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  1. There is the the possibility in the mission editor to remove trees from an area, if for example you want to place some units there. I guess it was overlooked in the second one
  2. Please no. Let's not repeat the mistake the Harrier was, with advanced avionics, advanced weapons (9m cough) etc, just because the air frame was introduced during the cold war. In this sense, the F-15 should be included as well, it did had it's maiden flight at 1972 :music_whistling:
  3. I had my eye on this and decided to wait a few days, but it seems I lost this month's batch :( I will be looking forward to you reopening the orders.
  4. I was just the bearer of news, not of judgment :)
  5. I'm no seer, if you're fast enough with Tapatalk, you can get a glimpse of the newsletter when they first upload it ;)
  6. not really, a bundle sale plus some pictures from Nevada and Normandy.
  7. Q:what happens with clickable switches, are they also being constrained by pilot/copilot position?
  8. I have the same problem, shows up for the High Stakes campaign as well. I tried reinstalling one of the campaigns but doesn't solve the integrity check problem.
  9. I never thought that the unified exe's will also eliminate the need for a seperate multiplayer. I'm mostly excited by the idea of being able to recenter freetrack ingame :)
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