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  1. ok sorry, I won't do it again, back to the topic
  2. Where did you see I was talking about DCS...? you put my name in the M2M manual which was btw never finished either. Keep going this way, this is exactly what your customers are waiting from Razbam : contempt.
  3. Before being arrogant, you should rather understand that we have that kind of promise for 5 years now from Razbam and that none of their modules are finished yet....
  4. Bingo = (Distance to RTB/Average Speed)*FuelRate*60 It works better like this :thumbup: Gators
  5. Ok we will be wise, I promise. But in other hand, I do even know if this Mirage thread is still usefull, we never had a feedback on it. Gators
  6. Complainer : "a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining" Do you really think it would be fun to be on a threat with only that kind of guys... I don't, 100% for sure it is way more fun to complain here about the missing feature and the bug list while you show us how cool you are :megalol: Gators
  7. Come on dude, be patient it's been only 2 years and 9 months... and something huge is coming so be a good customer and buy another module "almost" finished during the wait.... And in the meantime you can play with the HUD brightness, you will see it is something awesome. Up, down, up, down, up, down.... priority management, this is what we are talking about or what I am talking about because I feel a little bit alone now, no one carre about the mirage now :cry: Gators
  8. That's funny how life is, I flew on this plane last week and now it is maybe gonna be in my sim :pilotfly::joystick: If you guys need some help, I have some papers.... as for the Mirage :music_whistling: Gators
  9. The quality of the module has never been the question, it is fantastic.... but not finished yet. The point is that we see the other projects progressing while the mirage gets stuck. Gators.
  10. Seriously what are you trying to show unless that we didn't have any real update for the last 6 months other than bug fix bring by the previous one ? the paint kit ? english cockpit maybe ? the INS has been coded in two weeks at the begining of the module and this was serious update.... Gators
  11. The most frustrating is the silence while you see a lot of communication on the new "bankable" projects. One dude tried to list the items not working on this module and we even haven't had any feedback on it : https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3301945&postcount=1 Some on these items seems really easy to fix to give more depht to the module. We ain't talking about a ground radar possibility or an overhaul of the FM but the rotating switch mapping and the triangle for the magic and radar lock. Yes, the plane is flyable, and since the first day it does but this is not what RAZBAM promised.... and not what they promise for their modules.... "only flyable". And for the ones who following this module since the first day, we know that RAZBAM can finish the job with the will. Gators
  12. :thumbup: I knew you could be fun when you don't try to convince yourself that RAZBAM is working on the Mirage. This is my favorite addon for DCS, it might be the reason why I would like it to be finished (and to have what I paid for.... but on this point I don't hope anymore :music_whistling: ) We had this discussion thousand times I guess, not need to argue again we don't have the same vision, and things don't change Gators
  13. Was I talking to you ? If you think so at least bring something interesting. My words don't need response, unless a big huge awesome promise coming up soon :megalol: Gators
  14. We have two huge updates for the Mirage for the last two weeks : Paint kit and English Cockpit. AWESOME after six months of silence ! Thank you for the respect of your Mirage's customer to develop and update your new products. Gators
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