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  1. Sorry Florian I have the same question, but I can answer Dish's question. Instead of having the helo as a static, place it as a normal AI and tick "uncontrolled". Then in the AI options go to the triggered actions tab (looks like a quadrocopter) and add the command "start". You can then trigger this command with a normal trigger, which will then place the pilot in the cockpit and he'll fly off on whatever mission you've given him.
  2. I'm attempting top put together an Op using the Skynet IADS script, which I've used before (pre-2.7) to great effect, awesome script btw. However, now that I'm tweaking the IADS, I'm noticing some issues and some are replicated in old (unchanged) missions that used to work pre-2.7. The two things that are bugging me at the moment are - 1. The point defence units activate very late - a HARM fired from 20,000 within 25-30 miles? Nah, too slow to react. They'll turn on but it'll be moving too fast for it to intercept. 2. The command "GoLiveRangeInPercent" doesn't seem to apply. Trying to set an SA-11 and an SA-2 site to activate before max missile range doesn't work, if anything the SA-2 activates late (only once tgt is within 70% missile range). Combine this with the slow SA-15 reaction time means that there's no hope for the poor radar.# 3. All SAMs now remain active once a HARM is fired, even if i've set the option to false (option in point defence command), or removed the command altogether. I tried running an old Op which worked wonderfully, now all the above issues apply to that mission too. :( Am I missing something?
  3. Hi! Loving it so far, however I my ineptitude may have found a couple of lil issues with missions 3 - the long range hit over Basra. In mission - tasking Smoke to hit the first tgt (truck) works fine, however when i tasked him to hit the second tgt (compound) he responded affirmative, had the calls from the JTAC but he just kept on orbiting. This broke it as I'd screwed both my drops due to issues of my own so I had to quit out, guns don't work on houses apparently. Second issue was regarding your save feature. Stated before tanking and partway through mission that should I leave, when I continued the campaign it would spawn me behind the tanker with full tanks ready to go... nope, it put me to the start of mission 4. Which is good I guess as it doesnt break the campaign, simply misses out my completion of mission 3 Cheers BD for a great campaign
  4. Right now it is missing features across the board, however for air to air it's one of the best aircraft in my opinion. Situational awareness is unmatched, visibility is better than any other aircraft, it's a dream to fly and moves like a bat out of hell. Make of that what you will
  5. Buddy and I were flying on Buddyspike PG with no issues When we both landed a harrier came in to land, my buddy looked up and zoomed in, screen froze and crashed to desktop. I looked out of my cockpit at the harrier as it touched down, screen froze, crashed to desktop. Crash log included dcs.log-20200421-161432.zip
  6. Solved! Delete fxo and metashaders2 folders in the DCS saved games folder and all is well with the world
  7. Update - there was an issue with hardware reserved RAM, now fixed and system using all 16gb, as shown in attached log But original problem still remains, caucasus is still crashing dcs.log-20200326-214432.zip
  8. I built it, 16gb and it appears everywhere else Screenshot attached
  9. Thats interesting, as I have 16gb or RAM.. Also that didn't work, I have an SSD with OS, a HDD and another SSD with DCS on it, tried 16gb pagefile on the HDD, with HDD and OS SSD and just on the OS SSD, same crash every time. Crash logs included again dcs.log-20200326-190729.zip
  10. Pretty much what it says on the tin. Mission building all morning on Caucasus, no issues at all. Suddenly open a new editor with clean Caucasus and once i zoom in to a certain level the game will crash. Every time. No issues on PG or NTTR, both in-game and editor work fine. I've tried updating openbeta, and repairing several times. Any way to fix this without reinstalling everything? Logs attached dcs.log-20200326-164104.zip
  11. Found a fun bug whilst playing on the buddyspike server Was flying the A-10 and got shot down while I had the litening pod warming up, switched to f-18 and the moment my centre MPCD came to life I've got the A-10 Litening warm up screen laid on top. It goes away after a time but it definitely should be there
  12. Hi all, I'm very aware that the carrier spawn mechanics are changing and are this moment... funky... However I'm wondering if there's any current rhyme or reason for what's going on right now. Some times I can set 15+ aircraft to start on the carrier, sometimes it locks at 4, with others instantly snapping to other airfields (I'm sorry that mechanic is utterly retarded) I know the maximum number of active aircraft on the deck at one time is 10, however in multiplayer it seems like playing the lottery when it comes to getting the slots to actually work or just giving the "flight delayed" message. This becomes even more sketchy if I add statics to the deck, even if those statics are well clear of all spawn points/areas. I've tried a mixture of adding aircraft one at a time next to the carrier and individually setting them to ramp/parking hot, I've also tried making the whole group and then snapping them to the carrier. No matter the method if it works perfectly there's a good chance the exact same method it won't work at all the next time I do it. Help a brother out? (I'm assuming and honestly praying there's a new system coming in when the new carrier module drops?)
  13. As the title says really: (Most) not all of the time when i switch to a unit and I've landed my huey, the AI will jump into my aircraft and take it away on some magical adventure... No idea where or why, is there a way to keep your aircraft where it is so you can come back to after the stint in the ground unit? Overall objective here is to land at a FOB, unload a unit using CTLD, use it as JTAC for a multiplayer mission, then jump back into the helo to carry on the mission
  14. Ahhhha, found a conflicting keybind for the mouse wheel... fixed that... never thought about FoV, thanks
  15. I'm looking to set up a mission using CTLD and the works, but in order for a player to effectively act as a JTAC they have to be able to lase a single target not just "something over there". The whole point of a pair of binoculars is to see further right? So why is my view when using so damn small, it's impossible to pick out a single target 1nm away unless it's a skyscraper. Searched and searched but I can't find any button or command to zoom in the binos, please tell me I'm missing something
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