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  1. Rudel, You are the cats ass. I tried what you said and it worked! After months of trying to figure this out. For those wanting to know how its done, go to your routers website (https://192.ect....) and go to the NAT/Gaming tab under firewall. You can open the port there, or in my case with the ATT router, just add DCS to the list and it opened port 10308. I tried the mission in the video above and my buddy and I were able to get in no problems. Thanks again Rudel for the solid advise. It is all in the router settings. I should have known this, but forgot to check.
  2. Much appreciated Rudel. We will see if this works
  3. I believe I am having the same issue. To make things very clear with ED and anyone reading this post, I did a quick video to explain the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have kept is very simple. Created a mission in the editor, used the new launch mission in multiplayer, my buddy cannot find it. When connecting to the IP, it says server not available. I demonstrate everything in the video below. Please advise if anyone has found a way to fix this. Really want to get some practice in with the missions I have created for my wingman and I. Thank you. (HD version is uploading to YouTube for the video. I am impatient and was hoping to hear from someone sooner than later so we could try something tonight.)
  4. Beyond impressed with the new Super Carrier update. Loving the new lighting effects and deck crew. Thanks for the continued support of the SC ED. Really looking forward to the future of this module and what's to come. Did a simulated walk around on deck in free cam. All of this was shot in VR (PIMAX8K). Really looking forward to the ready room and below the deck content.
  5. Any word Devs? Just a small bit of info would be appreciated form the community. Even Pappy is waiting on word from this one.
  6. Been pretty accurate for me, but I will run another vide during the day and pay closer attention to see the difference.
  7. I do not want to start a fight, however this statement is very unfair to their team. I have owned the Gazelle since day 1 and while it has needed some love and more work, it is more than capable of combat in DCS and fly's fine once you learn the sensitivity of the aircraft. There should be no reason to tell others not to buy Poly's product because of personal opinions. They do not speak for everyone.
  8. Somehow I missed this one. Hope this is referencing something we do not know officially yet.
  9. Here is a video of me aligning in VR last night (PIMAX 8K). I realized I not only had to move my head but literally shift my body while turning my head in VR to align. I do not think there is a bug, just takes some getting use to.
  10. Just for reference, here is a video I shot last night in VR with PIMAX 8K.
  11. There are 3 actors we need for AI. Michael Iron Side for Jester, William Dafoe for HeatBlurs A-6, and Nicholas Cage or Tommy Lee Jones for the George AI. We could add Sean Young for the Kiowa when it comes out to have a female pilot. She flew the Kiowa in Fire Birds.
  12. All Helos Matter. LOL. I just hope they decide to revisit the Huey and show her the love the Apache has received. She needs a makeover bad to bring her up to modern day standards. The Apache has set the bar for future content hands down. Blown away with how this girl fly's in VR. The helmet/eye piece was a fantastic idea. Once you go VR, you will not go back.
  13. Looking for the same answer if anyone has figured this one out.
  14. Has anyone noticed a continuation of comms issues from a cold start? It seems once you get the Helo started from a cold start, you can no longer access the communications menu either bound to a joystick or by the default "\" key. I noticed in older version of the mod the same issue occurred, however if you started hot, you did not encounter this issue. It leads me to believe maybe it is me? I was wondering if it may be something I am doing wrong in the start up process. I do not have easy comms activated in the mission I created or in the settings options. To the best of my knowledge, I have turned on all radios, so at minimum, I should at least get the comms menu to appear. I just recorded a quick video of me starting up the aircraft on the Marianas map with V1.2 of the mod. If I am indeed starting up correctly, I have not tried another map to see if I can replicate the issue. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It is annoying to get in the air and go to land on a Ship or do some AA refueling and not be able to communicate with the ship or tanker.
  15. Anyone hear anything new on this Mod? I figured I would keep this question going until hopefully Anubis or an affiliate of his could respond. Loved this mod since day 1. Hoping more is being worked on. I feel like the Cargo module we will be getting from ED is the C-47, so that leaves me to wonder if Anubis got hooked up with a third party or has not been working on it. Any rumors would be welcome. Just want to keep the train moving on this bad girl.
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