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  1. What I did was sit in the parking lot and went from left to right learning each part of the cockpit first this is the same thing I have always done in every sim. The DCS Manual is probably very close to the original. I have a real P51D manual and the DCS is almost exact even down to some of the pics showing how to use instruments like the landing gear lights panel is dead on the real one so I would not be surprised if the DCS A10C manual is not almost exact. Next go through the startup to takeoff until you have it memorized. Step by step process there is no sense jumping into the air right away if you do not know what the things in the cockpit does first.
  2. Very bad Sales practice. Selling something at discount then dropping it lower the next day without giving people that just bought it a discount. Very bad company IMHO.
  3. I just bought FC3, P51D, and Combined Arms last night now they are even lower. Really think if they are doing a sale then lower the price during the sale you should get a credit.
  4. JU87 Stuka D & G? Was wondering if DCS was thinking about putting these planes in.
  5. Well I put it in but I forgot to save it :music_whistling:
  6. Since the last patch my Canopy is closed when I start and the handle does nothing now.
  7. Hey All, I use to have a website a long time ago stukaguide.com which trained people to fly and use the JU87 Stuka in ww2online and IL2 using the actual manuals from WW2. I am now playing DCS A-10C I made my own checklist up and was wanting to see if you guys would test it for me. The download has the pages in JPEG so you can add it to the kneeboard and PDF. Please let me know if something looks wrong since I am new to DCS. I am using the actual A-10 flight manual but not the C version but most of the things look the same. I do not seem to have a problem taking off or landing with ILS even with 10m Vis fog the ILS works great. I am still learning the weapon deployment with all of the different ways to drop bombs. Shooting Mavs though is a lot of fun. Google Docs click on the Arrow at the top to download it. Thanks, Stewart https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bye5pO27OugNTzV4clpzVEQxTHM/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Does not matter what it use to be I just know what it is now all ILS line up perfect with the headings on the kneeboard. If you want to use the ILS indicators then you have to use the kneeboard headings until they can fix it.
  9. When you enter the runway heading use the heading that is on your kneeboard which is R Shift + K and [ ] to change pages. Runway headings are map reference headings on a flat map and are not the true magnetic headings for a round earth. Example: Batumi airport the landing heading is 126 and they always round it up so it will say land on runway 13. The magnetic heading if you look at the kneeboard map is 119. The A-10 uses a magnetic compass so you must use the magnetic heading. On the HSI enter 119 and all of your ILS lines will line up perfect. Here is a track with me landing on 10m vis fog. Click on the download arrow at the top of this page. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bye5pO27OugNTXZNMm1HN2hGc1k/edit?usp=sharing
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