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  1. I've been here since 2013, and have never seen ED or third parties sharing that type of data. I can guesstimate that it is around a million users, based on the fact that the most popular YT channel dedicated to DCS has almost half a million subscriptors. A recent poll on another popular channel can give a glimpse onto the user demographics: The same survey, gives these as the most sold modules (not necesarily the most played): However, this survey is very biased as the YT channel that did it is oriented towards modern jets, and thus WW2, helos and cold war aircraft are probably mis-represented. Console games? Maybe you have young friends, simming is kind of an adult passtime (in my opinion, of course)
  2. Most youtubers use Reshade a lot ... I don't really care too much since my focus is on flying rather than sight seeing
  3. They work on my DCS, latest Open Beta, Syria Map, this is without the Mod: and this is the same scene but with two light sources added, one on the front of the hangar and another within it: I set them up like this: Great Mod by the way, if you use it then please donate to support the author
  4. but you do run other demanding games also, isn’t it? Is your pc or graphics card being overclocked? … please attach your dcs.log to look for clues.
  5. that sounds more like a hardware problem than a DCS one, only happens when running DCS and never with other software?
  6. If you disable your user mods, the system still crashes?
  7. The skyhawk does not have a parking brake, instead ask the ground crew to place wheel chocks
  8. Not clickable, but the binding can be detected on a trigger, it is command 3019 of device 7. The only problem is that it is a toggle ON/OFF, so you are forced to use a Flag to remember the status of the smoke pod (active or inactive) and flip-flop the flag each time the user executes the smoke command ... it looks like this: I'm attaching this test mission so you can try it and then adapt the technique to your own mission. F-18C - Test Smoke (by Rudel-chw).miz
  9. OvGME is more adept at managing true Mods, where you need to disable or enable them quickly and as needed. A skin does not need that ability, as you only need to install it once. Newer liveries usually instruct you to install them at /Saved Games/ ... older skins have outdated instructions telling you to install them within the DCS program folder. Correct, all skins should go into /Saved Games/DCS/Liveries/ .. like this: Is the case for all modern skins. On my case, I always install them at /Saved Games/ first, and only if they wouldn't work there, only then I would check onto it to see why it desnt work (cant recall a case tough) Exceptions that I can think of are: very old skins, or skins for some older IA vehicles.
  10. In my opinion, the simplest way would be to move the whole c:/users/your-user/saved games/ folder to a D:/saved games/ folder, using this procedure: of course, this would move not only the missions and tracks, but also the dcs config, control bindings, log book, etc.
  11. Hi, I'd like to help, but I have never used a smoke pod on the Hornet, can you explain how you activate or fire it?
  12. Many users run DCS using their own custom missions, not necesarily available on the web.
  13. Yes, the TCG Anadolu entered service last month. The 2nd unit, TCG Trakya, is planned but not yet confirmed. They will operate the F-35B.
  14. OK, I get it now .. will try your lua now
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