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  1. I am having issues with trying to have the buttons on the ICP program. I have tried both the A10C CDU and the F18 UFC interface, but still nothing. Does anyone know how to or what interface works with the F16 ICP? I just cant get the input and out bindings to work......
  2. yeldraw


    I can not seen to get HELIOS to find the install path. My install path is G: not C: and it always wants to use the C:
  3. Has anyone been able to export the mpcds yet and if so how? is there a .lua file that needs modding?
  4. Anyone try or found a way to export the MPCDs as of yet?
  5. My TGP screen on my right DDi is not green. everything seems to work, but the screen look like the A-10C grays colors. Anyone else having this issue. I just did a complete new install today also... thanks
  6. CApt Zen Helios question: Trying to make a AMPCD for Fa-18. I cant get helios to accept dsc A-10 interface. My game install is not in C: but in G: when I manually type it in it doesnt take it. says cant find install dir. I just updated to the newest OPENBETA yesterday..... I can get helios to put the MPCD brezel on the screen just cant get the buttons to function I think because the interface.... Any help thanks
  7. Updated Openbeta today, and now my DDI exports to other monitor are blank, the AMPCD is exporting, just no the DDI's. The A-10 are still exporting correctly...... Anyone ideas or someone having the same issues? Thanks
  8. What is you Alt?, you might be to high for 10 sec lase time. the bomb could over fly the target before the laser turns on.
  9. After update my gear lights looks like a ice cream cone on the front of the AC....is this a bug?
  10. Wheel brakes How can I program the brakes to my rudder pedals? When I try, the toe brakes on the rudder pedals do not accept the input in the settings
  11. Up Front Controller Is there a way to pull the UFC from CAPT Z's helios profile and all the bindings at the same time and copy them to another profile? I just want the UFC to show on my 2nd monitor. I know I could do it with of profiles like for the A10. But cant seem to with his profile. Thanks
  12. Yep sure have, been flying every day.. at least 2 to 3 hours a night
  13. Hey Jason, hit me up email a10nighthawk@yahoo.com Would love to get together and fly some, already have been talking to a cpl people so this sounds great......
  14. FAKUM, Hey email me at a10nighthawg@yahoo.com I have my own TS server now. Not sure if it works, but really excited to try and see.... I will give you the server info on an email
  15. I can do TFP, Havac, buddy spikes TS
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