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  1. i have to say this - there is no way there is ever going to be 100% realism. does anyone realize this? it's a simulation... simulation   Use Simulation in a sentence sim·u·la·tion [sim-yuh-ley-shuhn] Show IPA noun 1. imitation or enactment, as of something anticipated or in testing. 2. the act or process of pretending; feigning. 3. an assumption or imitation of a particular appearance or form; counterfeit; sham. 4. Psychiatry. a conscious attempt to feign some mental or physical disorder to escape punishment or to gain a desired objective. 5. the representation of the behavior or characteristics of one system through the use of another system, especially a computer program designed for the purpose. i have blackshark - almost the same quality experience as old F15E sim. clickable pit and simulation...mission builder...ATC... wingmen...blah blah blah - the flight model is probably easier on the old f15e, but seriously after that it's just buttons... so back to my original comment: it's been done, people enjoyed the experience of two seat aircraft, currently enjoy two seat aircraft...two seats is not the issue. why there's no f4 as a module for DCS who knows, but it's definitely not a seat issue. as far as the comments for the Hawk. yea - not so interested in the Hawk myself, but as an IT professional the developers make a solid argument: if you've never worked in the environment start simple and build modular code that can be reused and added on to... that's just good IT practice; and, if you do not work in IT then you should know that re-usability of code is a common practice as well as starting small and simple first. Does the Hawk have a place - well I think it would be cool if you could get the two seat thing going in MP and then have some nice training flights with more experienced flyers for the new people... as well as simulated strikes on insurgent strongholds that have low AAA threats.
  2. I don't remember this being an issue in the old F15E sim. it was a two seater and you could bounce between the two if you wanted. however, if memory serves me correctly you could not do multiplayer two seat. same with janes long bow and the apache/havoc i believe both had 2 seat implemented. it also looks like you can bounce between seats in the huey for DCS as well so i'm not so sure that 2 seats is the issue.
  3. All good suggestions. I'd try to put up yer own private server first for your friends. Sometimes the public servers can get pretty nasty with lots of AtA engagements and you'll get owned pretty quickly; thus increasing the likelihood of disappointment.
  4. I'm wondering is there a button that turns all four AP modes on at once? I was in a training flight last night and learned that all AP modes get turned off once you enter hover mode...which I'm still trying to master lol.
  5. I did notice that the upper left speed does eventually come on. I might be getting too quick at the cold start lol -
  6. Ok - cool enough - Just thought I missed something somewhere lol.
  7. Ok - I know i haven't used that. I'm guessing that's part of the problem lol. :joystick:
  8. Ok - will keep working with this because it eventually shows up and then goes away - maybe it is me engaging hover too low...but i'm engaging around 30 meters off the ground RDR alt.
  9. Ok - seems intermittent at best. But I'll keep working with it. I don't have trackIR so seeing speed in HUD is pretty important. I'll also remember to constantly reset after locking up the Shval.
  10. Ok - so then i'm doing a few things right. I guess I was assuming that the aircraft and avionics would act differently. with regards to letting INS get ready to go it takes me a few minutes just to prep for take off. Does the airspeed in HUD show up right after takeoff if INS is ready to go, or does air speed in HUD show up before take off?
  11. Ok - so it's probably the point at which i engage the hover then - i must not be steady enough. Right but shouldn't the nose point in that direction as opposed to a slide sideways? How long does this take?
  12. I believe I do, but I could be wrong - maybe I'm outside the hover params but don't know it. Don't fly with FD on at this point. I don't understand how it works.
  13. Couple quick questions: 1. Hover Mode: I slow down in to get into hover mode and it seems as if no matter how slow I'm going once hover is engaged the aircraft still drifts. Let me clarify the drift. The drift is still in the direction I was heading before engaging hover, and not back to the original hover position. Why is that? 2. Route Following Mode: I engaged RF autopilot on waypoint 3. The nose never turns to way point 3 but seems to fly cock-eyed to the waypoint. I was under the impression that RF autopilot turns to the intended point (target, FARP, waypoint, etc). Why is it flying cock-eyed? 3. Speed Displayed in HUD: Seems my speed never gets initially displayed in HUD or sometimes disappears. I'm sure it's a setting to always keep it in there. What is that setting or is that normal?
  14. just stuff that would be included in the patch - curiosity killed the cat is all...:pilotfly:
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