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  1. Hey, I would be interested in the solution if you found one ! Cheers
  2. Create two shortcuts : DCS.exe --server --norender -w Server1 DCS.exe --server --norender -w Server2 In saved games this will create two separate folders Procedure described here
  3. And also is there a way to access the control panel without loging in on the DCS website ? By hosting the webgui page or so ?
  4. Hi everyone, Is there a query available for the DCS Servers ? If so on which port ? Same question for RCON ! I couldn't find any reference to it. Cheers !
  5. It seems to come from the "ACCESS_VIOLATION at 0074A0C5" at line 2378 but I might be wrong
  6. Hi everyone, My server crashed yesterday while playing a mission. This is not the first time this has happened but I can't find the reason in the crash log. Could someone help me out ? Cheers. dcs.log-20191206-211428.zip
  7. Yes but it those modes it automatically locks the target..
  8. Not quite. What I mean is that if your radar is 30° above horizon, you pull up then it will still be 30° above horizon (left on pic) I'd like to know if there's a way to have the radar behave as on the right.
  9. Hi, Since the last update I noticed that the radar is now stabilized in elevation. Meaning that if you are scanning on the horizon and pull up, the radar will stay on the horizon. That's a great feature but it can also be useful to disable it. Is it possible ? (I'd like the radar to follow my nose elevation) Anyway good job Razbam ! Keep up :thumbup: Cheers.
  10. Tout dépends des joueurs ! Mais dans l'ensemble si tu cherche du monde avec qui voler tu trouvera ;)
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