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    It's easier to list the DCS modules I don't have at this point - P-47D, FW-190 A-8, I-16, Yak-52, L-39, Mig-15bis, C-101, BF-109K4
    IL-2 Great battles - All content except flying circus 2.
    Will install Falcon BMS and IL-2 Blitz when they add VR support... there's not really much else in the way of combat sims are there?

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  1. How you feeling about them? Did I fail you?
  2. You have to install the drivers for the cougar MFD's and make sure the left is "1" and the right is "2". https://ts.thrustmaster.com/download/accessories/pc/unified_drivers/2018_FFD_2.exe When the drivers are installed, and you open the mfd's in USB game controller settings in windows it should look like this. I've highlighted the area where to set them. This doesn't require target. Just the drivers from thrustmaster. To get there type "USB Game Controllers" without quotes in Cortana, it should bring up the appropriate app and your devices should be listed there. When set correctly it should list them as two separate devices "F16 MFD 1" and "F16 MFD 2" Make sure they aren't both set to the same thing. If you've done this, then be worried, if you haven't, then this is likely your issue. You say you've had them several years. So maybe a button's wearing out. I hope not. Spray some compressed air in there maybe.
  3. Replying to a couple month old thread but um.. Has anybody else caught that he has trim set to default? "Default" is for use with Force Feedback. With an MSFFB2 when you trim, the stick stays where you put it, and has no spring forces while the trim button is held in an attempt to mimic a real magnetic force trim system found in helicopters like the Ka-50, or the Huey or many other helicopters flying around the world today. I'm pretty sure the Gazelle has this functionality IRL even if P-chop borked the FFB implementation. not being a real pilot that's just my best guess though. If you're not using a FFB stick, and have a spring loaded stick that returns to center, you need to select the appropriate trimming method which will have the word "Center" in it. Each time you trim you have to let the stick return to center to regain control of the aircraft. Unlike a FFB stick, or maybe a stick that has dampeners to keep it in place, where you just set it and leave it.
  4. Yeeouch. Still.. rest assured, you just got some of the best pedals on the market. I personally haven't seen any negative reviews about them.. most reviews are highly positive, and the people I've suggested them to that ended up buying a set are usually pretty blown away with what they get. You're going to enjoy your new pedals.
  5. I just wanted to add to this thread that the VKB rudder pedals aren't a bad option either. They totally slipped my mind. They don't have toe brakes, but you can get by with out them if you don't mind tapping buttons. before I got the gunfighter I was tapping a button in aircraft that didn't utilize aircraft because it was awkward just using one pedal. Tapping a button is doable. Having both is definitely nice. Either choice is hard to go wrong. It might be worth a DIY'ing something to mount the Crosswinds to that expands the bass and keeps it against a wall. piece of wood with some cheap carpet to protect your floors and walls. The spring resistance goes from nothing to leg day OP, so do be sure if your chair has wheels that you have a way of stopping them from rolling. Before I went crazy on my simpit I used a piece of plywood that I also mounted the pedals to that I'd cut two holes into that I'd roll the wheels of my chair into. In hindsight, my pedals were too close to me and it wasn't great for my back. The Crosswinds are best hardmounted, but if you keep both feet on them and keep them against the wall using the spacers they should be fine. some simple ideas for a more stable platform that wont tip if you for some reason are only using one foot, stealing from google images PVC pipe, foam, slab of wood, bolts. Slab of wood and bolts.. frankly I'd put some carpet or some rubber pads that keep it off that ground and perhaps protect your walls.
  6. I hope you enjoy them. I think you will. I love mine.
  7. and I feel like you are. Right now MSAA is a performance hit. DLSS provides an anti-aliasing solution without the performance hit to people who own a newer nvidia gpu. What aren't you getting there? That happens regardless of any hardware bottleneck, because by using DLSS in place of MSAA you're eliminating the performance hit we expect from MSAA. Anti-aliasing is now on the Tensor cores. Nothing but a potential benefit for those of us trying to squeeze every frame out of our VR rigs while trying to balance that with a crisp image. Throw that concept in with every new nvidia GPU coming in the future having built in support for the feature, why ignore it? They are one of TWO major GPU manufacturers, and leaders of the industry for a reason. MSAA might still look a little better.. but DLSS 2.0 is far better than what we have without it. It's like a darned if I do or darned if I don't situation with MSAA and has been for some time now. You're welcome to disagree with that, but frankly if there's an option out there that doesn't equate to a trade off between framerate and shimmering scenery.. I've been waiting years for that in DCS, personally. Like.. I can live with the image quality I get with MSAA 2x, even at lower resolutions. But since a certain patch I can't live with the performance with it on. I've had to learn to live with the image quality with it off. Can't say I'm satisfied with that result. More than any new module, I'd love to see improvements to performance given the range of current hardware. . Looking forward to Vulkan and hopeful it can make more efficient use of our hardware in DCS, and even then I'd still be encouraging the ED team to look into DLSS as an anti-aliasing solution. If people also want FSR by all means.. hook that up too if possible.
