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  1. Hi, in the ME, we have the capacity to delete trees or objects and trees in a zone but I would like to have the capacity to delete the grass too. Some mods have hangars but the only solution we have to not have grass growing inside them, is to delete all the grass in the menu section. It would be a shame to deprive ourselves of grass elsewhere in the Caucasus.
  2. jef32

    FBW test bad!

    Thanks to your answer
  3. Hi Since the last update, when starting from cold and dark, when I launch the FBW test, the red light flashes and stays red and the test is bad. The alert light"decol" is red too and I don't know how having a green light for the FBW test. Help please !
  4. +1 with Oculus Rift. I havn't the OB version but some friends of mine have reported to me that the issue was already here in the OB version. Until now, I believed that the OB was used to report the bugs to you, ED, and that you waited to fix them before updating the official version of DCS, unless for the general bugs of DCS. Are things going in a wrong direction ?
  5. Hi On maps, we can see many items (agricultural vehicles, boarding bridges, luggage transport on airports and many other items). Why these items aren't available as statics in the mission editor . You already have the models, it's surely not too difficult and no need of time to include these in the ME Thanks !
  6. Hi Despite the initial flight plan, it would be interesting to ask to wingmen to land on the nearest airbase from the same coalition. Today, I've done a night navigation from Anapa to Batumi with the Mirage 2000 and a wingman. But, during the flight, I've changed my destination and I've decided to land at Sochi. I would love to ask my wingman to land at Sochi too but the only thing I could do is to ask him to returning to base.
  7. But even if you can't try it, do you see errors in it ?
  8. Ouppps I've done a mistake. I'd thought about the required modules and I'd done some tries by erasing some lines after having saved the file. Now here's the good file before my different tries. Heliport du lac.stm
  9. Hi I respawn this old topic because I have the same issue. I've done several static templates and I've included them in some missions. If I run one of these old missions, no issue at all, the mission launches and all is quite normal, but if I create a new mission with some of the static templates I've done, I have the same issue than O-Edge, the mission can't be saved or launched. I insist about the fact that all missions created with these templates are running without any problems. Just a new mission with them is impossible. For example, I join a .stm having the issue. It needs lot of mods. Missions created with it are running perfectly but a new mission with it can't be launched. Heliport du lac.stm
  10. Absolutly better for me with your fix. Don't change anything, it's perfect now ! Thanks !
  11. Same issue than Morpheus: Landing on the gas tanker ship with the Huey, in the Batumi Habour is impossible. Ultra massive drop of FPS. Strangely I havn't big drop of FPS when landing on the Grebeni island heliport platform, despite all the polygons and details you've included (garbage, half empty swimming pool with stagnant dirty water). What a big work you've made !!!
  12. Absolutly amazing ! A big big thank to you for all this work !
  13. You mean that I can install a new DCS on the future computer and keeping DCS on the old computer, as long as I don't use them at the same time ?
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