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  1. wavn

    JTAC Coordinates

    I wonder if Razbam will make an official update in the future?
  2. Discovered that, when I first do some other attacks with rockets or shootings, the contacting of JTAC functions ok. :)
  3. Initial contacting JTAC (on the ground) before starting is always possible: however "first" contacting JTAC while flying is not always possible (is also not possible when flying near to JTAC). I use easy communication.
  4. A lovely plane I like to do ground attacks with her: - attacking SAM 9 and AAA with the rockets - destroying tanks with the laser guided bombs and Jtac
  5. Really: ahh: but I didn't use that because of the bug with the "key binding" :) In the meantime, I have tried it and it works like a charm :) Thanks JoJo
  6. Ah, that's changed with the last update.. I will try it tomorrow: thank you!
  7. After selecting a AG weapon: (gun, rocket, bomb), I don't see the reticle in the HUD of the selected weapon; nevertheless I can use the gun or the rockets bu I don't get the circle (gun, rocket) or diamond (bomb) on the HUD.
  8. :Yes, thanks: in the meantime loaded the manuals (in this way) of the SU 25/27, F5 in "my library" (of the tablet) :)
  9. I know :); however, I should like the possibility to download the fligt manual directly to my tablet.
  10. Would be nice, if it was possible to download the flight manuals (like it is already possible for the A10C). :)
  11. I place it in a not too steep and not too flat dive and after that, I take care that I keep my flight direction quite the same.
  12. Or CCRP, which I mostly use :)
  13. As good as Ironhand has explained it, I could not have done it :) I also look reguarly to the advised hight and speed on the HUD and the direction on the monitor (don't know if this is a good habit however).
  14. Therefore, I use the indications on the HUD and the monitor (also for night landings).
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