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  1. @Bossco82, yes, returning was the right thing to do, but just frustrating. Thats an interesting idea about the monitor arm - I use them at work but never even thought about getting one for home. Thanks @Lange_666! I'll check this out once my new monitor comes in. I really appreciate the help!
  2. Hi Lange_666 and Bossco 82, Actually, I think I just found a great middle ground. The Asus VG279QR. https://www.asus.com/us/Displays-Desktops/Monitors/TUF-Gaming/TUF-GAMING-VG279QR/ Cant find many reviews but the ones I've found are positive. From the specs it looks to have a Gsync Certified IPS Full HD screen, the stand I like (that I know fits on my desk), with the only negatives being a dimmer display (300cd/m2 instead of 400), closer in spec to the LG one mentioned above. Since I dont need the brightness, should be fine. It's 165 Hz native, but I'm guessing it'll have 120 as an option, too. I think this is the one I'm going to go with. Any red flags I'm missing?
  3. Well, update - Asus and the store recommend I return this VG279Q because of the loose frame/bezel. So, it's packed up and will be headed back tomorrow. Bummer. Before I packed it up, I was able to test the Gsync for windowed and full screen mode, and it still did not show that Gsync was working. But, now I'm not sure what to do. The store gave me an option of replacing the monitor I'm returning with the same unit, or, a LG 27GN650-B, a similar but Gsync Certified unit. https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/lg/27gn650-b I like what I'm seeing about it and the Gsync Certification, the only negative being the peak brightness (but I dont fly in a bright room anyway). The only concern is that stand! It seems to be enormous, whereas the VG279Q seemed to fit perfectly in the available desk space. The above Rtings review shows the LG stand is 12" deep and 17" wide. It would have to hang off the back of my desk about 2 inches to even get the screen close to where it should be. There arent any near me in stores where I can go look at it. That got me thinking...should I just bite the bullet and get the Gsync certified version of the Asus model? It's the VG279QM. It's about $100 more ($349), mostly because of also being 240 Hz, which is irrelevant to me and the games/sims I use. Just cause its 240 Hz native, if I use it at 120Hz, there should be no obvious downside, right? But the stand/mount is the same as the VG279Q, and it's perfect and Gsync certification and a 5 year newer model are potential benefits. https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/asus/vg279qm Or,do I just have them replace it with the same non Gsync certified unit and make do with it's limitations?
  4. Glad to know the 119.xxx is the same as 120 and not indicative of an issue. I'll work to lower a few settings to help it stay above 60fps. Whats strange to me is before I started using this new monitor, I never had fps issues or stutter. It almost always was above 60fps. They're both HD (1920-1080) and the only difference is the Freesync/Gsync and 120 Hz (DP) vs 60 Hz (HDMI). I've tried using HDMI (and losing Gync capability) but there's no change in the stutters in DCS. Vsync behavior is also confusing to me. As I said, Gsync does no give the "GSYNC" green flag in DCS, so I assume it's not working. But if I turn off Gsync Capability in NCP, or set Maximum Refresh to Fixed Refresh, I dont see much different except I get screen tearing. So it must be doing something? If I then turn on Vsync in NCP or in-sim, I get way worse stutters and low FPS. Here are my current settings. Is there anything that stands out as an issue?
  5. Well, I spent several hours today messing around with settings and I was able to improve it slightly but I still get more stutters than I had with my old monitor, sadly. A few notes: -Gysnc just will not enable in DCS. It works in MSFS2020. -Locked FPS to 60 in NCP. Vsync off. -Originally I had VRR turned off in Windows 10 settings. I turned it on and rebooted, and noticed no change in behavior at all. Turned it off, and still seemed the same. For some reason, I dont think this setting does anything. -Running at 144 Hz and it seems my framerate is slightly smoother and more stable. Running at 120 Hz (actually, my Asus monitor doesnt have 120 as an option, just 119.982Hz - why is that?) and panning with track IR is pretty smooth most of the time, but the overall framerate seems more choppy and I get more micro-pauses. I'm sticking with 120 for now. -I've noticed a huge stuttery mess that lasts a second or two (significant frame-rate drop?) occasionally, mostly over Nevada, downtown Las Vegas or when taking off from Nellis. Strangely the in-sim FPS counter doesnt indicate anything like this. Stays in the 55-60fps range. I've also noticed my display is actually loose in the case in my brand new monitor. The same thing this guy has: The Asus rep says to return it. But I've also read where others had this too so I dont know if it's truly a defect or poor design. Ah...so frustrating. I thought I would dramatically improve my performance with this screen as it does in MSFS2020, but in DCS it's been nothing but a fiddly nightmare.
