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  1. I have pretty neutral smelling resin, but the cleaning is the worst for me. Will try an water solvable resin next time i need to refill :). Glad to hear the FDM mod makes good parts!
  2. Can tinkercad support help? Might be a longshot tho
  3. Added .stl for the panels I've completed and tried so far. Enjoy, send me a message if the link doesn't work. If you're 3d printing the base plate, increase thickness to 3mm! https://1drv.ms/u/s!ArgQnWTc9Iqvukt-yI6wIhI1OoMr?e=1TDIoN
  4. I'm in the process, soon done with the collective, then the cyclic. I will use the curved extensions connector tho. Hopefully Virpil will sell it as spare part, will see what I need for PCBs first before I mail them. The old Mongoose T50 grip I slaughtered doesn't have a analog stick input, so I will try the Alpha PCB which does.
  5. Been planing and building for a while now. I will release all the models I have made for free when I feel it's complete enough. (First .stl, later .dxf) Will also add a documentation of what switches and such are needed. The panels that follow DZUS standard are mostly complete, but not 100% accurate. They're build from images in the manual. End goal is to make acrylic panels, but the prototyp will be mostly 3d printed. Need more information and dimensions of the CMWS, KU, EUFD, armament panel, video panel and master arm/caution panel. Collective model is from Viper1970. I'm in the process of modding both the cyclic and collective to fit my Virpil peripherals, soon done with the collective, more info on that later. Power lever mechanism is from SDPG_GVL224! WIP
  6. Awesome compact simpit, great job!
  7. I will mount screens behind them in a simpit, but I guess the "original" mounting holes will remain?
  8. I havn't yet, need to adjust it for my needs someday and find suitable buttons
  9. Exellent work mate! I agree that changing CAD program is a hassle, but I really think you will have no trouble getting in to Onshape atleast. It's not the best but I like it the most, reminds me of the CAD I learned in school years ago. I'd be happy to help you out, sending a PM!
  10. Try out onshape, It's good enough for flight sims in my opinion. There are alot of tutorials on youtube aswell. You can export to alot of different filetypes and other can make modifications to the model on onshape. I prefer it over fusion 360 all day, but it's what I'm used to so take it with a grain of salt
  11. It's browser based aswell which is a pitty, but I haven't had any issues with it so far, you have to make your file public, but if you give it a random name at first it will be hard for anyone else to find it if that bothers you, you can always change the name later on and share it on onshape aswell
  12. I've been using Onshape for several years, I can seriously recommend it! I studied CAD in school, we used Autodesk Inventor. I tried getting in to fusion 360 but I don't like it, I find onshape very intuitive and easy to use however. Lots of tutorials aswell on youtube
  13. https://openhornet.com/ You're in luck, they've done an amazing work already!
  14. I've gotten this far, let me know if anything of it helps! Still just the basics, used the manual for approx. placement so far. Will correct hole placement and such with the correct specs. Video panel is guesstimate tho!
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