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  1. Join our Discord!: https://discord.gg/YGvNfQPmmM What is an Crown's Royale? Who is an Crown's Royale? Why is an Crown's Royale? ...Let's actually start with that last one. Look, Ace Combat is awesome. Even though it's an obscure Japanese Game series that sadly, too few have had the opportunity to play, and sure its plot is a little eccentric, and the allies and enemies are always on the radio screaming, and the gameplay is basically 3d Galaga, and you know what? It's AWESOME, because of every single bit of it. So, what if you wanted to bring that same level of bombastic, Machiavellian villains and teeth biting, world ending fights into a proper combat flight simulator? Enter - Crown's Royale. Crown's Royale is an Ace Combat Inspired, Multiplayer DCS Campaign, and is the follow up to the 2021 AC/DCS Multiplayer Campaign, Summer Skies (watch the old trailer for that here! https://youtu.be/owVO7F5izmw) (New Trailer Soon™). What we're trying to do at Crown's Royale is bring in that same level of detail of Ace Combat in the missions, of hearing the friendlies yelling for close air support, of hearing the enemies in pain and anger at the sound of turbines, of feeling your actions really do have a wide scale, global geopolitical effect - into the more realistic, coordination intensive medium of DCS: World. Cool, so what’s the Lore? In order to maintain continuity, as well as to respect the FANTASTIC work Project Aces has put in over the years really building Strangereal into a truly unique world, the Campaign takes place in the years 1985/1986, prior to a vast majority of the events of the major Ace Combat Games. The Yuktobanians and Oseans are in the middle of their decades long Cold War, both now boasting formidable, logistically capable, armies of conquest. To the south of Yuktobania lies two smaller, ex-colony nations, the half desert, half swampy authoritarian wastelands of the Empire of Tashin, and the more democratic, technological powerhouse of the southern coast, the United Kingdom of Qua’von. The Empire of Tashin has had a troubled existence ever since their de facto split from the Yuktobanian government of the late 1950’s. Being sandwiched in-between the continental superpower of Yuktobania to the north and the measurably smaller yet radically more financially successful Qua’voni Kingdom, the people of the desert cities and the Tribes of the Dunes have had a disastrous few decades since their fall from Yuke grace. The Dunes started being considered a dumping ground for meaningless development contracts, surplus military equipment, foreign intelligence black ops, and anyone the Yukes didn’t want but couldn’t kill. One of the people exiled from the Republic was one ambitious and opportunistic army Captain, Yulerin Tashin. Yulerin was discharged for attempting to usurp his commune’s party leadership and seize control on Military Emergency Declaration grounds, but the greater Yuktobanian Communist party wasn’t going to let a junior officer go about forging nations on their own, so after a swift, four day court-martial, Yulerin was sentenced to his choice of Execution, or Exile to the fractured tribal states of the Southern Dunes. None would realize the terrible consequences of their choices that day until it was much too late… Geopolitics as a whole considered, the United Kingdom of Qua’von had endured its fair share of foreign intervention as well. Originally an Osean colony on the far southern edge of the Verusean Continent, the colony was led into revolution from the powerful rallying cries of a farm village shopkeeper named Ma’are Qua’von. After successfully staging a near total citizen revolt throughout the major colony cities in late 1908, the Oseans deemed the colony more trouble than it was worth, and quickly accepted the Independence of the new nation as the Osean War with Belka was in a major stalemate, Belkan Knights strafing and Blimps raining fire upon Osean troops in trenches at Waldreich. Ma’are was almost voluntold into the position of the leader of the new fledgling nation, the United Kingdom of Qua’von, and quickly went about creating chambers of parliament, appointing judiciaries, and establishing individual county-states throughout the Kingdom with their own democratic representatives. Since then, the Qua’voni Kingdom has enjoyed a peaceful, prosperous existence, thanks to clever mineral resource management and abundant investment in advanced technological development and production facilities. The Royal Family itself has had a personal hand in developing massive technological innovations - the current King, His Majesty Du’Sephellus Qua’von, developed and patented the MOSFET while working in a laboratory as a Prince at the Capital Qua’voni College (CQC) in 1955. And still, the Qua’voni Finance sector has only skyrocketed, leading to a