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  1. Seems like a graphics card issue ... first it gets disconnected: ERROR DX11BACKEND: failed to create vertex buffer. Reason: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED and then a DirectX 11 module crashes: INFO EDCORE: C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\d3d11.dll INFO EDCORE: # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at C55998A0 00:00000000 Do you have your graphics card overclocked?
  2. Not flying the Tomcat at the moment, but just have to say that I enjoy every one of your DCS tutorials and tips videos, and this one is no exception … really enjoyable and helpful Cheers!
  3. Hello, Just finished editing a Cold Start Training mission for this bird, hopefully with no procedure errors Will try to edit more as I go along learning this aircraft
  4. Since we clearly have no official data on this subject, we are all just talking estimates here ... my seat of the pants feeling is that we wont see anything (EA or otherwise) before 2023, your estimate is just more optimistic than mine
  5. The development started during 2020, so I doubt we will see it before 2023.
  6. I'm not anxious at all .. still have other seven Maps to fly on .. any delay just gives us more time to save $$ for purchasing it.
  7. not often, but yes, I’ve had strange crashes or bugs … whenever it happens I make a point of saving the trackfile and the last log file, so I can ask for help at ED support.
  8. Have you reached to @cdpkobra to see if he can provide a download link? I do have my copy of the Mod, but I’m not sure of it is ok to redistribute it, so its better if you ask him.
  9. Indeed .. can't believe we have a thread dedicated to this subject
  10. I prefer to believe that the developers did the best they could with the information available at the time, I'm glad that years later they were given better information and they could rebuild a great part of their Sim to make it more accurate, and I thus got a better Mirage version for free.
  11. odd … maybe my version of the Mod is different
  12. I agree +1, in the meantime we can add the toxic users to the ignore list
  13. Sorry, I didn’t even considered that a post at a bug report thread could be a joking matter
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