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  1. Yeah, but I think it's kinda hard to differentiate one from another. Meaning that two roommates in dormitory or just two brothers could be playing on the same connection. It's not like I'm trying to defend someone, it's just really to hard to say who's legit and who isn't :(
  2. That's a very harsh and questionable offense. For example I NEVER EVER fly without my IRL friend who is a dedicated GCI (even in battlefield arcade style style games). If he's not online I simply won't log-in and waste my time. Contrary he's really only working for me and my other friend since he does not speak English good enough to be on general comms but usually advises other pilots in chat. So what, am I now considered a cheater?
  3. Yahooo! I'm so glad you finally bringing it back!
  4. I'm sorry for the off topic, but if you liked Chicken Hawk, you should probably check out Jayhawk 2-1 books by Michael Trout.
  5. Huh, I thought that M2k is not yet supported by DCS-BIOS, do you mind to send me config/setup procedure in PM? Thank you
  6. Speaking of "clicking", I wish I could use Saitek Pro Flight panels with M2k some day the same way they works with A10C.
  7. I'm sure that I don't have to remind you that Mighty-29 could survive a direct impact of sidewinder and still continue fight with shredded wings and even w/o electronics and hydraulics.
  8. I agree that a live observer makes live easier but I doubt about "shooting on the run". TV camera cannot purely lock on target and frequently twitches reducing effective range of HOT3 missile. I did a couple of hits while staying on manual hover but it would be near impossible task to hit Strela-10 with HOT3 at ~4km range w/o going into auto-hover mode. Exactly ;)
  9. 1) I don't think it will fix the problem. As for now it's much more complicated and limited in terms of a combat appliance. But since the multi-crew is already in open-beta stage this might change. 2) Practice surely helps, but still it requires a lot of practice. The main issue is if the one has even a slightest side-slip it would most likely result in a crash. So yes, it's either auto-hover landing or decent amount of practice. Feel free to ask. I only have about 10 hours of flight time in Gazelle, but maybe I still can help you with something.
  10. Sure they can, the question is: is pilot able to land Gazelle intact on any kind of terrain and surface in time? As for this moment Gazelle is extremely fragile compared to UH-1H/Mi-8
  11. I agree with you, yet from my experience flying WWII era air-frames I can say that attempt to fix a broken balance by adding La-Fünf an groß Yak-Ein to a blue side is the worst idea ever. Just to clarify, I'm OK with restriction of any new module as "limited availability" for one side or another, but I'm against allowing anyone to fly everything. I've tried it before I know how it ends.
  12. With all due respect Skipper, I don't think there is any kind of political problem. As Greg said before, it's more or less about new modules being introduced for BlueFor and players want to fly them and not sfm rusty FC3 counterparts. And changing Red vs Blue to Orange vs Green is just too ridiculous, since it won't solve the problem. Hell, we might even come to Carebear's funs versus MLP lovers down this road.
  13. Blue: M2000 vs Red: SU-27 Haha, that's funny. It would only work if somehow Greg will find a way to limit number of R-27s it could carry. MiG-29A/S on the other hand will do the trick.
  14. It's not how it should be by any means. I'd rather RTB/Glide than attempt to refuel with such quirky tanker with fuel left for 3-4 mins of flight on military mode.
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