is likely you already have it set up this way, but just in case. Good luck!
  2. Symptom: If you have two Thrustmaster MFD Cougars plugged in and working correctly, in A-10C Sim controllers the buttons are disabled for assigning the right MFD OSBs. You can map the left hand MFD buttons properly to the physical right MFD, you just can't map the right MFD OSBs to the right physical MFD. Note: the left physical MFD works by default and the left buttons map and respond fine. Expected: The OSB buttons for both Cougar MFDs (left and right) will be correctly mapped by default if and when detected by DCS. Workaround: Delete \DCS World\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Input\A-10C\joystick\F16 MFD 1.lua and \DCS World\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Input\A-10C\joystick\F16 MFD 2.lua. This then allows the left and right buttons to be mapped to both physical MFDs. Secondary issue: new updates replace these files, forcing the user to have to remove them again for both physical MFDs to work properly again.
  3. If anyone has a problem with this issue 2 years later, the mission is not bugged; you need to fly the waypoints exactly: Rustavi: 2 Soganlug: between 2 and 3 Tblisi: 3 Kaspi: 4 Gori: 5 Kashuri: 6 West: 7 East: 8 Final: 9 If you don't get text messages for any of these, fly back to the listed waypoint until you do. You won't screw up the mission by flying too slow or too fast, and its success has nothing to do with you landing or parking, only navigating through your waypoints properly. Note that your waypoints cycle when you hit them. Except for Soganlug, which is between waypoint 2 and 3, all other "victory" zones are directly on your waypoints, so if you hit them, you will get a mission success.
  4. Is there a way to tune NDBs in the Mirage? I didn't see an ADF radio in it. Perhaps there is a workaround that you know of?
  5. I am wondering how you navigate in the Mirage without using the F10 map? For example, let's say there is a thick cloud deck and you are wanting to fly from Batumi to Gudauta. Since Gudauta does not have a TACAN, you can use Batumi's TACAN (16X) and fly a radial for a set distance. But if the Batumi TACAN has a limited range, how else would you use the instruments in the Mirage to find that specific air base? Continuing, let's say you want to fly to Nalchik. This air base does not have a TACAN, but it does have an ILS (110.50). Is there any way you can pick up a bearing and range to this ILS in the Mirage without intercepting the localizer? I am thinking that the INS system may have a way of pointing you in the right direction. There may be other navigation options, like nav radios, that can be used in the Mirage. Setting waypoints to the air base(s) in question is an easy answer, but assume that this is not an option, for whatever reason. Any hints on how to to perform navigation to airbases on-the-fly without TACAN in low visibility situations would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Thanks for the quick response. Is there anything that an end user (i.e. me) can do to fix the conflict? I was thinking that the Mirage might have a custom keybind LUA somewhere that I could override outside of a diff file, but I couldn't find anything when I searched the DCS install. Perhaps it's compiled in already and can't be modified?
  7. Ambiguous keybinds and further problems remapping I have noticed that there are a number of ambiguous keybinds for the Mirage in the 1.5 Open Beta: Weapon Change and Special Modes Deselect both map to "D" Kneeboard glance view and TDC Down both map to "K" Autopilot - Approach Hold and Flaps Up/Down both map to "F" Now normally this would not be a problem. You would just erase or rebind the duplicate key to something else. But something weird is happening under 1.5. When I clear the binding for one of the duplicates, the other one turns red when I re-open up the controls settings. The binding, which is not technically ambiguous anymore, does not work. This is bad because TDC Down is an important key to have working in an AA fight :) I also noticed that Jettison Fuel Tanks does not have a keybind, nor does it accept a new keybind. To reverse the issue, you need to delete the C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\Input\M-2000C\keyboard\Keyboard.diff.lua file. However, you are then left with your ambiguous keys problem. It seems like there is some weird conflict between the diff file and the default Mirage keybinds. If anyone knows how to fix this, that would be helpful, as I am trying to use a custom TARGET profile which relies on the keybinds, particularly for mapping the TDC to the ministick.
