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  1. how is the rockeye compared to a CBU-97? I haven't checked the gun yet, but if its fixed - finally!!! And I totally agree. a10a is a fantastic platform to learn A-G flying with the Mk1 eyeball ... that will only improve your "systems based" approach in the C and hornet. and its way faster to get going and have fun! I think its the most underappreciated airframe in the game TBH and I really wish ED would give it more love. - fix hud scaling - animate switches that are tied to key binds (i.e., PAC) - update cockpit textures - buddy lasing (i.e., simplified JTAC use) and GBUs
  2. The reflections are really over-stated, non dynamic and very distracting. Pease tone them down or remove them back to the way it was before. If you are going to work on something in the A10a please fix the HUD scaling issue.... right now the camera position needs to be way too close to the HUD for all information to be visible.
  3. fixing time worked for me too. Weird that incorrect time triggers authorization issues
  4. YES PLEASE! These FC3 aircraft are light on systems, but are perfect for teaching fundamentals. This would be perfect training for anyone new getting to DCS - the F15 for basic A-A, and the A10a for basic A-G. Nice job!
  5. What about with FC3 aircraft that don't have tunable radios? Maybe no way to select specific airfields with these aircraft without using F menus? Sent from my SM-T387W using Tapatalk
  6. I do this precisely (native 4K 3840x2160).... and was the primary reason to go to 2070super from 1070. From what I recall, a 1070 -> 2070super is like going from a 1070 to a 1080ti, or a 1070 to a 2080 (non super). I think on paper it was like a 30% jump (if that means anything to you). In game is most important to me.. I use a 40" 4K TV about 18 inches from my nose and a track IR so I wanted smooth >50FPS, ideally 60FPS. Less than 50FPS for me gives me a headache with TrackIR. I also wanted, ideally, to turn on MSAA 2x and run High view distance. The flickering in DCS of terrain / buildings is very annoying without MSAA. With my old 1070 I ran at 30FPS locked with MSAA off and used frame interpolation on the TV to generate a 60FPS signal. The 1070 could do better than 30FPS, but no where near 50FPS reliably. Using a 30FPS locked signal with frame interpolation on the TV was SUPER smooth, but latency with TrackIR was distracting (playable but meh).... With my 2070 I am running 4k native at 50-60FPS (80-90% of the time... it is DCS after all) with HIGH settings and 2x MSAA. I sometimes have to turn off mirrors, but it's a HUGE improvement. 2070super got me: - 50-60fps pretty reliably using HIGH preset settings - with 2x MSAA avoiding terrain / object flashing at a distance / angle - no need for smoothing solutions that introduced latency, but I needed to get to 60hz and reduce trackIR headaches Note - I'm running an i7-3770K at 4.5ghz and 16GB of RAM and SSD for DCS
  7. To each his own, like you suggest I like to try things then decide. I really like using a common input to control things across planes.... with the top rotary on the X55 throttle using axis tuning I can use the same input on F15, F16, F18.... so far that's all I have tried... but it seems to work well. The only trade-off so far is F18 TGP interaction.. which I consider very minor.
  8. Here's what I do for the F18: X55 throttle with Joy_Z (top rotary) assigned to RADAR ELEVATION CONTROL (note - this also controls TGP Zoom!) Deadzone: 2 (my rotary has noise around its center detent so I needed a deadzone, your hardware may not. Note - set deadzone as small as possible - too high of a deadzone means that the initial input to the game will be high...OK for Radar slewing since it has very low sensitivity to axis inputs, bad for TGP zoom control since it is very sensitive to axis inputs) Saturation X: 100 Saturation Y: 50 Curvature: 40 Invert: checked For me, this produces a very smooth and controllable RADAR ELEVATION control - with a small input I can very precisely tweak altitude range of the scope, more rotary input speeds it up nicely but not too fast. The TGP is goofy since it operates in discrete steps from 1-9 and the rotary just controls how fast it progresses through those steps. it requires a VERY small input... so I use the rotary like a switch on and off the center detent. One pulse on/off the detent basically moves the TGP 1 or 2 zoom steps. Not ideal but totally OK for TGP (For me). You could add more Curvature to slow the TGP down, but this will really slow down how fast the Radar elevation changes on the attack radar.... tune to your liking. Hope it works for you... good luck
  9. Rolling back drivers fixed for me as well. I was losing 20 to 40 fps with SA + Dispenser switch on. Must be something to do with how the dispenser info is merged into the SA display maybe? I posted issue in NVIDIA forums in case they can address in next update.
  10. Thanks. Has worked perfectly on stable.
  11. Sure.. just offering a suggestion.... I tweak what I need to in order to be able to play. to each his own! Note - from what you are describing.. the HUD is responding with a higher sensitivity than the radar to the same analog input... with the method I describe you could tune so they are both responding (horizontal and vertical speed) essentially the same... just that they won't be "variable"...and one rate will be with partial input, and the other with full. not ideal.. but may work while they decide to fix or not.
  12. desaturate the axis so it clips the output and then smooth it..... or.... set a user curve so the initial rotary input has VERY low output. Play with the axis tuning settings (start with desaturation, then move to user curves) - they are really powerful. Note - the added complexity with tuning for the F18 is that the radar elevation also controls TGP zoom steps.... so don't forget to check your tuning using both!
  13. I haven't tried auto bombing...will check that out for slew rates. Note - what about setting x/y axis into two zones. full pressure goes to high speed (tuned to work on the radar), anything lighter than that is tuned to work on the HUD. Basically turn the axis into two different rates instead of continuous. I don't have a warthog but I do this for my ministick on the X55 for the F15 radar slew - which is SUPER sensitive... basically I have 90% of the axis desaturated and flatlined to a very low output, then at the very end of travel I ramp up to 50% of saturation to get a faster slew (never use the full saturation of the axis for the F15). You need to use user defined curves in axis tuning to do this.
  14. I use an axis (rotary)… I use it on F15, F16, F18.... tuning sensitivity is critical for each plane.
  15. My issue was it was too sensitive and it would raise / lower elevation too quickly before i could return to center. I tuned the axis within DCS and reduced sensitivity. Now I can increment the radar angels a very small amount, very slowly if I turn the axis a bit, or more quickly if I am more aggressive with the rotary. Works great now.
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