  8. IMO just save up for a set of MFG Crosswinds and never worry about pedals again. Yes.. you're going to pay $300+ shipping from Croatia (if US based). But the composite material is never going to break on you, if the electronics go bad they aren't hard to replace, and Milan sells replacement parts on his website should it happen outside of his warranty period. He's pretty quick to answer emails if you ask him anything. Not to mention, when you feel how smoothly they operate compared to any plastic POS you're going to get from Thrustmaster, CH, Logisaitek you're going to be all smiles. I bought mine back when he was cnc milling them as a one man operation and had a waiting list and it was worth the 6 month wait back then. He usually has them in stock now. I've since added a hydraulic dampener that he also sells.. I bricked the MCU in them somehow.. milan sent me a replacement MCU for the cost of shipping, I was 2 months outside of the warranty. All I needed was a hex key and a screwdriver. It was stupidly easy to replace. My toebrake cables had a short.. I replaced them. Each process took me like 10-20 minutes. The design is genius. You can take it apart easily and without fear of damaging anything. The ONLY wires are the toe brake cables and the USB cable from the pedals to the PC. Replacing any of that requires zero soldering. And for flying helos it's pretty awesome to unhook the spring and just use the hydraulic damper I installed. Barring that, find another set of CH pedals or maybe the thrustmaster T-flight. I'd avoid the saitek now logitech pedals like the plague. Cheap soft plastic and the wiring inside is insane. Nothing's going to offer you what pedals offered you paired with that warthog. The Crosswinds have a much higher chance of lasting you a lifetime though imo.
  9. Disagree..anything that increases my performance to image quality ratio is a holy grail for VR in DCS. The next thing can be the Ark of the Covenant. Enabling MSAA 2x drops me from like 80fps on Caucasus in VR to 60, with random spikes down into the 40's using native res in the Index. Disabling MSAA lets me run around the same map getting 80fps @80hz, with some spikes into the 70's. DLSS replaces an anti-aliasing method that we've known causes a massive fps hit when combined with deferred rendering, which is one of the rendering methods FSR and DLSS were advertised as being useful for. It's not about an "FPS BOOST" it's about not sacrificing FPS for MSAA. Or the alternative gaining performance by sacrificing a crisp image that isn't jaggy and shimmering. "just upping the resolution" doesn't make up for a lack of anti-aliasing and is also limited by hardware. MSAA 2x at lower resolutions still looks better, but performs worse. DLSS doesn't come with the performance hit. Whether you like it or not and proprietary or not for people who have a 20 series nvidia card or higher it provides a much better alternative to MSAA than FXAA. In VR particularly, I'll take every performance boost I can get. running at half the refresh rate is a crutch that comes with its own visual artifacts. This is putting the anti-aliasing on hardware that is currently not in use within DCSW. I mean if you don't want to use it that's cool but anybody with a 20 series nVidia card on into the future could potentially benefit from DLSS implementation. It might not matter to me as much if I were still playing on a pancake.. it did when I was running a 980TI @ 3440x1440 back when deferred rendering became the only rendering method supported by ED staff. Without msaa that was pretty shimmery. Personally, I don't see why one would bother arguing against this. It's an optional feature. Options make more room for more people to enjoy the experience something like DCS might offer. It's like the people that tried to argue against supporting wide screen monitors in online gaming because they didn't want to spend money on one themselves and labeled it "unfair." The people who had them loved them and started buying games that supported the hardware available to their customer base. Eventually 1080p became a standard. I have more and more games featuring DLSS and FSR is even starting to pop up in them.
