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  1. I´ve have this aircraft just for a few days and I´m still learning basic handling. I´m surprised by the empty weight of the aircraft in the game. All the sources I´ve found stated the weight olmoust 1 tun lower. Do You know, why is the plane so heavy?
  2. Hi, I like your plane very much. Especialy sound and visual appearance are great. I want to ask, when it will be possible to chose bomb delivery method. Or, whether it is possible to switch fixed mode between Mk-82LD and SE. Because Snake Eye bombs are designed to be dropped at almost low level and horizontal flight - therefore CCRP would be better. And freefall bombs Mk-82LD are good for dive bombing -> CCIP would be better. Thanks for Your response
  3. I know, but it doesn´t work now. Even the switch on stick doesn´t work.
  4. Hi, I don´t know, if it was already mentioned here, but I´d like to know, whether it will be possible to release fuel tanks separately (central/wings). One more point - I haven´t play the game for some time, but now I´am unable to engage nosewheel steering. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Hi, I'm not sure whether it was mentioned here before, but some time ago the cockpit of Su-27 has switched into the chinese. How can I get back the russian version?
  6. I definitely agree, and also i would appreciate older versions of weapons (70th´s generation of AIM-7/9).
  7. It looks better and better. One bug on external model - the auxiliary intake doors are operated in bad way. They should be opened during take-off until reaching M 0,4 and during descent and approach when speed drops below M 0,375 - from Flight Manual F-5E-F (01-08-1978). I'm looking for releasing
  8. fuel leakage Hi Pilots, I noticed 2 bugs in fuel leakage. My experience with Su-25 (1.52) is follows: 1) I´ve lost all of my fuel - engines stops, but the white smoke was there, even after 90 km gliding. 2) I've managed to get to the airport and stopped at the apron. The smoke was there, but the fuel should be liquid, there is no reason to be vaporized.
  9. I've made some similar tests. My results are following: at high level the consumption was 120% of expected value (2700 km circuit with step climb from 10-13 km and steady M0,85 - avg speed 860 km/h). In the contrary at low level on 1000 km circuit @ 500m and speed 570-600 km/h the consumption was around 90% of expected value. Both was done at standard conditions - no wind, std. preasure, 15°C.
  10. Hi, it was interesting to watch you to solve the problem of idle thrust. In fact the accuracy of idle thrust doesn't bother me at all. What I suppose not to be accurate is the idle thrust at low temperatures. Try to simulate siberia conditions with temp around -20°C. The idle thrust is so high, that the aircraft accelerates on idle. What i would like to be solved is high fuel consumption of Su-27. According to engine charts and aircraft datas it seemed to be approx. 20% higher in the whole envelope. Does someone know, how to fixed it?
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