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  1. Havent updated yet. Kinda ridiculous that I have to unplug all my usb peripherals in order to update. I have 18 other peripherals and dont feel like going around to all the usb connections and unplugging them. thats just ridiculous
  2. yes but no where near as easy as the MFG. I can undo my MFG in 5 seconds and the screw dial to do it is right at the front of the pedals.
  3. Can ED for once and for all PLEASE fix the pathfinding of units in CA. This has been on going for over 1.5 years and nothing has been done about it. I dont need to send track files. I am sure you have received hundreds of them by now. This issue has ruined the MP part of the game on servers otherwise the game would be fantastic (other than the other module bugs).
  4. I'm not sure exactly what it was. It was for sure something in the options.lua though. I deleted it and let DCS build a new one. It worked after that. The strange thing is this. After it built a new one, I copied a section from the old one, pasted that section in the new one. Restarted DCS. Still worked. Copied another section and pasted, restarted DCS. Still worked. Kept doing that until I got to the last section and it STILL worked. I was like wtf? So then I took the old one and just overwrote the new one, started DCS and it DIDN'T work. No Jester. So I deleted the options.lua one more time and let DCS rebuild it. Then it worked. Then I just went into the options in DCS GUI and manually changed the options to what I had before, or close to, and everything works again. Weird huh?
  5. Ok I think it IS something in the Config menu. I am narrowing it down and I'll report back. It was something in the options.lua. I am not sure what it is caused it but at this time I dont care lol
  6. Ok the repair sorta worked. Loaded a few quick missions and the first two worked and thought i was on a roll then the third and fourth they didnt work. I am gonna tear my hair out me thinks I wonder if its something in the .lua. I have this issue with DCS that my mouse axis doesnt work in combined arms when I jump in a unit. I have to go into a default.lua and remove the "-" comment in the LUA every time I update DCS. Now I am wondering if the same type of problem exists with the F14 for me but I wouldnt know where to look. Just a thought.
  7. Ok MAY be starting to get somewhere. I did what you suggested and heres the errors I am not getting when I load Instant Action/Dogfight. I get the first attached pic then when I click ok the second one pops up. I am once again going to try and run an in depth repair
  8. tried running a deep repair twice, uninstalled and reinstalled the 14 3X. It would make sense if jester NEVER worked but thats not the case. For the last 3 days I have been researching as to why this is happening. No one on the server has a clue either. But I will try doing your last suggestion. Standby the results. Thx
  9. So for giggles I installed the vaicom AIRIO. I get the on screen messages popping up in game (eg scan range) but jester doesnt do anything. So for some reason jester isnt being loaded into game for me. What on earth would cause this?
  10. To add to it, I disconnected all my controllers and still getting the issue. Also, its not only the menu jester makes no callouts. its like he's disabled
  11. Nope no other problems. Even if it was a binding or key, what would cause the inconsistency of it. It should always work, or never work right? I know this is frustrating the hell out of me!
  12. The thing about joystick gremlin is that I think the dev gave up. Hasnt put out an update in 2 yrs
  13. Ive had both TPRs and MFGs. I still have the MFGs. I sold the TPRs. Both are very good pedals. But the MFGs are better bang for the buck. The TPRs are expensive. I fly Helos a lot and the nice thing about the MFGs is you can disconnect the spring very quickly which is what I do for helo flying. Cant do that with the TPRs. Its hard to say whats better. But for what you get the MFGs are a better buy for sure
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