small nation with vast holdings in electronics manufacturing everywhere. The government investment has mostly been funneled toward maintaining a smaller, technologically advanced military with a focus on counter-terrorism and surgical strikes - as such, the overall Qua’voni military is ill-equipped to deal with large scale, peer warfare. However, through its deft management of foreign influence and resource distribution, the Qua’voni Kingdom has rarely had a need for many heavily armed military operations… until now. Not all saw this success as righteously earned. Many of the Qua’voni innovations and prototyping were done with the much higher grade Qua’voni minerals, but a vast majority of the large scale, industrial Silicon comes from historically tense regions on the border between the Kingdom and the Tribal States. The young Captain Tashin, realizing this upon arriving in the desert, began unifying bands of raiders and mercenaries into an organized fighting company, then over the years up to 1984, gained total control over the entirety of the land in between the Yuktobanians to the North, and the Qua’voni to the south - save for a stretch of Land on the West Coast, belonging to what few tribes that could band together to continue existing. With his Empire now established, the now-Emperor Tashin began supplying his former raider buddies with government vehicles, arms, and ammunition; sending them on probing attacks and scouting runs into the lands to the south. After months of probes, the United Kingdom of Qua’von decided to shore up its remarkably understrength military with the help of Mercenary Air Forces, and not a moment too soon. In the fall of 1985, Emperor Yulerin Tashin, with the support - or subjugation - of the Tribes of the Dunes and the armies that once stood there, launched a surprise invasion into the closest large Rare Earth Metal deposits south of the border, quickly occupying an area 100 miles deep and hundreds of miles wide. The Mercenary Air Forces did their best to cripple the advance, and they succeeded in slowing its pace, but as the winter fell in as the Emperor expected, no ground force wanted to stage a counter-offensive, so both sides fell into a relative state of cease fire. However, the Mercenaries continued work pounding logistics targets and attempting to force a peaceful resolution, but the spring is approaching, the snow is thawing, and so far, no such quarter has been given… Okay, but like, what do you do? Each of our missions is structured similar to your typical Ace Combat Mission: there is a brief of current lore and major objectives, a time for players in their wings to select aircraft and loadouts, a cold and dark start in a vast majority of missions, taxi, take off, combat, and maybe if the enemy is really not happy with you that day, a hahafunni little boss fight - followed by a nice RTB and debrief. The main difference is instead of highlighted objectives, 20 minute timers, and little red TGT symbols on some special enemies, each mission is dissected, executed, and completed based off of the coordination of the flight leaders, AWACS's, and individual players. To facilitate this, each mission comes with a structured briefing detailing each wings overall objectives, embedded "satellite" pictures, full METAR data available pre-launch, and accompanying color-coded kneeboards with frequency, weather, brevity, and objective information tailored for each mission. Additionally, players are given full control over aircraft and weapons selections (more on weapons later), and leaders are given full control over flight assignments, area taskings, and battlespace management. The player base is broken into three individual wings based off of general airframe tasking: Knight - Air-to-Air Primary (F14B, F15C, MiG29A, Su27/33, etc) Bishop - Swing-Role (F-16C, F/A-18C, Jas39C, F-5E, etc) Rook - Air-to-Ground/Helos Primary (A-10C, AJS37, AV8B, UH-1H, Mi24, etc) Additional Player Support Elements are Available! We are always looking for LotATC/Tacview/TacCMDR AWACS and GCI’s, enemy TacCMDR’s, JTAC’s, and Voice Actors! Missions take place alternating from Saturdays at 2200 Zulu (1700 EST), and Sundays at 2000 Zulu (1500 EST), taking place on the Caucasus, Marianna’s, and Persian Gulf maps. Okay, so how are you any different from the rest? What sets us apart from other DCS multiplayer groups is our integration of high level, skill intensive gameplay with the atmosphere and story making of Ace Combat. Our members range from the coordinators (and often match winners!) of the DCS Squadron Air-To-Air Competition (SATAC), comprising some of the best PvP Air to Air specialists in the community, to newer and more casual players, to many aircraft livery artists who donated their time making unique, incredibly detailed, custom liveries for virtually every player aircraft, to experienced combat fighter/attack