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  1. Yep, Elwood is doing a fantastic job on the Mirage. For what I could witness when passing by their Discord, he's pretty active too and interact with the community when available.
  2. Did they changed this particular behavior ? I did not read anything in the patch notes recently regarding the fact that the rearming is mandatory before aligning.
  3. The F-5 was my first module and the only one I flew until I went all in for the Mirage. If ED would update it as they're planning to do for the Ka-50, and give us a F-5N I will support them without any hesitation.
  4. Yeah, the link QuiGon keep posting does not have any answer related to DCS. Heatblur stated multiple times they'll stay around as a consumer flight sim developper but never told us they will continue to develop specifically for DCS. When asked about it they simply don't reply. Even if they leave DCS World, I still am happy they gave the community two of the very best modules of the game. Plus, they already assured us that they will deliver what's been promised around the Tomcat (another variant of the Tomcat, a carrier and two campaigns - not sure about the Intruder AI). To be honest I would be thrilled if Heatblur was involved in a new sim project. If the project is as ambitious and dedicated as we know from the team, this could be one of the biggest news for us, combat sim fans.
  5. One of my previous message has been deleted with the reason being I asked for the message to be deleted. That must be a mistake as I never asked such thing. Here's my original message :
  6. I'm a proud owner of the Mirage and it is the *only* module I fly despite its flaws that have been waiting for a fix for years. Pointing a finger at me by quoting me as a bad community member is nothing short of total disrespect. Please, feel free to browse my history messages and see if I did not praise the work of Razbam in the past when rightfully due. I could not be happier about the recent work of Elwood who is doing a fantastic job on implementing French Air Force feedbacks. But I cannot stay silent when something is simply wrong, is it what you're waiting from your "good" community members ? I was glad to see you, Decoy, back on the forums after several weeks/months of silence from Razbam on their official support page, but your replies, deception, and personal attack are not what I expect as a community member or customer and most of all from the official rep from the company I supported.
  7. In fact the complaints were not about the videos content but the lack of monthly updates as promised. There's plenty of evidence in previous topics discussing the subject.
  8. These are the first messages regarding current development in months.
  9. A few minutes ago, Zeus posted this message on Razbam's Discord :
  10. Hello Polychop, Would you consider creating the exact same topic but locked as ED has done for the Hornet and Viper ? It will be much easier to follow your progress and stay up to date without scrolling through pages of comments. Thank you for keeping us informed and coming back sooner to the Gazelle.
  11. There's nothing new to mention. Everybody is waiting for the fix being deployed in the next update.
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