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  1. Northstar98's post in This sim needs a Clouds Off Option. was marked as the answer   
    There is a no-clouds option in the mission editor.
  2. Northstar98's post in Is the sparrow affected by flares and chaff? was marked as the answer   
    Not exactly.
    The Sparrow is a semi-active homing missile - what happens is that your radar illuminates the target and the Sparrow tracks the reflection. Think of it kinda like a cat chasing a laser spot - the laser (radar) emits radiation (which will be visible light for the laser and microwaves for our radars) which reflects off of the target and into the cat's eyes.
    As Dragon1-1 said, countermeasures are just probability. Each missile has a coefficient that determines how likely it is be decoyed or not.
    I believe the coefficients can be found under ccm_k0 = x in the respective .luas of the missiles (can be found here).
    Here are the ccm_k0 values for all Sparrows in DCS:
    AIM-7E: 2 AIM-7F: 1 AIM-7M: 0.5 AIM-7M(H): 0.5 AIM-7P Block I (II, as per hoggit?): 0.5
  3. Northstar98's post in Boresight with 3DOF head tracking? was marked as the answer   
    There are keybinds to translate your head.
    EDIT: To be more useful, you're looking for:
    Cockpit Camera Move Back: RCtrl + RShift + Num/ /Num- Cockpit Camera Move Center: RCtrl + RShift + Num5 Cockpit Camera Move Down: RCtrl + RShift + Num2 Cockpit Camera Move Forward: RCtrl + RShift + Num* Cockpit Camera Move Left: RCtrl + RShift + Num4 Cockpit Camera Move Right: RCtrl + RShift + Num6 Cockpit Camera Move Up: RCtrl + RShift + Num8 All found within the "View Cockpit" category.
    Or alternatively, when in mouse look you can use the "Camera transpose mode (press and hold)" keybind (usually set to your middle mouse button) which allows you to do it with the mouse.
  4. Northstar98's post in Cold start procedure changed, buggy or user error? was marked as the answer   
    You need to make sure that the SEC caution light extinguishes before advancing to idle. In your start 2 track, you advanced to idle before the SEC caution light extinguished.
    What I do is instead of advancing to idle at 20%, I wait until the SEC caution light extinguishes and only once RPM has stabilised (at about 25%) advance to idle, it takes a little bit longer (maybe 15 seconds, if that), but you shouldn't run into any issues with hung starts.
  5. Northstar98's post in When was the last "real" update on the SC ? was marked as the answer   
    The last 'major' change (EDIT: it was at least more substantial than other changelogs for the Supercarrier) to the Supercarrier was in the June 16th 2021 update (
    The last time the Supercarrier was even mentioned in the changelog was the August 11th 2021 update (, which included a few fixes:
  6. Northstar98's post in New to Combined Arms and VERY confused was marked as the answer   
    Glad it went okay.
    But if this crops up again, if you look down at the bottom of the mission editor, you'll see a small icon that looks like a stopwatch, what it does is it turns on/off historical mode (if you see a date in the top-right of the screen, in the unit selection window, it's on).
    What it does is it filters units and weapons to only include those that were in service for the date of your mission.
    I'm unsure if it differentiates between different operators, but I do know that some stuff isn't included, and it isn't always precise for whatever variant.
  7. Northstar98's post in APKWS laser guided rockets for AH-64D was marked as the answer   
    It was supposed to be 2002 IIRC. It might have some other stuff that is later, but even accounting for that, it still predates APKWS by a significant amount of time.
    AFAIK, the new A-10C is ~2017, so Scorpion HMCS, APKWS and GBU-54 are all perfectly accurate. The older A-10C probably best fits circa 2005 AFAIK, which is why it doesn't have those systems.
    Yeah, 2007/2008.
  8. Northstar98's post in a question, not a problem was marked as the answer   
    I might be wrong, but I think the new security system is tied to your account, so as long as you're signed into a machine with your account, you should be able to install the modules, no problem.
    They might have a check to make sure that 2 machines aren't running your account at the same time, but you should be able to install on both, you just have to make sure you're only signed in on one at a time - at least that's how I think it works.
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