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  1. OK guys, that's everything. Finally, it's completed. Enjoy
  2. I know. But still, the more nations get J-10, the better chance we will get.
  3. I just got this news. North Korea is planning to purchase J-10 fighters. Last year, during the North Korea's defense exhibition last year, they had displayed PL-10 and PL-12 missiles (see pictures below). Now they have expanded their military airbase to fit the requirement for J-10. As the J-10 is getting exported to more countries, the chance of us getting it in DCS should undoubtably increase. Seriously, if north Korea can get it, why shouldn't we get it too. Think about it. Back then, China didn't offer the J-10 for export, that's because they didn't want to share its tech with anyone nor wanting anyone to find out its true capability. That's why Iran never get J-10. Because if you export it to Iran which is one of the biggest target for US spy, its true capability will be find out by US in no time. But now it seems China is no long concert with this issue as they have better fights like J-20 and FC-31, on top of that, J-10 production had been stopped for a while now. Chengdu is now focus all of its production capacity to produce J-20. Now it's Hongdu (same company made Q-5 and L-15) which is make J-10 for export orders and spare parts for PLA. So what's keeping us from get it in DCS? We may get it in a nearer future than we originally thought. Of course, this is all up to our Deka team. Dear Deka team, please take some consideration in this and bring our dreams to reality. Thanks very much. Oh, by the way, there is also a vide on youtube talking about it. It has English subtitle if you turn it on. However I don't guarantee the quality of the translation.
  4. Wants cooking? Or did you mean "what's cooking?"
  5. So when are you going to release some info about your next module???
  6. When can we have the axis control for mixture back? You can't make this more realistic unless we can have realistic control on the mixture.
  7. Actually, I just found out that there is a talk about new J-10D now. So, who knows, we may get J-10C some day since it is being exported. The new J-10D will get new Avionics, better radar, vertical controlled thruster and more importantly an "offensive/defensive EW package" designed for 5th gen fighters which can share a wealth of information with other platforms on the battlefield.
  8. What does this file do? Can it fix the problem that we have no axis control for the mixture? If so, please let me know. Thanks.
  9. I don't know the exact details in performance. All I know is that PL-11 weren't in the accepted beyond training roles. I can tell you that now, there is no way we are getting those missiles, not even for AI only That was the reason I mentioned earlier that if we are getting J-10, it may not be the J-10C, but the older ones.
  10. Doubtful about the PL-11. Because as far as I know, PL-11 never entered service as a combat equipment. Only small patches were made and were only used for training purpose (because it is cheaper to shot a PL-11 than PL-12). Besides, it is only based on AIM-7E missile, so it won't be that effective of a weapon. As for the thrust vectoring, I think you are referring to the J-10B equipped with a WS-10B engine. The WS-10B engine is a planned upgrades for J-10. However, the mass production of such engine is still not commenced yet. So it will be a while before we can get it. But once it is out, almost all Chinese 4th gen fighters will get it, including J-10, J-11, J-15, J-16.
  11. Don't know. Maybe if I have time. Beside, Q-5's development life is much less dramatic. I may write one for the J-8II series, but again that's if I can get enough time.
  12. Like the title. I can't find the mixture axis. But I remember it use t have because I had it assigned to my left throttle before and I still have that muscle-memory. Right now the mixture is controlled by only 1 button which switch the mixture between 0% to 100%, which is ridiculous. If you even touch that button by accident, it will turn your mixture to 0% and the engine is stopped. Mixture is such as an important control for an aircraft, can we get it fixed soon? Thanks. Edit: If anyone know any way to hot fix it, please let me know. Thanks.
  13. Maybe, I don't mind which symbol are in use in the production variant, as long as they are metric
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