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  1. While I don't think the creator of this video intended to do so, it does effectively demonstrate that DCS desperately needs to be Vulkanized. Reference the creators specs and fps. Even so, it is a really nice video. DCS WORLD | SOUTH ATLANTIC MAP - USHUAIA | VR PERFORMANCE | Varjo Aero 4K VR
  2. Back to this question, if anyone can input, please. I have the Vive (version 1), however, I do not use the HTC Vive software layer (not installed), only SteamVR. So, with this configuration, does anyone know if it's possible to use openXR in place of SteamVR with the Vive?
  3. Not again, NO, NO and NO, As for NotFix as an example, it's not a rant that belongs here. If Eagle Dynamics goes subs, I'll be out of here also. If you really do want to support ED monetarily in order to help with the DCS World core development, purchase a module, a campaign, or some cool ED Merch. Or, by allowing the below playlists to continuously run through, you'd be supporting the Eagle Dynamics team in the form of YouTube ad revenues, as these videos are being broadcast from the Eagle Dynamics YouTube channel. And of course, the same applies for 3rd party videos which are contained in these playlist. (yeah I know, a shameless self promotion of playlist I've put together )
  4. Just a heads up, this is the best Varjo Aero review that I've found so far. Starts off kinda geeky, but he has a lot of good information not covered in other reviews, along with some pros and cons. Well worth the watching if your considering, or on the fence about purchasing one.
  5. +1 Wished for this way back in 2016.. However, this is the best solution, I also think...
  6. Yep , I can just imagine it now, @Wags doing xx training video, NTTR map, starting up and taxing out from "Area 51 ", "What is Spock doing over there?" .
  7. This tread should be mirrored, or moved to the mods forum I'd think, so it doesn't get lost in the performance bug reports and complaints as time goes on. Great find! Thanks.
  8. I'm suspecting this will in effect be DCS World 3.0, which I'd think, the first we may see hints of would be in one of Wags videos, with the famous "whats that "..." doing there, or some other hint which would be picked out by some of our sharp eyed DCS World fans. I was hoping we might have see something with one of his AH-64D videos for a hint of such, however, no joy it seems...
  9. Article: Ditch DirectX: It’s time to start using Vulkan with PC games
  10. Adrián Caparzo just premiered this, this morning. It's Amazing, one of the best I've seen in all respects!
  11. Agree with this mostly, voted other. We really have a need for speed (as in FPS) / Vulkan..
  12. Thought I'd re-post this here, as its relevant to the topic. Might it be that DCS - Multicore/Vulkan will be in 2022?
  13. Just wondering, has this feature been implemented by now? On the product description webpage, it's stated:
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