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  1. Did not go through the thread, but I encoutered a similar problem in the past. Try this:
  2. Good luck trying to get this point across. I said it multiple times but everybody thinks otherwise.
  3. It is wrongly named. It will be used with SA10. It is already reported, saw it somewhere. Also I am pretty sure I saw pics with Tall King being developed. EDIT: found it: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/278213-tin-shield-radar-incorrectly-named-as-sa-5-search-radar/
  4. Just create it through Windows in the folder where it should be.
  5. To me happened that the rockets teleported to the other side of the map. I'll try to reproduce tomorrow.
  6. Has anybody come across a miz file/or info on currently deployed SAM sites in the Caucasus region? thanks
  7. Yes, saw it in the newsletter from 2019? (I think) and I was not sure if I can take it as a definitive answer. Thanks
  8. I am just gonna follow this in order to see if this ever gets fixed feeling the pain with you my man
  9. Do we know what version of the missile are we getting? Could not find exact info which states what we are getting. Thanks
  10. Agreed, but communication with the consumers just brings peace and doesn't stir up forums like now. Last info was EA in May, and since then, no info on it. Just a small headsup like we are a little/couple of months behind schedule would do.
  11. Would be this video helpful? Are you somehow able to get the measurements? I do not want to disassemble my throttle apart from the base since it is still under warranty. I am waiting for a heads up from Thrustmaster if there is no warranty void sticker or such and if I can try to clean the potentiometer.
  12. Well I am joining you guys. Twitchy Z axis and now the slider is slowly dyng also.
  13. Yesterday a guy on FB replied to me after I gave a rant about Skylakes not being supported. He got the Insider Preview and said it is running on his i5-6400. So nothing is lost.
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