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  1. It has been done well, but not to the level of detail as the Ka50 or even the Su25T which both have advanced flight models for a start ;)
  2. Its been a long time since I've posted here and I noticed Black Shark was released during my absence so I had to go buy it. To my shock it was a lot harder to fly that helicopter on realistic mode than I expected, having flown choppers on FSX and other sims, thus I got cocky and thought it would be easy. :P Anyway here's how I have managed so far... I fly with Director mode on and haven't started making use of the trim features yet. My X45 hasn't seen much use for months so feels quite jerky and its hard to make smooth movements. Any tips on how to improve are welcome, thanks.
  3. It will still be there. The screen will flash 'Level 4 Complete!' Please tell me that's not glory?
  4. You really need to appreciate appreciation more. That's the kind of remark a child would make, if some one says thanks and shows no reward it does not mean they don't truly appreciate it. A reward is not a required bi-product of appreciation.
  5. Whats 3DSMax like anyway? Is it similar to AutoCAD software? I'm being taught ProEngineer on my course and its been quite easy to pick up (haven't built anything more complex then an odd cube shape and a conrod though).
  6. Looks similar to a project MBot started long ago. Good work though. http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=21066&highlight=mbot
  7. Yeah I'm hoping for that too, maybe it could be an unofficial patch made by the community? it could add everyone's work into one easily installable patch. Then slap an ED seal of approval on top :P
  8. The community will get it when black shark is released. ED don't have a say over its future because they'll love it for sure, we can all safely say its a vast improvement over the current model. Gys is being modest. There was no intention of 'peeving' people off, its for the community and the game. The benefits are that the model is packaged with the game properly, people needn't ask 'hey, where'd you get that model?' and the author's name goes in the credits and he helps promote a great game by adding additional content to it, and that means a lot to people. I might be intrusive with this next comment but you yourself Troffmeister are guilty of peeving others off. Your excellent Tupolev model didn't get finished because the community was unable to help you (which was a shame) yet you still went on to make a theatrical tragedy of not being able to release the model and would have to hand it over to a better more appreciative community (namely ArmA). That is your choice and it is fair, but many of your posts make a point of reminding us of our loss over your model so don't accuse others of peeving people off.
  9. You sure its the ninth? '99 was eight years ago. Congratulations anyway.
  10. There was a picture of a base with those lights, I recall someone used it to make a model. I think it was a Russian base, not sure though. EDIT: nevermind SKF has posted the pictures I remember from another thread.
  11. Always wondered what the real reason behind the nano scene was :P
  12. EscCtrl

    Vehicle model

    I think it was TOMCATZ who made a whole mod full of animated infantry and crew, maybe if you PM him he'll be able to help with modeling and animations?
  13. Is that in answer to my question? because I have no idea what that means.
  14. The shadows that appear on the snow, do they move with the sunlight? or are they stationary?
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