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  1. Same issue here - the training missions are very well made and worked flawlessly until I got to training mission 10 and now all the subsequent missions I've tried after this have scripts not triggering and the whole training mission just soft locks.
  2. You will find more information about this on the post that I created the other day which has now been moved to the resolved section : (with a neat video & photo to show the button in action on the real thing)
  3. Just wanted to say thanks to Razbam for this amazing RDI update! Fired up the AA training mission to get myself accustomed to any changes (that and the fact I was terribly rusty). I was messing around with the radar modes in the second part of the training (Magic missiles on the jamming targets) and noticed this : Love the fact that the jammer is actually modelled and picked up by the display that way (I think I actually noticed the cone/noise on the display before the radar was even classifying it as a jammer signal) ! It does seem like this intermediate mode may be a good way of spotting targets that are so to speak 'under the radar', as long as you know what you are looking for.
  4. I have also noticed this issue myself when running the Cold Star Training mission - it looks like the INS buttons are always fully lit and so it is impossible to tell what state they are in (e.g. the VAL button of the INS when you are ready to initiate alignment).
  5. Ok, now that makes more sense, thanks!
  6. Would it be possible to have the radar antenna axis be the 'target' elevation of the antenna, and just emulate button presses until the radar elevation matches the target, as it would if you were to press the button (so the behaviour can remain as it is now since the update), if having the 1:1 relationship between the axis value and elevation is what is deemed 'unrealistic'? Other than that, really loving the update! Great work all round! The M2000 is easily in my top 3 favourite modules for DCS.
  7. I know the update notes mentioned some bindings had changed but I fail to understand why an axis would no longer work for the radar antenna. I can and have had to find an alternate binding but it was really useful for me to be able to bind this to an axis consistently like I have it working on other modules.
  8. Hello, Perhaps I am getting this module confused with another but I seem to remember there being a separate axis for the radar antenna elevation (which I used to have bound to an axis on my X55 throttle). After the update, this axis seems to be gone and I can only see two separate bindings raising & lowering the antenna using buttons. Would it be possible to have a radar antenna axis (back?) as this is quite a useful way of controlling the radar antenna. Thanks!
  9. Great, that's exactly what I wanted to know :). Thanks all!
  10. My bad, I did mean DLC, not spoilers. As for the overall procedure on touchdown and trapping, I think I am following the procedure more or less correctly, at least to a point where I can get the wings in oversweep without breaking anything. In this instance, my issue/question is more with the inability to close the wing sweep cover once the wing sweep handle is in the oversweep position and whether this is correct behaviour or a bug?
  11. Hello all, I got this module about a year ago during a sale and never had the chance to properly dive into it until now (which is a shame because it's been great fun). While I am getting to grips with the aircraft just fine, the wing sweep & surfaces of the wings are giving me the most trouble. I'll assume most of the following is down to user error but I have become a bit of an expert when it comes to : jamming the flaps, getting the wing sweep stuck, etc. I have been running through the carrier training missions, including the case 1 recovery. Upon landing, I retract the flaps, spoilers, etc. I then open the wing sweep cover, pop the handle out & pull it to the 68 degree position. Once all the relevant indicator/lights have extinguished I am able to pull the handle further back into the oversweep position (full aft). While this works, it appears that I then become unable to close the wing sweep cover after moving the handle to oversweep. Similarly, I lose the abilty to move the wing sweep handle at all after this & the only way to get it unstuck is by using the mouse wheel which just propels it into the full forward position. Any idea if this is the intended behaviour with the wing sweep cover, or am I experiencing a (known) bug? Thanks in advance
  12. That could work although my post was meant more as a 'native' feature suggestion. While using Track IR is nice I am finding that I lose my SA when attempting to find a Jester option and subsequently having to look away from what I was doing. Being right handed I have my hand on the stick or the mouse but not both, so that's where the analogue stick (or 'whatever floats your boat' axis) would be nice to have.
  13. Ok nevermind, I just ignored the 'coordinate' part of the instructions and upon setting the right switch to TID I am able to prompt Jester to perform the INS alignment. After all this, it would seem this is just a mix of user error and the training instructions being somewhat misleading (especially for a beginner).
  14. The point where Jester gets stuck is following the ICS coms check. After responding loud and clear, the training mission will hint at the landing gear & flaps : And the only options I get are :
  15. Hello all, Apologies if this has already been suggested, I had a quick look around on the forum when I was setting up my bindings and couldn't find anything similar. This is purely a suggestion to add separate axis bindings for the Jester menu so that an analogue stick may be used in place of a POV-Hat or TrackIr (similar to how certain console games work). I have a VKB Gunfighter MCG Pro and would like to use the left analogue stick (since I used the trim hat for well... trim) unfortunately, the only bindings that are present (as far as I could tell) are for mapping discrete directions for a POV-hat.
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