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  1. Hi, I have not played Flamming Cliffs for some time and need to reinstall it on my PC. I no longer have an internet connection, I live in on of the few areas left with no ADSL. I'm sat in Mcdonalds car park with a laptop trying to collect the info I require for the activation on PC at home. The lock on site has been updated, now there is no 'site map' and I cannot find my activation code, can anyone offer some advice. Thanks in advance :thumbup:
  2. Hi, I've just picked up Flamming Cliffs after nearly a years absence and I still wonder what the Missile Effectiveness slider does ? Does it effect my missiles, the AI's or both. Also is there another way to make the AI's missiles less effective apart from the Average, good and excellent ? Thanks in advance. :thumbup:
  3. Hi, I'm just fixing this up for my Dad, how difficult would it be to add the Landing Systems Signal Panel and even the RHAW :music_whistling: Great work :thumbup:
  4. Humm....... I'm quite interested in building one of these. Has anybody a close up picture of the mechanism which connects the stick to the cradde? :thumbup:
  5. Yeah, sorry I was being a bit think there :music_whistling: What does confuse me however, is the direction of the carrier in relation to the wind. Everyone says that the carrier heads into the wind, but this doesn't seem right to me. The runway is offset by 7°, so if the wind (say 30 knots), is coming from due north should the carrier (at 30 knots), head; 1) Due north, which by my reconning creats a cross wind; 2) A heading of 007 so that the wind is right accross the flight deck; 3) A heading of 014 so that the average wind is accross the flight deck. :doh:
  6. Could you expand on that please, in laymens terms hows that done :helpsmilie:
  7. I forgot a major item, aircraft weight, when you prepare the mission use 50% fuel or less, this really make a big difference.
  8. My Dad (70 year's old), was having a hard time too but he's made a lot of progress by doing the following. Prepare missions where you are at 1, 2, 5, 10 and 15 km from the ship (set the start point at the right altitude and the speed recommended on the HUD (you will have to press the 1 key to check this)). Start with the 1 km mission and gradually work further away. Whats difficult IMHO is landing with the correct angle of attack (AOA), at the right position on the ship. My experience is that too steep an AOA and the plane just bounces off the deck into the air, too shallow and you roll along the deck and drop off the end of the ship. When you start at 1 km you can "get your eye in", by landing (or not), a large number of times in a short space of time. Gradually increase the distance whilst building on your success. Eventually you will visually know where you should be and after that its childs play. As a check record you fights and replay them checking you AOA on impact, this will tell you what works and what doesn't. Best of luck, eventually you will ask what was so difficult :thumbup:
  9. Hi, I`m a little confused about two issues when refueling:cry: I fly up to 1 km behind the tanker which is at an altitude of 1995m (set at 2000m in the mission builder). I can only set my altitude at integrals of 10m, thats to say 1990m or 2000m. What is strange is that if the tanker is at 1995m and I am at 1990m sometimes I am well below the tanker and sometimes I am at the same level even though the figures are the same. How far below the tanker should I be, and is it possible to fly at an exact altitude instead of increments of 10. My second problem is that I set the auto thrust to cruse up behind the tanker. I gradually reduce my speed until for the final connection I`m doing just 1 km/h quicker. The hose connects and I try to reset the auto thrust to the same speed as the tanker, but it wont disengage, I simply slide under the tanker until the nozzle disconnects and I`m told to break away. :doh: I`ve tried setting the speed at the same as the tanker just before the nozzle connection which works but it takes forever to get to the connection. I`m sure that I`m doing something wrong, any pointers :thumbup:
  10. Heres my solution, this was a Siatek Evo joystick. http://perso.orange.fr/kram56/trim-box.jpg The wheels on the right and at the bottom are perfect for trimming :) PS. Excuse my DIY skills :(
  11. OK got that thankyou / merci :thumbup: Now I seem to have the SU-27 cockpit for all planes, is that possible to change ? :music_whistling:
  12. Thanks for the reply, should that be meinit.xml ?
  13. OK I'm answered the first question myself :thumbup: C:\Lock On\Config\View\server.lua -- Camera angle limits {horizontal angle max, vertical angle min, vertical angle max} CameraAngleLimits = {} CameraAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_27] = {140.0, -75.0, 90.0} CameraAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_33] = {140.0, -75.0, 90.0} CameraAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_25] = {95.0, -65.0, 90.0} CameraAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iSu_39] = {110.0, -80.0, 90.0} CameraAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iMiG_29] = {140.0, -75.0, 90.0} CameraAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iMiG_29K] = {140.0, -65.0, 90.0} CameraAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iA_10] = {140.0, -65.0, 90.0} CameraAngleLimits[PlaneIndex.iF_15] = {140.0, -80.0, 90.0} Change the first number to the angle you wish to look.
  14. Hi guys, I've spent some time unsuccessfully searching for a solution to the following. Since installing TrackIR I only have the default head movement. I want to be able to look further behind me when I turn my head:helpsmilie: I connect to Lockon Via LoCFG, is there something that I can tweak here or is it in the config. files ? I'd also like to know if there is a tweak to make it possible to fly all the planes, if so how ? Thanks for your time, I'm sure that you've answered this a million times :doh:
  15. Thanks for your advice :thumbup: I don't want to change motherboard so I need a a socket 939 CPU. Will jumping from 3500+ to 4000+ / 4200+ really be noticable or should I look for something quicker ? Also should I look for a straight Athlon 64 or the X2 version? The FX is out of my price range.
  16. Hi I'm thinking about a minor upgrade, my current system is as folows. M Board: ASUS A8R-MPV Graphics C: MSI RX1950 Pro (512 mo) - crossfire Ram: Corsair Twinix CMX512-3200LLPT (1 gig in total) CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ (2.2 GHz) What do you think is the weakest component of my system ? Upgrading to 2 gig of RAM would cost 109€. A second graphics card 180€. Upgrading the CPU to a AMD Opteron 154 - 2.8 GHz 195 €. Thanks for any advice :thumbup:
  17. I'd also like the sea to get choppy. When you land on a carrier it pitches and heaves :thumbup:
  18. I'd like to be able to walk to the plane, get in, someone remove the ladder and they direct me to the take off position (carrier). I guess I'd just like a few interactive bods on the ground :thumbup: Oh and obviously a 3Dcockpit :doh:
  19. OK thanks guys :thumbup: Although I guess the horse has already bolted :cry:
  20. I'm a bit confused, whilst flying on-line (RAF Server), I shot down a friendly:doh: The thing is there was no 'F' on my HUD, and my radar didn't seem to recognise him. :helpsmilie: After that I was too scared to shoot anyone :( Is there anything else I can do to check whether friend or foe?
  21. Hi, Is it possible to put "parked" planes on a carrier ? Thanks in advance :thumbup:
  22. I guess I should of thought about it :music_whistling: That said, is the speed of sound 1227 km/h (761 mph)? If thats the case I'm sure I'm not going that quick when the sound cuts :cry: I'll go check :joystick:
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