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  1. which mod are you talking about exactly, do you have a link?
  2. Hobel

    MK 20

    thx. I have reduced the number of bomblets to 1 to better see what is happening and a direct hit of a MK118 from the MK20 does the following damage to a T80U
  3. Hobel

    MK 20

    can you upload some tracks from your observations?
  4. I just wanted to clarify that. The Aim120 also takes the closest point to the aircraft for ignition.
  5. Okay first few rounds the engine failed without dust protection. after that i tested it 4 times with protection until the tank was out. no error i have also experienced that this happens during long low flights over water hm okay, I'll test that too then
  6. @Volk.@Flappie I'll have a look at it today. A few weeks ago I was able to reproduce it.
  7. is it intended that the target aircraft is so enormously fast? I mean a 20-nm shot at a target of 1.88Mach and a defensive initiation? For such test purposes, I would always take 1M for the firing platform and the target. If something crazy should happen then you can evaluate it better.
  8. Hobel

    F-15E vs. F-18C

    It's not supposed to show range, it's supposed to consider the range estimate to the emitter in its classification of the threat. I know what is meant by this, but thx
  9. as soon as IPv4 is enabled both are possible, why no idea. I only know after I called my provider and asked to unlock IPv4 for me anyone could join my server. before that nothing worked
  10. Hobel

    F-15E vs. F-18C

    do you have a reference that the current F18 RWR should show the range?
  11. Korrigiere mich wenn ich falsch liege aber soweit ich weiß wollen die das das Modul Gratis bleibt? ach siehst Hiob sagt es auch nochmal.
  12. yep in a newslater/miniupdate there was also something that you can customize the MFD in the F18 in DCS, I think the same will come for the F16.
  13. hm okay yes, I'm aiming directly at the target, I would have interpreted the description to mean that 10knots Wind can still be compensated for direct lasering and so it comes to 1m CEP. but of course it could be meant that way, thank you.
  14. Sorry, I misspoke, because I meant static targets with the question. the GBU12 has always a CEP of 4-6m in DCS for static targets at 10knots wind. But the source says 1m for these parrameters.
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