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  1. hey thanks. there was a big update on the friendly packages behavior and in general improvements based on feedback. This was however some months ago and from that point we focused only if there is need of bug fixing. The reason is that the campaign was considered in a good state and didn't want to break it due to the many DCS updates/ features that are introduced (mostly related to AI). As such, we will have to see if it would be beneficiary to change something in the future. Feel free to let us know of whatever is not working as intended though, so that we can focus on it. Thanks again Greg
  2. Hi, thanks for your purchase. Op. Pontus campaign, is designed with a different way and is not following the stage campaign concept. The mission name may show the same, however the use of the Campaign Progress Code, is generating different campaign content (thus the dynamic description). In the end of each sortie (after landing back to the Carrier), you should be receiving the message with the de-briefing that includes the code too. You shall note it down and input it in the next mission (once inside the cockpit). The campaign's pdf manual describes the process, but please free to let me know if you have any questions. Hope you will enjoy it! Greg
  3. Apologies I just saw this. Great finding! Will check to fix it asap. Greg
  4. Hey thank you. These conversations between your wingman and the player are different in each mission and are "playing" once. We didn't feel them awkward at the time we were creating the campaign The campaign has an upgrade that will be released in the next update but it doesn't affect the voice overs so they still exist. Greg
  5. Hey, thanks. No it should not happen like this. Thanks, will go through and see if this can happen to fix before we submit the upgrade files this week. I hope it will be ok for your next sortie. Greg
  6. Hey, Please try using: JULIETT - ECHO - GOLF - ALPHA - CHARLIE - LIMA Thanks, Greg
  7. Hey, thanks a ton for your feedback. Could you please post a couple of codes you received in case you kept them as backup? We are going through the upgrade and would like to fix any issues that could occur and didn't spot earlier. The campaign in general shouldn't spawn the same sets of aircraft or ground groups or just change their positions and should offer a different experience from mission to mission. Greg
  8. Hi, exactly. You can proceed to the next one either by the way you describe or by: - flying the same mission but after inputting the code, just take off and land to the ship. This way it will proceed as normal and you can use the same code to the next mission. This is unfortunately a bug that can impact all campaigns. It is already reported and hope it's get fixed soon. Greg
  9. Thank you very much for providing also a video. Checking to spot if it's connected with anything related but we didn't introduce a change that could create a hit or so. Will get back to this if we spot anything unusual. Thanks again Greg
  10. Hey, it should be available and you can change to your desired payload All new capabilities for the F/A-18C are available for Op. Pontus campaign, as the player is the one that controls and decides the payload for all squadron's aircraft. Please let us know if it's not working for you. Greg
  11. Hey, no the campaign simulates a ground offensive that it goes by stages. It starts with area 1 and only if it's liberated it goes to area 2. It follows the roads of the map. Therefore all your actions should focus on the active area depending on your campaign status. If you order your squadron packages to perform strike task, they will attack targets in the active area. Same with CAS and SEAD tasks. Hope that helps. Greg
  12. Thanks, the 2.7 update offers the ability to add pictures through triggers and this is a way we plan to help players understand more the process (starting from the intro). Just for an example now (but will try to have a video asap) you can see the areas here in the briefing screen: These areas are liberated depending on your progress and when the XO finishes his status speech you can see the new map by entering again the briefing screen (Esc and briefing). No need to exit the mission. You can press Esc again and continue. Thanks again, I must check the XO's responses. He shouldn't suggest so much SEAD tasks which could be an error in the calculations. SEAD is normally suggested mostly in the beginning of each offensive to a new area. Greg
  13. Thanks, the target coordinates that are given each time are optional and it's up to the player to decide if this would be the task or if it's better to go for another role (depending on the status of the campaign). About recognition and frontline, the campaign has 8x areas in which the battles are happening and the status informs you how many of the areas are currently liberated etc. You can see the frontline map status also by going to the briefing page after the XO analyses the status to you. In general, the information should be there for you but it might be that it didn't catch your eye? Thanks again Greg
  14. Heyo Thanks for your feedback. However why would there be a comparison between completely different projects? Pontus is an official DCS DLC campaign, meaning no modification in files allowed and it offers specific features by using the default DCS tools (e.g. mission planner). We believe Op. Pontus campaigns offers what it advertises and we are working to fix any flaws when there are reports (e.g. in bugs forum section) The upgrade which is being worked at the moment, is based on users feedback and steps on the current concept. It again however has no goal to meet specific requirements of other projects. The word dynamic means that the campaign changes, has different outcomes but in general it doesn't mean it will include or exclude standard features. We used the word dynamic in Op. Blue Flag too, but the concept is different here as you always have different tools to built each project. Please refer to the guideline videos. Happy to help more though. Petritis shall advice more on this asap. Greg
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