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  1. Hey Jazz (Level on Discord), Hope the project is going alright, i've had no trouble contacting Wags through the forums or even try contacting one of the moderators on Discord who i'm sure can forward a message to the correct person. Looking forward to seeing further updates on the Extra 330 :)
  2. Time to get the popcorn out boys Hopefully this gets sorted out x
  3. Thanks NineLine for the initiative you are taking to improve community relations. I was curious what your stance will be for people with warnings, such as I. Will we be allowed to have a clean slate like those that have been banned, while i can't discuss my warning I did find it unfairly given from my opinion. Hope you adopt the same methods with people with warnings as you have stated "Many of the bans were quite old and pertained to outdated rules", and warnings are lesser to bans. Just a question hope you can respond!
  4. I like how you bring things out of context. The model was never stolen, it was given to me by combatace. I gave him credits when i posted the screenshot saying how the model had been redone.. This use of the word "redone" meant that it had been re-created by CombatAce. I never implied that combatace modified a pre-existing model. The external model was made by you, but you also used excerpts from Razor's cockpit model... You mentioned "thank you for not paying genius", but in a private message you said "I shouldnt be saying this because I didnt deliver a complete model however if you really loved it would like to showed some love on me in the form of dollars.". This was just over two weeks after you sent me the model via email. The model you sent has not been used other than showing a screenshot on Eagle Dynamics forums. Feel free to contact me via PM regarding this situation as i've said everything I need to say on the public domain.,
  5. I second the above, more than happy to help remove the spam from the wiki. MediaWiki have a pretty comprehensive list of methods dealing with spam.
  6. I have seen two bug reports suggested that the clickable elements (pointers) are too small and off. AstroGimp01 has come up with a short-term solution that VR users can use. Hope this helps, the issue has been forwarded on to the developers.
  7. Might be worth going into saved games and deleting your key bindings for the A-4E.
  8. Problem should be rectified in the next DCS World update.
  9. A reply from the A-4 team will be made soon!
  10. Sorry for double post. You've installed it in the wrong folder. Remove it and go to C drive, saved games, find the DCS folder that correlates to the one you are using then mods/aircraft/<put A-4 folder here>. If you still have problems feel free to reach me on Discord and i can help you out (Level#5042).
  11. Yes, Nero has been working on a way that allows proper cat launches! You can view the beta branch on Github and try it out (Will have to remap the Throttle bind).
  12. For those interested, the community in the Discord are currently making a guide on creating a clickable cockpit. If you would like to view it/help out the link can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mrUsBf8l_pOEfY6ttGO-XGtnFljr_-E1iMP2vKE2Apg/edit?usp=sharing
  13. Still got a long way to go (No estimates but 2-3 years minimum). With the new improved damage models i would recommend you buying one of the WWII modules. I have enjoyed the BF-109K4 the most!
  14. Steam and standalone should be no different then having a different file path (although most mods now can be put in saved games). As for mod enablers (i'm assuming JSGME), i no longer have a need to use it since mods put in saved games don't fail integrity check anymore (Most occasions). Hope that helps!
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