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  1. Just when I just bought the Gazelle, and was thinking of saving up my money for the L39/Sabre/Mig15bis... DCS never fails to blow a hole in my pocket...
  2. Actually, I have been having problems with my CH pro throttle. - Whether plug in directly to my computer or to my usb hub, there is some sort of jitter(I think that's what you call it) Z-axis. - Only difference is how much and how bad. - It's like when i pull my throttle up and down, the CH control manager shows that there are times when it jumps to a weird scale. - like when I am actually decelerating, it suddenly jumps to max speed. and if I re-decelerate, by pushing the throttle up and pushing back down, it finally goes down correctly. Is this a known problem for the throttle? Anything I can do, as its out of warranty. I am not really a mechanical guy but I can try to remedy it if there's any guide to it? Hope you guys can advise me. Thanks. EDIT: Just realize I could have drop my mail in CH forums, but thought there might people using it here as well.
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