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  1. Sorry to hear that, wish you a trouble-free recovery. I'm truly looking forward to flying this bomber on DCS, already got the Flight Manual of the real thing, so I can make a training mission for it whenever it is released.
  2. Thanks for the kind words ... unfortunately the Kuznetsov is bugged at the moment, the U command should raise the wheel chocks, but it is no longer working.
  3. So, the Mod will be the Alpha jet A variant, rather than the Alpha Jet E of France?
  4. looks like a great Mod, looking forward to it, as I have a soft spot for trainer aircraft ... took a look at your Discord, but my french is very limited, tough I could see that your team has been working on this Mod since december 2022.
  5. I use the one that comes included with Windows: MS Defender … any AV can detect false positives, to prevent that I exclude the DCS file path from AV action.
  6. Are you working on an Alphajet? ... I don't know how advanced you are on the project, but I'd love to be able to edit some missions for it when it is released Best regards, Eduardo
  7. most tutorials on this subject are oriented towards new dcs users, and so are not really "in-depth" … the most in-depth ME tutorial that I’ve ever seen is this series, by @Ranger79: I know that it is pretty old, but the concepts it teaches are still valid … the biggest change when you use the current Editor to follow the tutorial examples, is that currently the flags can be named, and the trigger zones can be rectangular in addition to circular. yes, but if you change the mission in anyway (even if just changing the map pov) and then save, the mission’s internal format will be updated to the current miz version.
  8. As a first step, look into your Antivirus activity log, to ensure that it has not restricted access to files it deems dangerous. As a second step, you could attach your dcs.log file to gather more clues about this issue.
  9. Hello all, As promised, today I added another mission to this Training set, this time on using all three variants of the swedish version of the Sidewinder infra-red guided missile, on Air-Air interceptions: Next one will be a Training mission about the employment of the Viggen defensive systems. Cheers, Eduardo
  10. Strange, I use Bana all the time and have no problem with the waypoints that I have set for the mission … this is a recent video I recorded at Nevada, and Bana worked there: However, I have not tested it at Syria
  11. please attach your dcs.log file to gather more clues about your issue
  12. Hi, Thanks a lot for clarifying this, as I had the same doubt myself. Also thanks for the swiss skins, as I was not aware of them. I'm currently fully immersed on the Viggen, but as soon as I've got enough free time, I will try to update my old training missions to make them compatible with the latest T-45, including your scripts. Best regards, Eduardo
  13. Me too, I usually purchase almost every new item that is released for DCS, but after this RB situation I have skipped the Afghanistan map (in spite of its good pricing) and now also skipped on the CH-47. Well, I wasn't flying any of the RB aircrafts since the last couple of months I have been dedicated to the Viggen, but I do use the South Atlantic Map a lot ... so, until these modules actually stop working, I'm not deleting them yet.
  14. You are welcome, but rather than disable the whole antivirus, you can set on its configuration an exclusion for the DCS folder path, this way the AV still monitors the rest of your disk.
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