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  1. I would steer clear of Vista for the next several months. I have had many graphics problems with a variety of different sims. I have also tried many different drivers (both old and new) and could not resolve many problems.
  2. Everything I have tried with Vista is fairy close to what PoleCat has tried. However, I use an ATI x800 graphics card and no graphic anomolies. As for FPS, I don't have a dual boot on this computer...from the last computer I had a dual boot, they performed comparably.
  3. I bought all of my computer components from Newegg also. Everything was shipped very promptly. One item I ordered to be shipped by UPS ground 3-5 days, and I got it in 2 days.
  4. I just bought a system somewhat similar to the one you ordered. I have the exact same motherboard, but my processor was only E6400. My graphics card also is considerably less than your card (mine is an ATI x800 GTO). I have been running Lomac with everything on high except water, and I haven't been below the 30's FPS since I got my system. I have only flown training missions and quick start missions. I have yet to challenge it on a really active campaign mission. So far though, it blows my P4 2.4 out of the water! I got the x800 card because I kept hearing that the game is usually limited by CPU and not graphics card. If the game does bog down on me, I will upgrade my graphics card. I love my system so far!
  5. A few weeks ago I posted the results of my experience with using Lomac along with Vista RC1. The only problem I really had was the system error generated when doing a normal exit from Lomac. In RC2 (last release before final Vista released) this error no longer exists. I also tried TrackIR 4, and it worked fine. The only thing worth noting is that StarForce will not work unless Lomac compatibility property is set to "administrator". Likewise with TrackIR, set it as "administrator".
  6. Definitely be careful about how much it will cost to build a new computer when you are planning on using parts from an older computer. I decided I wanted to upgrade my motherboard so that I could use the E6400 Intel processor. Since the new motherboard only supports DDR2 ram, I could not use my gig of DDR. Next, my new motherboard did not come with an AGP slot...only PCI-express....so, there goes a new video card. My new motherboard also came with only 1 IDE connection since most new hard drives now are SATA. Hence, a new controller card. The recommended power supply for my motherboard and processor is a minimum of 300 watts. I decided to still use my 250 watt power supply and it is working fine. My older computer also had the micro ATX motherboard and the new motherboard is of course ATX, so I bought a new case. Bottom line is I was only able to use my old hard drive, power supply, CD drive. I guess I have to count my monitor and other peripherals as usable also. It was definitely a snow-ball effect. I love my new computer though! :)
  7. I have just finished building a new PC with the E6400 Intel system. I am now loading LOMAC and I need to know if there is a particular file that saves all options from a prior installation. I saved all the files from my previous installation so I have access to them. I just need to know which one has all my saved options (preferences). Anyone know?
  8. My first exposure to Lomac was through the videos by Ironhand. His training missions are so good that I have watched all of them. Thanks Ironhand!!
  9. Goya, I am getting the E6300. The motherboard is a Gigabyte. I am hoping I will be able to fly with settings on "high". The only thing I am worrying about now is a graphics card with sufficient performance.
  10. That is addictive like Tetris...my 6 year old son and I played it for 2 hours.
  11. I need some advice regarding a graphics card. I am in the process of upgrading my system to the Core 2 Duo processor. As a result, I am having to replace my DDR ram to DDR2. Also, my previous graphics card is a Radeon 9800 Pro AGP. My motherboard only supports PCI-e so I will need a new card. I am not wanting to shell out $300 for a x1900, so I am trying to find a card that is fast enough to handle LOMAC. I have always heard that the CPU is more important for this sim. Will an x1600 pro graphics card be fast enough such that it will not be the bottleneck? I found this table on the internet, but I am unsure which numbers are most important. http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/131 . I appreciate any input regarding graphics card....
  12. I just ran 3DMark06 on my 17" Dell E1705 laptop. I knew the graphics card was not very good, but I was curious to see how the CPU would fare. Here are my scores: Graphics: 84 CPU: 1365 Score: 184 My specs are Intel T2300 processor Intel 945GM graphics 1 Gig DDR2 Ram
  13. Holy cow, I didn't realize my computer is a dinosaur already. I just ran 3DMark06 and did the first 2 graphic tests and the 2 CPU tests. My score was 573. I submitted my results online in order to compare to other systems. Out of 14 systems similar to mine, I ranked 11th. Out of all the computers (many many thousands) mine was one of the slowest. The highest score was from a x6800 and it had a score over 16,000. Anybody else have any numbers to report? My system specs are listed below... P4 2.4 GHz 1 Gig DDR ram ATI Radeon 9800 Pro
  14. Glowing Amraam, I am in the US Eastern timezone and it is now 6:00 pm, Oct. 16. Will you release the Demo at midnight since it will officially be October 17th? :thumbup:
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