  10. Hate to necro a thread but.. Just having started playing another game with DLSS 2.0 set to balance settings and getting great frames on my pancake monitor and stellar image quality.. I think it's an oversight not to jump on these technologies. It's been awhile since I've launched DCS but the Anti-aliasing situation ever since it was dictated that deferred rendering was the future for DCS World has been atrocious. Pancake mode probably not as much, but the fact of the matter is DLSS 2.0 in every game I've played so far that utilizes it offers higher framerates and BETTER image quality than if I were to bump up MSAA, TAA, or other forms of anti-aliasing. We have been griping about performance for years at this point and are barely managing to get a good balance of image quality and performance in VR. DLSS 2.0 is the solution, at least for nvidia users. By all means implement FSR as well.. but DLSS 2.0 would probably eliminate 99% of my complaints about DCS World and performance while letting me stick with my 2080Ti for many years to come. The rumor mills are already talking about the 4000 series of GPUs. Frankly with the way this resource hog of a program seems to drive people to the latest and greatest hardware just to get a clear image with a decent framerate, especially VR users, it's astonishing that the people who were intelligent enough to throw together a flight sim like DCS World haven't already jumped on this technology. DLSS in VR sounds freaking amazing and it hasn't exactly been easy or budget friendly to source new hardware for quite some time. I'm all for new features and graphical improvements but at the same time we have to respect the limitations of hardware today and try to optimize that experience. I know ED discourages proprietary tech. And up until now it's been for good reason.. but when the technology is this much of a boost to image quality and framerate, it's a bit beyond just a gimmick. There have been numerous requests for performance optimizations since the launch of DCS 2.5, which I was and still am in full support of. It was nice to see the team cut some of their workload by declaring 1.5 end of life, but, at the time I was under the impression that the goal of Edge was to improve graphical quality with minimal impact to performance. Instead, again, especially in VR, the brunt of my game play has been trying to fine tune my system for the best balance of visual fidelity and performance in VR and never really feeling satisfied with my results. If anything were to push current available hardware to potentially not require crutches like ASW/Motion Prediction etc etc it will be this highly impressive anti-aliasing technique called DLSS.
  11. I've never had a problem finding my mouse in VR. I might fumble for keys but, as long as I can find my home keys or the edges of the qwerty part of the keyboard I can generally hit what I'm aiming for without issue. I do have to feel around a bit for my TM Cougar MFD panels... but my stick and throttle I know by muscle memory and feel. I have a Blackhog B-explorer A model in front of my throttle for extra buttons.. I have a logitech G13 that I'd wish they'd release without the LCD panel and mechanical keys on the left of my throttle which I've programmed for UFC function, or whatever extra controls I might find useful depending on what aircraft I'm flying. There are some trade offs with VR.... but ultimately, for simming I couldn't go back to TrackIR having exerpienced it. It almost literally puts you inside the pit other than you can't feel your surroundings and you won't feel g-forces when maneuvering. The biggest caveat is that VR is going to generally want the the best hardware you can throw at it in flight sims. It's also worth noting that if you attempt VR, be prepared for understanding the multiple places one can change rendered resolution (I find it best to rely on only one method and I generally opt for the SS% slider in SteamVR vs any in game settings).. it's also good to understand you need to be able to maintain, at the very least, a frame rate equal to half the refresh rate of the VR displays, which can and will cause some weirdness here and there unless hardware catches up to the demands of DCS in VR and you can maintain a framerate equal to the refresh rate. But generally, a minimum fps of half your refresh rate will generally be your fine tuning point for any VR headset in DCS for smooth nausea free gameplay.
  12. That's fine.. why are we still talking about this? You like the Pro 2. I think it wasn't very well thought out. Again. NUFF SAID. But I mean.. at the same time I'm not going to have my experience minimalized because someone else doesn't share the same ideology on how hardware and software should behave. I don't like the automated features. You're cool with it. I think we've made that clear. I'm heading off now, you guys enjoy your headsets. I mean.. my request is hey HTC can you let us disable this automated feature? That would be great. If you're arguing against that option.. i'm just going to shake my head and leave. I've spoken with my wallet thanks.
  13. Yet your logs still display your GPU being tested, and your rendered resolution being set for you based on that number. It happens to result in a consistent resolution with your GPU. Again.. quite a small percentage of people rocking a 3090 out there. The rest are on Ebay for like $3500 or in a prebuilt PC running like 5 grand. No thanks. Like I say.. glad it's working for you.. hope it doesn't break in the future, being one more software layer capable of doing so. My experience with a different GPU is different than yours and I want the automatic BS to be turned off, which seems impossible. It's still on for you. It's still doing the calculations afaict. Different strokes for different folks and I'm choosing to go back to headsets that give me control over basic features. Nuff said from me. Y'all enjoy yourselves.
  14. Your resolutions were consistent.. your logs showed the automated stuff still happening.. when you hit the same resolution over and over your GPU test speed was within like 3 megapixels per second. Again.. it shouldn't taking buying an impossible to find 3090 to get a consistent resolution.. say what you want to say.. but I mean.. i covered what I saw in your logs with a bit of detail honestly. Glad you're enjoying your headset. I'm sending the "Vive Noob" back to B&H.
  15. What it boils down to really for me.. is I'm not going to support the design choice of automated resolution settings, the inability to uncap framerates etc etc. HTC wants me to buy an $800 headset, it needs to allow for control of basic features like setting my resolution. Anyway.. I've reboxed the Pro 2. I'm done here fellas y'all enjoy. i might check back in a few months and see if anybody's saying anything differently.
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