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  1. HI, Andre Not sure if this was asked before. Dose Simshaker support A-10C II as I did not see it but A-10C in the Model drop-down menu? Thanks. Chih-Wei
  2. uh, forgot to mention that I have been searching the default code of 1688 - is it another code but 1688? I checked the drone waypoint action which only asks for orbit but no lasing action - not sure if this is right as I am by no means a mission editor expert.
  3. Hi, Surrexen Not seeing my previous question posted, so I try again. How to get the drone to lase? I waited for it to come on station and called JTAC as usual to no avail as it always says, "no further tasking, you may depart". Try if it will auto-lase using AGM-65E - not seeing the laser spot either. Is there any pre-condition required to trigger the lasing? Thanks for the great mission - been enjoying it in single player mode using three AI wingmen as missile shield. Chih-Wei
  4. Dailey, I would also recommend that, similar to "waypoint next", adding voice commands for Radar range like" Radar range up" and "Radar range down" as sometimes the commands "Radar range xx" does not work as it should be. Probably the same for Radar azimuth selections like "Radar scan wide" and "radar scan narrow". You think they are doable? Thanks for the efforts, as always. Chih-Wei
  5. Dailey, Could you also add Radar Bar scan? Chih-Wei
  6. sent your a PM, not sure if you received it yet?
  7. Hi, Dailey I am a VAICOM Pro plugin user and would also like to use your voice commands. If you can try exposed variables to combine with the plugin, that would be good. Or, try using daisy-chain your profile within his plugin and see if that works. I would then be more than happy to buy your profile - that will get me the best of both worlds. I think some people here would love to buy it because of this. Could you get to see to it? Regards, Chih-Wei
  8. Looking good! Thanks. A side note of the same mission: AI F5Es start up way faster than player F-18C. If going for a full startup waiting the alignment to complete, player will have a good separation distance to cover once airborne. I changed F-18C to "start from parking lot hot" as a workaround. Now it works perfectly. Thanks again for creating the missions. They help newbies like me a lot. Chih-Wei
  9. Hi, In Day 1 mission NTTR and formation flying, F-5Es just take off, circle around, then land without following waypoints. something I missed?
  10. Hi, Hollywood it seems to me that if I unassign joystick (Joystick option of General tab), restarting the program is fine without CTD. However, not doing the unassign, it will crash. Does this give you a clue as of what may cause the problem? Regards, Chih-Wei
  11. Hi, Can anyone direct me to a place of 1.7.2? I seems to have problems with 1.7.3. Thanks. Chih-Wei
  12. Hi, I believe you have to change this parameter of View.lua file from 300 to, say, 600. CockpitKeyboardZoomAcceleration Regards, Chih-Wei
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