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  1. Hi, Since the release i have quite a lot of trouble to swap cursor between MPD's but only in multicrew. I have to press dozens of time the cursor L/R command to make it work. In singleplayer, it works perfectly Dont know if it's already tracked. Just in case.
  2. I dont know who you are, but you should seriously stop trying to call yourself a Mirage 2000C expert. It's not the first time you are trying to assume thing that are totally wrong ! For the last time, The Antenna elevation switch is a TWO BUTTON switch, one for UP the other for DOWN, if you release the switch it goes back to center because IT IS SPRINGLOADED, i want for proof : ME, i've tried the command IRL. It's just like your rolling shutter command, one switch for up, the other for down except no springloaded center position. If you still dont agree with my statement, i invite you to discuss this in PM.
  3. You're misunderstanding the thing.
  4. Do you have proof ? Because what you are saying is not correct. I do have video proof and publically availble. If you don't agree, we can discuss that in PM.
  5. I agree with you, but that's not DIRAV Paddle, it's AP Quick disconnect paddle that bring you to this state. - 1 st tap bring you to AP Out of use, AP amber light will flash as long as AP Quick disconnect paddle is not pressed - 2 nd tap bring you to AP "Off", AP amber light goes off. It happens also when you lose an effective or memorized AP mode , the amber section of the mode will flash for 10 sec.
  6. Nevermind, i apologize for TOP then. But RD, could really be useful.
  7. Just tried, not working for me so far. How did you managed to make it work ?
  8. Everything is in the title. For those who don't know what i'm reffering to: TOP is a Speed Guidance mode RD stands for "Route Désirée" or Desired Track
  9. Yes they are included, both Magic II and Super 530D have the same sound.
  10. Yeah for me "too slow" is max AoA, so it's strange that they named it like in my source... Well a lot of improvement for too fast is needed indeed ! Very funy video by the way :D
  11. Thank you :thumbup: About "too slow" , i've read the definition of it, and i'm 95% sure it's the way it should. About "too fast" , i tried what my external source told me , but i'm not sure at all, it "sounds" a bit weird too me.
  12. Hi, I've been able to recreate all sound from the warning horn and the lock tones for the missile. These are totally authentic, i did this with verified external source. To complete external source information i've used this video as reference ( from 18min 40s to 20min 30sec ) : It will be great if RAZBAM can add them in the module ! :thumbup: Included sound -Warning horn: Amber failure , present in game but reworked from scratch Red failure , present in game but reworked from scratch Autopilot gong , present in game but reworked from scratch Bingo fuel , not present in game, created from scratch Aircraft too fast , not present in game, created from scratch Aircraft too slow , present in game but reworked from scratch -Missile lock tones: Magic not connected to target, created from scratch Missile masked, created from scratch Missile locked in NEZ, created from scratch Missile locked not in NEZ, created from scratch You'll find those attached below, please tell me your feedback. Upon demand i can describe the composition of each sound. RAZBAM, if you read this please contact me. tones.zip
  13. Ok, just tested the thing ( track attached ) On ground: HYD 1 and HYD 2 disappear at around 19% RPM at MSL In mid-air: Condition of the test: Engine : CUT-OFF Batt : ON EP : OFF In-flight with -10° of pitch, windmilling up to 33% N is achievable, so in other terms : HYD 1 & HYD 2 came back online at 12% N thus regaining control on the aircraft. ( above 20000 ft MSL ) To conclude, i was wrong, my bad, sorry. Nevertheless i would be happy to see CDVE 5 working one day :) M2000.trk
  14. I agree with you, i will try flying straight but i have one more question : How is it possible to power HYD with only 7% of N , knowing the fact that the pump operate at 6000 rpm ?
  15. Forgot to mention it, engine cutoff in mid-air
  16. Hi, I've noticed a strange behavior regarding FBW / CDVE , i still have complete control on the aircraft with those parameters : - HYD 1 Off - HYD 2 Off - EP Off - BATT Off - CDVE 5 Off My input command should have no effect on the aircraft. Normally the CDVE 5 is plugged on HOT BATTERY BUS, So with BATT Off but CDVE 5 On, i should have control, but it seems to be not implemented. Will this strange behavior corrected / implemented ? Because i'd rather prefer have NO CONTROL at all on the aircraft than have unrealistic control. I think the Mirage 2000 would be one of the greatest module if all of the system are completely modeled. But it's already great :thumbup:
  17. Hey guys, i was wondering if the UHF Aux radio (RED) is still in use IRL ? Why i am asking this question you might think, look at the picture below. In the first picture it's a Mirage 2000C, look at the frequency repeater, only the green radio is ON at this moment, and the red seems to be OFF, displaying 8 stars, we can also note that the frequency are in the correct position, U/VHF Radio is the bottom one and UHF Aux radio is the top one. Which is not the case in game, position are inverted. So far so good, In the second picture it's also Mirage 2000C and the frequency repeater is in the same state as the first picture, so i'm wondering if the UHF radio is still used. Is this because it's an "Auxiliary Radio" ? And that would make sense. On another hand it's seems that the in-game repeater isn't correctly modeled, it should display 8 chars with the mode of the radio and it's current frequency in 5x7 font, but it's minor detail. More importantly the frequency position should be inverted. I think that if it's was correctly modeled BEFORE THE COCKPIT UPDATE it should have looked like that : It's a picture i took few month ago, as we can see, The repeater is separated in two window, the top one indicate only the preset number of the UHF Aux radio and the bottom one indicate frequency/preset of the U/VHF radio. So the real question is : What the repeater should display when the AUX Radio is turned on ? with the New gen repeater ? Thanks in advance.
  18. So i've never seen it lighted up, even with full damaged aircraft, do you confirm. You're right about, this one is ejected for the moment. Ejected too.
  19. -IFF light at the top right front panel. Never managed to make it work. -At least, input a code for each faction. -I try to decipher this one, might be ejected from the list.
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