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  1. There is currently no way (that I know of) to sit in the front seat of the Apache and having George AI in the backseat in multiplayer. This works, as we all know, in single player by simply pressing 1 and 2 to switch seats. The buttons don't work in multiplayer, as the other seat is kind of another client or something. Also, you can't spawn directly into the front seat without a human in the back as it is not clickable in the list of roles. Only way currently to be in the front seat in multiplayer is to have another real human first spawn into the helicopter (and get the back seat) and then requesting multicrew for the front. But, as Wags said, they are working on it being possible.
  2. I was about to add my +1 to this when I saw that Wags sayd they are working on it. So I guess I'll just say thanks and hope it comes soon. Being able to play multiplayer with a couple of friends and everyone gets to man their own TADS and let their respective Georges take care of the flying sounds like a lot of fun! Doing coordinated strikes with hellfires and guns and such. Also, just for good measure: +1
  3. Haven't flown this for a while and discovered that there is no sound in cockpit (or at least only a very distant weird sound). Don't know how long this has been a problem. External sounds are also weak and strange and sound like the plane is behind you (or something) when doing a flyby with the F3 camera. Buddy in multiplayer had the same experience. What's the status on this?
  4. They should have decided on a specific year, say 1943, and made modules of planes that actually operated in the same time frame, as well as fitting AI planes for the same period. I think it would at least make more sense if you intend to have the different modules fight eachother.
  5. My impression is that 3d model and texturing is the smallest part compared to the work-hours required to create the flight model and systems simulation (MFDs, radar, targeting systems). Particularly on something as complex as the F-15E. I remember ED posted a list of the work-hours required to create the F-18, and it was something like 40 work-years total or something crazy like that. And the F-15E is definitely not any less complex than the F-18. As we've not seen a functional, interactive cockpit yet, I remain highly cynical about the possibility of a release in 2022. Still images of external and internal model and a few basic weapons doesn't really show anything. Like that image of the F-15E dropping general purpose bombs that was shared in the other thread on the 29th of december (i think it was). Sure, it's nice to see that it can drop bombs at all, but considering the extreme level of complexity of precision weapons (and the large selection that the Strike Eagle can carry), it tells very little about the amount of progress being made. I mean, slick Mk-80-series of bombs are probably the simplest AG munition there is, as they have only a basic free fall ballistic and there are only a few sizes of the same bomb type to choose from. It makes sense that this is the first AG munition you implement as it is probably the easiest, but if that means they still haven't started with all the PGMs that this plane can carry, then we are a very very long way out still.
  6. You may well be right, and I hope you are. I'm just very cautious about getting my hopes up that we'll see this plane in 2022.
  7. The fact that it only appears to fire a single AIM-7 Sparrow gives me a feeling that it's just a reskinned/remodeled stock F-15C. I don't know, it just feels empty. If it was anywhere near release I'd expect at the very least to see some basic A/G HUD symbology by now. It's also the other small things, like the fuel gauge showing 22600 lbs in all the clips and pics I've seen. Which means that either the fuel consumption isn't working or the gauge isn't working. It just doesn't feel finished. A nice 3d model is not even half the job on modules like these, and unfortunately it seems that a nice 3d model is mostly what they have so far. After 9 years of disappointment, I've gotten quite cynical I'm afraid.
  8. Although I was happy to see some clips of the F-15E in the 2022 and beyond video, I am concerned that the "Strike" Eagle didn't release a single piece of air-to-ground ordnance in that video. It still feels like it's a really long way from being finished, despite the hype in that video.
  9. It's a pretty good module and the Harrier is a fun plane, but the external engine sound is absolutely horrible. It doesn't sound like a plane at all.
  10. Had a multiplayer session where a buddy landed on the DCS Supercarrier CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln after spawning and taking off from the new Forrestal carrier. He had damaged his plane after a failed landing attempt on Forrestal, so the landing gear was not fully extended and he had black smoke coming out the end. When he caught the wire on CVN-72, you could see a "wire" being drawn to the other ship's arrestor gear as well! I don't know if this is a bug with Forrestal, Supercarrier or something else. If it's posted in the wrong section, I apologize, but it's hard to tell where the problem comes from. Both of us could see the same graphical bug in multiplayer.
  11. My biggest criticism of the Gazelle is the external sound. It does not sound correct at all. And the lack of different sounds from front and back sounds really weird with any helicopter. I hope they put some effort into the sounds of the OH-58. In my experience, lacking good sound makes me fly that module a lot less, just like Mig-21 and the Harrier.
  12. Couple of questions. Are you using any curve on the control axis? I find that adding some makes all planes/helos more forgiving. Also, make sure that the autopilot channels for pitch and roll are enabled, otherwise it is much harder to fly. Besides that, it is a bit more twitchy than the Mi-8, but nothing too bad in my opinion.
  13. In my experience it happens every time we fly multiplayer. It's pretty annoying and makes us fly the warbirds less because it looks so terrible when landing. Every plane may glitch into terrain for a second if landing hard for example. That is a classic multiplayer issue as I guess there is some interpolation going on where the client is trying to predict where the other planes will be next moment, and if they make a sudden change, there is a bit of lag. Same as a plane rolling extremely fast may look like it is "glitching" a bit. But as you can see in my video, the planes that sink or float are doing so for a long time. Even until stopped and while taxiing around. I hope it gets looked at. The fact that it's exclusively taildraggers that suffer worst makes me hope that the devs can find the bug. We've tried running "repair" on all clients as well as the server PC. None are running mods except some addon liveries.
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