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  1. Agreed. Hence, it no use that we have a gorgeous simulator with many different planes all modeled to the nth degree, if we can't really enjoy playing with them for what they were meant for, without resourcing to workarounds to make targets visible.
  2. I have not tried that actually. Will do a search on how to set it up. Thank you much.
  3. I have 4800 hours in multiple planes including turbines and turboprops. So I have flown at a range of altitudes throughout my carrier. Unfortunately it ended back in 2002 but still an aviation nut. I take you points though. I am using 3 x 50" TVs with DCS so the resolution is pretty good. I was just reading through multiple posts of how players are resolving the "spotting problems" with various zoom to full or use minimal labels, or turn on the labels for a few seconds and then off..... and just thought that it would actually be easier to make the spotting easier than trying to resort to these other methods. Anyway, back to flying.
  4. Just take CSAR mission in Caucasus using the A10 as an example. Have labels off and try to find the targets. I am not saying it's not real, I am saying that it would be more enjoyable if it would be easier to spot targets, otherwise 9 out of 10 times you'll be shot down. The wingman in that mission gets shot down every single time. Studied the map, dead reckoning around to find targets based on intelligence information, try to spot them from any altitude. The only easy ones to spot are the APC on the road.
  5. Hello all, I am probably going to get flogged for this post but I guess I am just in need of a bit of venting. I have not had the possibility of using DCS for the past couple of years unfortunately and just came back to it a couple of months ago. Gorgeous as always I have to say, probably the best looking simulator ever created... ...but..... totally unplayable still in regards to spotting ground targets and therefore the whole point of doing missions. I still am not able to see ground targets or air targets without needed to resolve to either using labels or who knows what. I was a pilot IRL and a flight instructor so I know how to fly and what to look for to spot things, and i understand that while DCS is considered a simulator and not a game, and I agree with that, but I think without resolving to an more arcadeish way of resolving details for ground targets or air targets at a distance, the simulator looses its ability to be replayed. Apart from just flying around and take in the pretty sights. Apologies if any of you have already read this many times. Cheers, e.
  6. Hello all, I just bought the module and get this error. Anything I should do to be able to install the module? Cheers, e. autoupdate_log.txt
  7. HI there, thank you for your reply. Yes I did receive that message but it was just an automated reply, as I recall I received it right after I sent mine. Nevertheless, I will wait until the 6th.
  8. Hi all, I am going to post here the same thread I started in the VKB support forum as I received a single reply there and would like to get some help fast and solved this issue. I have sent messages to VKB store on Aliexpress and got no reply. The VKB support forums are totally empty most of the day and nights. Just wondering what kind of support they have? " Hi all, Last month I ordered a 10cm stick extension, to replace my current 20cm bended extension, for my GF base purchased in 2017 (I had ordered the rev.A I thought - with the female base not the pins) and today I finally received it from Aliexpress. Keep in mind I live in New Zealand so getting anything here is a journey. Anyway, I did not even think to check the extension base as I was so excited, went to mount it on the GF base, tightened everything up and noticed the red light on the black box (orange box) flashing. I went to remove the grip and the extension and noticed that the extension had pins. Now, the retractable pin on the base is bended a bit although it seems to retract fine, but I am worried I have actually broken it, or perhaps, the connections inside are done for. I have tried reflashing the firmware multiple times, I have tried both the Warhog grip I was using and the KG12 grip I receive with the base and no grips gets recognized. I have just spent 4 hours troubleshooting everything, removing every piece of unnecessary software. No buttons work and the two grips are not recongized. I am lost. Also because I don't have a different joystick to use.
  9. You would be able to adjust the seating/angle position in Oculus Home, no? You have a reset position there.
  10. Thank you Razbam and Baltic Dragon. The Harrier is the best module in DCS, all things considered, in my humble opinion. The depth of the training missions, the flight model, the textures, external model, just superb. Thank you for all the tears and sweat you put into this module. E.
  11. Thanks for this Stuartaston. I have double clicked on the file but nothing happened in my registry. I had to manually change the values. I do say a slight increase in smoothness but I am not sure if it is just confirmation bias! :) Nevertheless if it doesnt hurt and might help, I apply it!
  12. Unfortunately it doesn't for some reason!
  13. Hello All, I recently put together my new system - in signature - and realized I made a big mistake: I should have gotten the Aorus 2080 Super rather than the Windforce, as I need the extra ports available in the Aorus version! I am running 3 40" TV via DP to HDMI cables and the Rift. Now, I am planning to upgrade to the Rift S but I have no DP ports available and the Rift S needs a DP instead of the current HDMI needed by the Rift. Not sure I can return the card, so only option is to buy an extra 2080 Super and run it in SLI - I know I won't see any benefits, but I would purely do it for the extra ports I need. Thoughts? :) Cheers! E.
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