  6. Thank you again, Bossco82! I'll try to sit down with this fresh approach either tonight or tomorrow and hopefully get this figured out. It might be good for me to wipe all my other graphics settings out and start from default again too. I'll try to check back in and report how it goes!
  7. Thanks for that encouragment, Bossco82! I really do have mixed feelings at this point. MSFS2020 is indeed much smoother with Gsync, but DCS seems to be thrown into random chaos and that is eating at me. Before this monitor, I knew I could always count on DCS to be pretty much rock-solid. I've never had such wierd stuff happen. I have a few days left to return my new monitor, so I'm thinking hard. I'm not sure, overall, its worth keeping. Crazy to think a decade+ old smaller monitor handles things better and more predictably. I'll try some more things tonight and probably make a decision.
  8. That helps me wrap my mind around it. Yes, its pretty constantly holding to 60fps (dips down into the mid 50s with mirrors on and down low in the Hornet, but still relatively smooth). It really seems like Vsync was somehow behind the awful stuttery flickery headtracker motion which I dont understand. I dont think it was working properly - it was not only jittery, but frame rate was fluctuating pretty low and would get stuck at 48 fps. I also saw some screen tearing with it on, which makes no sense. As soon as I turned that off, everything improved. And I always used Vsync before with no problem. I'm still confused what's preventing screen tearing, now, that Vsync is off and Gsync is off. Whatever it is, it's working. I dont know if it's possible, but i'm starting to suspect that the GUI settings dont match what's actually set in the software.
  9. Ok, I just realized I had Gsync only turned on for Fullscreen windows, and since I'm no longer running DCS fullscreen it stands to reason its NOT doing anything afterall? So as a test I set Set Monitor Technology from Gsync Compatible to Fixed Refresh, and...indeed no change in behavior! So, despite my record keeping, I have no idea how I got here and why i'm not getting any screen tearing with Gsync not functional in DCS and Vsync turned off in-sim, and set to "Use 3d application setting" in NCP. Huh? I'm so confused by this whole thing. When its set up how it was before the new monitor, it's terrible performance, and now its set up in a nonsensical way, but its got prefect performance.
  10. Ok...here's the results. Sinch your harness...its gonna be as confusing as flying Iron Hand in a Cessna 172... Here's what I did: First, noticed that Gsync would not turn on in DCS. It works in other sims, but I dont get the "Gsync" compatible indicator flag. Hmm. Interesting. Part A: Set refresh rate of monitor to 120 hz -> no change in flicker behavior, FPS low (most of the time stuck at 48 fps, but bouncing to 60). Set frame rate cap in NCP to 60 fps -> no change in flicker behavior, FPS low -> changed back to OFF/unlimited. Set refresh rate in NCP to Highest Available -> no change in flicker behavior, FPS low, but definitely not as smooth -> changed back to Application-controlled. Turned on VSync in-sim. -> No change, but but stutter is worse. Tried the Alt-Enter trick, no change. -> Turned Vsync Off. Thought a while... Set Monitor Technology from G-sync to Fixed Refresh -> no change in flicker behavior, FPS low, definitely more stuttering Part B: Wanted to see if I could get back to "baseline" with this monitor as I had with the old monitor to confirm its a Gsync and/or refresh rate issue at hand. Disabled Gsync completely, and set refresh rate to 60 hz. Returned all other settings in NCP and in sim to previous defaults. Tested -> Had TERRIBLE frame rate (20-48) and extremely stuttery headtracker motion. What on earth....? Thought a while more... Returned settings to how they were before my Part B experiement. Re-enabled Gsync and set refresh rate to 120 Hz Part C; Confirmed I had Turned off Fullscreen Optimizations on EXE. Yes. Turned off "Fullscreen" mode in-sim. -> Partial success! Maintaining 60+ FPS the majority of the time, but terrible screen tearing Set VSync on in-sim and application controlled in NCP. Screen tearing gone, FPS back to 48-60, flickery head tracker motion back. Tried the Alt-Enter trick, no change. -> Set Vsync off in-sim -> 60+ FPS back again, and no flicker with head tracker motion. Set VSync on in NCP -> same as above. Returned it to "Use the 3D application setting." Set Monitor Technology in NCP to Gsync Compatible -> BINGO! 60+ FPS and fluid, clean headtracker motion! And...screen tearing gone with it off. So, Gsync isnt reporting it's working, but its doing something? Noticed FPS still wants to go higher and bounce around a little, so set it to 60 FPS in NCP -> Even smoother motion! Phew!!! Success. Just out of curiousity, set refresh rate of monitor BACK to 144 Hz........and....its exactly the same. Fluid and perfect. Final settings that work: Monitor technology to Gsync Compatible, Refresh rate to Application Controlled, Vsync to "use 3d application setting" in NCP and OFF in-sim, 60 FPS cap. It seems changing any of these will cause issues. And the refresh rate can be either 120 or 144, doesnt matter. What in the world...?