and civilian pilots from around the world. Our missions are currently set up with a pseudo-1980's time frame in mind on aircraft and weapons, featuring an almost blanket set of restrictions on Long Range Active Radar Missiles, forcing fights closer and more often than not, into a decisive, exhilarating merge. Additionally, air-to-ground weapons are restricted to unguided, laser guided, and TV guided bombs, as well as unguided rockets, in accordance with enemy ground forces being more reliant on older generation SAMs, and plenty of tracer flingin’ triple A to go by the canopy. More Information on Weapons Restrictions per Airframe can be publicly viewed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e868PiMWMmULPPPJDe5-08-fnxwkwJzhKCbtJ8KvJ0g/edit?usp=sharing *NOTE: Depending on the mission, and specific phase of the mission, there will occasionally be limited exceptions made to the restrictions for specific tasking. Exceptions are incredibly rare, are typically for some specific element of the mission, and may not even be the optimal weapon of choice, depending on the mission. Ex: Harpoons on an Anti-ship Mission against mostly fighters, frigates, and freighters Alright, so what's the catch? No catch, other than that this is a MULTIPLAYER campaign, NOT a Singleplayer campaign, so if you want to get your own front row seat in the action, go ahead and join our Discord and give one of our Organizer role members a ping! Regardless of whether you’re a hardcore sim jockey, or still considering getting your first module, we'd love to have any and all members of the DCS community join us for furballs and fireballs. Make sure to drop by our Discord and join in on the missions! https://discord.gg/YGvNfQPmmM - AWACS HIGH CASTLE, CS "Milkman"
  2. Sorry for the late follow on - yup, that worked, although as a side note, on the actual mission 9 with the SEALs, I kept having wingman issues with the first ZSU's. Was following the attack bearing and talk-on instructions from the JTAC and I couldnt get passed the "Abort, Abort, Abort!" call - I just dropped GBU-12's on both targets anyway, which did the trick. The mission progressed and I was able to finish it; didn't have any issues with any of the follow up calls. That said, I think it might've been user error on that one. I have a tendency to get a little "creative" on my attack runs. So far though, minus these occasional bugs (which aren't bad, just simple things), this campaign is absolutely FANTASTIC - easily better than many of the other works available currently. Definitely up there with TEW3, OPF, Museum Relic, etc; I'm really hoping to see something like this again in the future, either with the sequel books or another series!
  3. https://komodosimulations.co.uk/collections/collective Don't fly helos myself, but I've heard great things about link related. That said, the base and head combo is quite expensive, but perfect for recreating the Huey or any of the other helos they have heads for.
  4. Title says it all - started on mission 9, the night Alert 30 flight, and after comms check and starting to taxi to the cats, Olive inches her way forward but doesn't turn to avoid the parked Hornet in front of her. Its the one closest to the bridge, nose pointing towards the Port Quarter (Back Left) of the ship. My guess is it's just something with the pathing on the flight deck with AI, as removing that particular hornet in the editor and launching the mission from there fixed it.
  5. Don't know if it'll help, but just in case, I went ahead and highlighted the important stuff as well. Blue is the unmarked chopper which was engines on but otherwise static since touchdown (~3:55). Red are the two trucks that moved only that tiny bit from where they spawned (Moved at ~3:57 then stopped) Green is the two southern outposts to help with positioning. (The picture is taken looking roughly west-north-west)
  6. Version: OB, downloaded May 28th Mission: EW3, SP19 OP Masada Problem: The trucks with arms loaded do not move, therefor Rolex is never reached and the operation never begins. Takeoff goes fine; Apaches (Banshee) go first followed by Me (Dodge). Fly out to WP 1 and WP 2 "orbit" is fine; and then Dodge anchors further away than the waypoint is from the compounds at ~6000MSL & 280KIAS. Banshee checks in, and Overload confirms. Then, at 3:55, the unmarked Huey comes in and lands. At ~3:57, radios spark up saying that the trucks are moving, which they do - about ten feet. Then, they stop for... ever. 4:00, 4:05, 4:10, 4:20, 4:30 - not an inch in any direction. Now, I haven't messed around too much in the editor too much, but my guess is that the Watcher UH-1 is flying too close to the compound and spooking the targets (pic related; at one point it even flew directly over at less than 600AGL). No idea beyond that, though.
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