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  1. Help requested. Long time KB Builder user. I tried to build a kneeboard for newly acquired AH-64D. KB Builder listed AH-64D under "aircraft" but it crashes each time i attempt to Create a group. A folder with the file name of the Group I attempt to create does, however, become listed in the Kneeboard Builder folder. When I add images to the AH-64D module the old fashion way through Saved Games using folder name AH-64D, it doesn't work. It does work if I name the folder AH-64D_BLK_II. Updated and reinstalled KBer, no luck. Any help appreciated.
  2. Have you checked out the “Auto Detent Lockout” options under SPECIAL tab?
  3. Shouldn’t the Radio/PTT button work for any of the radios SELECTED?
  4. I haven’t tried it yet but the free AntiMicro software apparently works well for OP’s issue according to users in 2 other threads in this category.
  5. Utilities such as RS Mapper or VoiceAttack allow you to bind controller buttons to keyboard outputs.
  6. Yah, important binding for radio comms. Hope it gets some attention soon.
  7. Very valuable mod here. Lotta work, great contribution. Thanks Munkwolf.
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