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  1. Having a blast flying these missions and learning a lot. I think I spotted a small miscommunication on mission 3: when you reach waypoint 4 and it acknowledges, it then tells you to turn RIGHT instead of left. Not a big deal if you are a little more confident but I completely second guessed myself and turned right then realizing I was supposed to change heading from 080 to 030 so flew a complete circle which threw me far enough off course I missed the next waypoint. Just far enough off that I didn't get the points. Please check on this and don't hesitate to tell me i'm wrong if that's the case could be the cold meds playing tricks on my brain. Thanks again for these missions they are great!
  2. Is refueling the cc still an issue in the latest update?
  3. I see now there seems to have been a snafu when I moved the files seems some got lost/deleted. Will delete and download again. Thank you so much for the quick reply and helpful pic. ETA: Missions are working great, I have had the chance to fly 1 and 2. Scored 100 and 90 (missed alt on wp2). Thought my landings on both were sloppy and a bit rough but registered as -2 and -1 so I guess I did alright. Thank you for these they are wonderful and quite fun to fly with all the ambiance.
  4. I'm having the same issues with mods missing, except it is the range stuff. I have it placed just like the airfield stuff in same saved games/dcs/mods/tech folder. It detects the airfield stuff but not the range stuff. Not sure what I did wrong.
  5. I just finished the most recent update and took the Huey out for a flight. I chose the instant action target practice mission. Picked up shot some targets unloaded all rockets, shot some mini gun, then RTB to shut down. I landed and shut down the aircraft main systems and flipped the battery to off. Then I proceeded to make the weapons safe since I forgot to before leaving the range. Then I flipped the battery back to the "on" position and the guns started firing, switched battery "off" and they stopped, back "on" and fired again. Sure this is a bug, what info do I need to provide and how to get this looked at? Thanks.
  6. Is there a script for this in English so we can get the information the instructor is giving? Would be nice to have until someone with a good voice for vo comes forward. Ran through part of the startup tutorial at lunch looks pretty good so far.
  7. Downloaded this, thanks the bomb looks great. Have you noticed any difference in the bombing trajectory? I have only dropped it 3 times. The first time I had a brainfart and the bomb hit my wing immediately after release killing me. The second run came up really short and the third run came up really long. I have gotten fairly good with the original bomb, but still learning so it could very well be all me. How do the FFAR70 Pods work? that would be cool too.
  8. Created a mission with units close to NDBs and found that beacon 907 near minvody does not transmit a morse-code. The radio compass works but no code to validate. I am new to NDB navigation with the f86 so i would like someone to check this out and see if it's operator error. ETA: it is just dead air no static.
  9. I noticed yesterday that the only visible bullet holes where all in the area of the tail where the number decal is. I will go back to the replay from yesterday's flight and take a screen shot to post. Is it that no"damage skin"is present except the tail# area?
  10. okay let's try this. Does your F86-F currently show damage on the aircraft?
  11. I created a mission for my father and I to fly. It consists of several convoys and encampments around the Minvody, Mozdok, Nalchik, Beslan airfields. There are a select few of these convoys that are physically there meaning he can see them if I guide him in to them but they are not on his F10 map or have tags. His tags are on he can see the majority of the other convoys. I on the other hand can see them all on F10 and have the tags for all. I have yet to send him the mission so he can host and I can be client and look for these convoys. Not sure where to start looking to figure out the problem. If you want the miz file I will need to know how to upload. Any help is appreciated thanks.
  12. I am trying to find out how detailed damage for the F86 is at this point. My dad and I swear that when we first started flying it bullet poc marks were visible on the aircraft. Now the earliest indication that we have been hit and received damage is when a flap or other wing piece goes missing. The one I hate the most is when suddenly my covers are gone from my landing gear. Is this the way it is for now or do I need to clear out my saved game file or something? Thanks for any input.
  13. Yep operator head space and timing. Thanks, forgot the doors I guess. Those little tedious things get me every time. Guess I should stick to one aircraft at a time so I don't forget how to fly. Thanks, if anyone has and helpful hints for the rest of the mission it would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks will give that a try looking at those specific things.
  15. I have been searching for a while and have not figured out why my farps will not repair a damaged huey. I am just learning to run the ME, and am building my first mission with triggers and multiple objectives. The current farps I have consist of the following items: 1 x Farp tent 1 x Farp Command 1 x Farp Fuel 1 x Farp ammo 1 x 1025 hmmwv 1 x Transport M818 All are blue USA including Huey, I can refuel, rearm, and communicate with the Farp but no dice on getting repaired. Any help here would be appreciated. I have also attached the mission file, it's still really wip but for now the farps are my main concern. The troop embarking is sketchy and confusing as well but will deal with that later. Thanks for any input. uh1h ka50 mp.miz
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