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  1. Very sad news. Rest In Peace Igor. He will be long remembered. DCS is my virtual world, where I live my dreams. Thanks to him, in playing a major role in making it happen. My sincere condolences to his family, friends and ED Team.
  2. Looking forward for this option While flying Red Flag campaign, my wingman often eject short of fuel. Definitely need this option to understand the fuel state and direct him to tanker.
  3. I was playing the A-10C: Red Flag mission-5 yesterday. My Wingman (A-10C) was running low on fuel. I asked him to go to the tanker and he did, I was watching him in the F10 map, he was following a tanker in 8 miles range for over 20 minutes and finally ejected. The tanker did not slow down for my Wingman to catch up. Any tips?
  4. Hi Wags, I appreciate the level of transparency and the improvement in meeting the timeline these days. But I just want to hear some update on the "DCS 2.5" and "Hornet" release status. I was soo much excited with the newsletter last year, that I'm gonna get my hands on the Hornet :) Hope you can publish something along with the next newsletter ;) Edit: I found some update on a newsletter published in November, which I missed! Cheers, StealthyNeo
  5. Error with 1.5 Hi, I get the following error when I run the Editor as DCS:1.5 and Viewer as DCS:1.5beta. --------------------------- Mission script error --------------------------- [string "me_3dview.start()..."]:1: attempt to call field 'start' (a nil value) stack traceback: [C]: in function 'start' [string "me_3dview.start()..."]:1: in main chunk --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Thanks!
  6. do you have a final cockpit setup done?
  7. pretty organized and compact.. thanks chuck.
  8. yeah, one page or 2 should be a good one to print and keep it in the side. Frequent things in one page and less frequent things on the other, may be :)
  9. nice thread. but is there a comprehensive list of mods for each module?
  10. all these are great work. thanks a lot chuck.
  11. if you can fit it in one page or two pages, it will be easier to print and keep it in handy
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