  8. Awesome, thanks for taking a peek and making the suggestion. I'll try removing those folders if it ever happens again.
  9. I ended up reinstalling and everything is fine again. I wonder what the problem was and how to fix it in the future?
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. It does seem like something funny is going on in a LUA when I look at the logs, but I don't know what! I hope this helps! logs.zip
  11. A strange issue has popped up on my install of DCS World: when I click Mission Planner in any mission for any module, I get a full-screen display that looks like it is zoomed into the water without any mission briefing interface. Essentially, it is a full screen of light blue. The only way I can get out is with Alt-F4, which presents a dialog "Are you sure you want to quit?" with a Yes and No button. I can use the Mission Editor without a problem and the missions run fine, but the Mission Planner is messed up. I am running the latest update of DCS World. I disabled all of my mods (I use JSGME). I tried changing my display settings, including switching between full screen in the options and changing my resolution. I even ran the Repair DCS World. None of these fixed the issue. Before I uninstall and reinstall, I am wondering if there is a known workaround for this issue, or if anyone else has ever experienced this?
  12. Reply to an extremely old post, but just in case it isn't mentioned in the future, you can also pop the door open to request refuelling or rearming from the ground crew without having to switch to ground intercom.
  13. Attached is my revised TARGET profile for the Warthog and the MiG-21bis. So far, I really like this one. Some highlights: Radar modes on throttle pinky Emergency start on throttle AP switches and button DMS quick up-down for guns; DMS quick left-right for missiles Ministick push button cycles pylon knob clockwise China hat drops tanks CMS is a nice logical place for SAU recovery engage and disengage (I use this all the time) You will need to change the Comms hat on the throttle to the PTT binds you actually use. You will also need to manually bind TMS-Right to Radar-ECM in-game because of the conflicting default keybind that ends the mission. MiG-21bis.zip MiG-21bis TARGET Layout.pdf
  14. My radio hat is used for PTT stuff. I typically program AWACS macros on the left and right functions. I was surprised that the MiG-21 doesn't have aileron trim or else I would have mapped that. I prefer to keep my trim hat focused exclusively on trim, so the left/right trim will continue to be unused. Regarding the flaps mode, there are functions for Flaps In, Flaps Landing, and Flaps Take-Off. But those functions did not have default keybinds. So rather than inventing some default keybinds, I used what was available, namely Flaps Up and Flaps Down. This is a great idea. I normally use the pinky switch on the throttle for lights and did this to be consistent with my other sims. But lights are the least of my worries and getting a 3-way toggle for other functions is valuable. I made my autopilot switch my radar mode, but perhaps I will switch it around. My MiG-21 seems to flame out a lot, so perhaps binding the Autopilot Disengage button to the starter button and switching the autopilot switch to be the emergency engine start switch would be a good swap. Thanks for the feedback!
  15. I agree, if you have enough buttons, then using the in-game binding is simplest. I also like the notion of using DirectX binds rather than mapping keystrokes to my joystick buttons. I would think that there is a slight delay getting the button signal from the joystick, passing it trhough your controller software, looking up the keystroke(s), and then executing those keystrokes. The DirectX "direct" mapping in-game should have less latency, although whether it is significant I'm sure is debatable. The main reason from me to use TARGET for this game with my Warthog is that the throttle has a number of toggle switches. If you use in-game bindings, you can only toggle the "on state" of your toggles. But detecting when a switch is turned off is valuable as well. That is why I chose to go down this path - it essentially doubles the number of buttons I can bind because I can map both states of a toggle. I am assuming the same thing can be done with LUA as well. It is a pain to always start TARGET and load the proper profile before I play a mapped game. But the benefits outweigh the drawbacks and I happily choose this path. Thanks for the great feedback, it's appreciated!
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