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  1. Yes I was probably not quite right, the damage that different ships take is very different Then one more question. You say yourself that it will be a long time before the ships dm ready. Until then, can't the harpoon be adapted in the same way as the anti-ship missiles on the Viggen, so that it can be used more effectively? Adjusting the warhead shouldn't take much time, and similar adjustments have been made elsewhere because dcs isn't ready yet.
  2. I doubt it, because I have seen the missile hit many times near ground targets and I think the damage is still reasonable and not too big Here is an example video And apart from that, other weapons in the DCS context do plausible damage against ships. Otherwise, weapons like GBU31 and many others would do little or no damage against ships, but the weapons do reasonable damage. so I think it's the Harpoon that's wrong here.
  3. That's a very long time, are there more recent tests?
  4. is it the same in DCS? i dont have the JF17. and apart from that, this "document" is considered null void.
  5. Okay, and why did the RB-15F in DCS achieve exactly what the Kh-35 did in real life? I think the problem here lies more with the weapon. even if I agree that the DM of the ships should be revised
  6. I am your mentioned option also by, with the hands I am but still faster especially when it becomes more complex. Voice attack I have and use but for these applications it is not an alternative for me. When leap motion and co become more mature the whole vr topic will be an option for me
  7. However, you would usually have to let go of the joystick. For certain settings. -Radio -TACAN -coordinates And so on. I have it similar to OP and it is much easier and faster
  8. But in VR you can't click on everything. would still prefer this to a VR
  9. Это звучит фантастически, и я в восторге от этого Но до тех пор мы можем получить функцию, как у Viggen/AV8/JF17? Это уже есть в DCS, просто это необходимо и для KA-50, что должно быть довольно легко реализовано. Просто раздражает заходить на сервер buddyspike и не иметь путевых точек. Да, вы можете ввести их все вручную, но это занимает много времени, и если вы сами работаете быстрее, вам придется ждать своих коллег. а если возникнет проблема и придется брать новый ка-50, то можно начать все заново, это очень расстраивает. Пожалуйста, это небольшая, но абсолютно ценная функция, которая была востребована еще 10 лет назад.
  10. Можем ли мы получить именно это для DCS? Я присоединяюсь к серверу, ввожу свои путевые точки через карту F10, а "механик" затем делает всю работу за нас? Это просто сэкономит массу времени и решит множество других проблем.
  11. I always wondered about that, even if the warhead is already very large and yet it does much less damage than the RB15. Left : 1 Harpoon Right : 1 RB-15F
  12. The hellfire takes longer than 45 seconds to reach the target = miss (are 45 seconds actually realistic?) Try low or direct that might save a few seconds
  13. Some airfields are simply bugged. Whether these are the two airfields he mentions, I can not say.
  14. thanks for the hint, I checked directly and could not find any difference. that's why practical tests are so important. but would be nice if you or someone else could also check again
  15. Maybe a little yes but I think some of these things belong here because among other things it is an answer to why people are away Because that is my opinion, bugs and that some things take a long time is one of the reasons. if any of this is new and turns out to be a bug, we can always open a new topic about it.
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