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  1. hi, great campaign thank you RS, anyway after 2.7 update mission 3 is unflyable, the bombers fly very slow and in a zig zag pattern so is impossible to escort, many of them fall in the sea or collide with eachother and the others still alive disappears after a wile and arriving at dover there are no bombers at all, I terminate the mission returning to base without completing the mission obtaining 100%, also the secondary task is impossible cause the spitfires goes airborn as I arrive and take me down every time , without the intervention of 109 squadron, no chanche to evade. thanks
  2. No I don’t use voice attack or other external software Hi, uninstalled and reinstalled the w10 last update and now seems to work, I’ll test it in the next days and will inform you if it is solved, thanks
  3. https://www.google.it/amp/s/www.windowslatest.com/2021/05/14/latest-windows-10-update-issue-is-trashing-audio-quality/amp/ maybe this can help, I will try to delete last w10 update and verify if all is working
  4. I will try and will inform you The problem , I think, has arisen when I installed last w10 update today
  5. Hi sir I delete the shaders (fxo and metashaders2) at every loading of dcs after an other deleting and reloading same crash again but with crash report this time here you are the report, thank you for your support P.S. crash seem to be related to atc cause it happens every time I'm talking to tower dcs.log-20210515-155225.zip
  6. many crash and freezes, here is the last, it seems a sound related problem no mods, windows 10 up to date, drivers updated here you are the log file CTD with No crash report thanks dcs.log
  7. there is a way to know the kind of target indicated by the XO ? cause we know the location but without the type indication I don't know which weapon to use and what to search for on target location . Thanks
  8. During mission 2 there are some tremendous fps drops after the AWACS code verification
  9. in mission 2 all cooms are ok thanks
  10. I'm at mission 1 I will verify thanks
  11. It seems that only comm2 is working cause if I set 305.00 on comm1 I can't comunicate with flight but if I set 305.00 on comm2 all is working, am I doing something wrong? P.S. I don't use symple radio, thanks P.P.S. I know how to use comm1 and comm2 switches so this is not the problem
  12. Great, have we to do something to have the fixing update? Thanks
  13. Thank you for helping, I prefer to wait for the update cause I'm interested in this new kind of campaign, hope to have a fix soon and in the meantime congratulations for your work which will give us a dynamic campaign which we expect for years, take your time and amaze us, I'm glad to help the development process with my purchase and don't regret my choice
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