  11. From what I understand, theres a big difference between "Gsync" and "Gsync Compatible Freesync". I have the latter. That might be why? And I'll also throw this out there - some people are more sensitive to flicker. I had a friend who had really stuttery gameplay, and he saw it as "smooth, stutter free". I couldnt even stand it.
  12. Thanks, that sounds like a very reasonable solution! I'll give it a go tonight and report back!
  13. Hello everyone, I recently bought a new Asus VG279 (27" 1920x1080) Freesync IPS 144 Hz display to replace a 12 year old 23" 60 Hz unit. With my Lenovo legion laptop, I use the USB-C port that doubles as a DisplayPort connection to my RTX2060. I have the monitor set-up, @144 Hz, and configured it just fine as Gsync Compatible. And... so far I have very mixed feelings. On one hand, enabling Gsync MASSIVELY helped smooth out MSFS2020. I was actually shocked; I wasnt expecting it, beacuse I know Gsync/Freesync is mostly for higher framerates. But, MSFS is one of the smoothest running sims I've ever experienced now, whereas with the old monitor, it was fully of fluctuating framerates and microstutters. It's truly like a new program. Unfortunately, DCS seems to have been affected in the opposite way. I'm using mostly the "High" presets in DCS. It used to run at 60fps with the old 60 Hz display and was almost always smooth and stutter free; rock solid reliable. Now, it's full of little stutters, and even more concerning, any time I move my head with Track IR 5, the motion is no longer fluid. Its hard to describe. Its almost like its dropping frames when my head is moving. Its abrasive, and very distracting. I've researched this and found a few older topics here on the forums and tried quite a few things so far, but nothing has helped. I've tried toggling Vsync in-sim and in NCP, I've tried Fullscreen/Windowed mode, Fullscreen Optimizations option turned off for the .exe file. I've read about Vsync "fast" or "adaptive", but I dont have these options in NCP. The problem now is I really dont know what the issue is or what to try - I dont want to start adjusting settings everywhere and make it worse. Does anyone have any ideas? I must be missing something critical. Thanks! Might be related: Concurrently I'm having a brightness flickering issue in the loading screens of both DCS and MSFS2020, which I've read about and know is "normal" for Freesync displays, whereas true Gsync displays will not exhibit this as much. But I've noticed that the flickering only happens when Track IR software is running. It will even sometimes flicker my desktop background, with ONLY Track IR running. You can read more about the flickering issues here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/new-gsync-compatible-monitor-brightness-flickering-with-track-ir/ Specs: i7-10750 6-core CPU, 32 GB DDR4 ram, and Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU with 6bg of memory. Two 1TB M.2 NVMe SSDs. Asus VG279 144hz IPS Freesync screen. Edit: This is the only thread I found that seems similar to my issue? But there are no clear solutions in there. Someone said something to the effect "Gsync monitors dont work with Track IR". Sure hope that's not true!
  14. Interesting! I'm not that bothered by the reduction in performance (that can and likely will be solved in time). My system is not super high end, but I can run the High preset at 60fps 90% of the time, and that makes me happy. But I dont like the CPU spikes and high temperatures. After more simming last night, I'm averaging around 70 degrees for the CPU, and 65 degrees for the GPU. The GPU utilization is very steady, like before 2.7. But the CPU utilization is another story. Its sitting around 35-45% and 65-75 degrees for a few seconds, and then a spike to 70-90%, with associated temperature spike into the upper 70s and lower 80s. The highest I've seen so far was 85 degrees. I dont like that at all. Yeah, the Tj of the card is 105, but anything above 80 is cookin' hot. I'm not comfortable with that. I never experienced anything like this behavior in any 2.5 iteration of DCS. CPU was always steady, and never got about 70 degrees. Is there any way to mitigate these spikes, until they can figure this out? Which...hopefully is their plan. I've tried playing around with the in-sim graphics settings. I still get the spikes on low-medium settings, so it does appear to be a core sim issue.
  15. I'm experiencing the same, along with completely unnecessarily high CPU temps.
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