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  1. peyvolt

    Normal Maps

    There are not any Normal Map in c-101 external textures.
  2. that image is EB, no CC model, if you want to see CC version use arg 70 in MV
  3. is not a bug, is because USA skin is in MODS folder, you need to install C-101 to see that skin
  4. Hi: Found the problem, and fixed, wait for next update, if you wanted replace those lines in .lua pylon(1, 0.0, -0.234, -0.538, -3.605, { use_full_connector_position=false, connector = "PYLON_1", arg = 308, arg_value = -1.0 }, { { CLSID = "{6CEB49FC-DED8-4DED-B053-E1F033FF72D3}",connector = "Pylon_1_B", arg_value = 0.5, required = {{station = 7,loadout = {"{6CEB49FC-DED8-4DED-B053-E1F033FF72D3}"}}} }, -- AIM-9M { CLSID = "{9BFD8C90-F7AE-4e90-833B-BFD0CED0E536}",connector = "Pylon_1_B", arg_value = 0.5, required = {{station = 7,loadout = {"{9BFD8C90-F7AE-4e90-833B-BFD0CED0E536}"}}} }, -- AIM-9P+ { CLSID = "{FC23864E-3B80-48E3-9C03-4DA8B1D7497B}",connector = "Pylon_1_B", arg_value = 0.5, required = {{station = 7,loadout = {"{FC23864E-3B80-48E3-9C03-4DA8B1D7497B}"}}} }, -- R.550 Magic 2 } ), pylon(7, 0.0, -0.234, -0.538, 3.605, { use_full_connector_position=false, connector = "PYLON_7", arg = 313, arg_value = -1.0 }, { { CLSID = "{6CEB49FC-DED8-4DED-B053-E1F033FF72D3}",connector = "Pylon_7_B", arg_value = 0.5, required = {{station = 1,loadout = {"{6CEB49FC-DED8-4DED-B053-E1F033FF72D3}"}}} }, -- AIM-9M { CLSID = "{9BFD8C90-F7AE-4e90-833B-BFD0CED0E536}",connector = "Pylon_7_B", arg_value = 0.5, required = {{station = 1,loadout = {"{9BFD8C90-F7AE-4e90-833B-BFD0CED0E536}"}}} }, -- AIM-9P+ { CLSID = "{FC23864E-3B80-48E3-9C03-4DA8B1D7497B}",connector = "Pylon_7_B", arg_value = 0.5, required = {{station = 1,loadout = {"{FC23864E-3B80-48E3-9C03-4DA8B1D7497B}"}}} }, -- R.550 Magic 2 } ),
  5. Hi all. C-101CC navaids are almost finished, we need to work on Flight Director and then weapons will follow shortly. That means C-101CC will be ready soon, a question of weeks, if everything goes as expected. We are also working on AFM in parallel. In the screenshot you may see the V/UHF radio panel with channel 01 and frequency 225.0 MHz selected, the VHF/NAV panel with frequency 113.6 MHz corresponding to Kutaisi VOR which bearing indication can be seen in the RMI double needle and HSI pointer (radial 215, course 035), the DME distance 0.5 NM from the Batumi TACAN depicted in the HSI upper left window (thanks to the DME HOLD function which permits tuning another station while holding the DME frequency), and the ADF panel with frequency 430 KHz selected corresponding to Batumi NDB which bearing is indicated by the RMI single needle.
  6. Hi: Instruments reflection is fixed, in the next update I will be ready
  7. peyvolt

    Mirage F1

    We are going to make single-seater and two seater module, both are separate, we are thinking to make EE, M, CE, BE version, but the first one it will be EE, single version, when we will finish EE, then, we are thinking rest of the modules. CE version is very similar to C-200 of french version, and BE is the same B of french version, FOR FRENCH VERSION IT WILL HAVE A REFUELING PROBE.:thumbup:
  8. download from ED page the template of C-101, you can make your own liveries only paitinng the base layer. If you want to paint this liveries do it, and if you send to us we can send to ed make official liveries in c-101cc, i have no time to make more liveries, I am no with mirgae f1 module I have no time
  9. peyvolt

    Mirage F1

    Yes, it will be in a aircraft of B version
  10. Yes, CC version has Chile , Honduras, Jordanian and Spanish Air force and some Fictional liveries, Only EB version has Spanish air force liveries and some Fictional Liveries in some countries.
  11. take this collision model folder and replace from coremods shapes folder, tell me if they work ( I have reedited again, please download if anyone did before) SFM_LODS.zip
  12. Hi Guys: I have found the problem of the frames, is about collision model, I am checking it now, the frames will be good in the next update.
  13. here you have some images from old model and new model, the new model has many details, the wings of old model was too short, and the the fuselage was very bad geometry, the new one was made by blueprints section from real manuals, and it has many details like MAIN GEAR, alerons, flaps ect... first shoots are the new model, the old model are the last images with logo AVIODEV
  14. In descrition.lua of liveries you can this: custom_args = { [70] = 0.4, -- Tuskegee airmen head } 0.4 is for rounded nose model, the other 0.0 to 0.3 is eb and 0.5 to 1.0 is CC model with Sharp nose model
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