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  1. Sunday is not so great. That's where we fly with the rest of our group. And I'm going away Sunday morning. But next weekendend should be fine
  2. we have a US and a EU group. My fireteam is in the EU part. yea sure we can try that out
  3. If you are looking for someone to fly with maybe Taw is something for you. You can read about us here https://www.helisimmer.com/articles/taw-art-warfare/ Right now we are 10 people flying all helicopters in DCS right now, You can sign up here https://taw.net/themes/taw/user/application.aspx?utm_source=HeliSimmer.com&utm_medium=Article&utm_campaign=None
  4. hey where do people find the photoshop files for the heat cover, filter, weapon hardpoint and the pilot? when i try to download the folder in userfiles im missing those files.
  5. have anyone got the cockpit radios to work in the helicopter. my group is flying with universal radio and I can only use the universal radio in the top left.
  6. hey have anyone made a template for skins yet?
  7. http://imgur.com/j2iTsDN i couldn´t post the photo to the forum becuse its to big. so here are a link instead
  8. hey how did you get your keys from the razbam website (if you bought it there) i can´t find where to get my key
  9. TAW_marcranger Denmark f-15c sunday 20-12-2015 TAW_blueknight israel f-15c sunday 20-12-2015
  10. hey i made a video about Taw.net https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fEqkuGE7Po8
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