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  1. Yes, it has been changed some time ago. Here is the changelog post, that describes how to do it now
  2. Awesome, that was quick. Looking forward to the next patch.
  3. Thats interesting. Can you get me a link to these reports? Would like to compare if its the same issue. Didnt find anything in the harrier bug forums. I only did one test with the harrier with the APKWS and that one hit.
  4. Just checked and its still happening for me in the current open beta. what i do to reproduce: -pick a loadout with the targeting pod on one of the wing stations. -attack a MBT from the front or rear. Lock it up in point track -starting at about 10.000 feet, launch at 4,5 miles, about 20 degree dive angle The rocket will impact to the side of the target. See screenshot Edit: just tested with GBU-12 and they are off to the side as well, when TGP is mounted on the wing station. But will still kill the tank, because of the bigger ordnance.
  5. I did the test you asked for, but without any difference, even after flying for 15 minutes before engaging the target. But i found that all rockets seemed to land on the right side of the target, missing by maybe half a meter. I was using a loadout with the rocket pod on the right wing and the TGP on the left wing pylon. When switching the rockets to the left side and the TGP to the right, the rockets would miss on the left of the target. Finally, with the TGP mounted on the centerline pylon, i'm getting accurate hits, again being able to damage T-72, except for when facing their front. But I assume, thats because their armor is too thick from that direction. With that being said, I assume the rockets should hit where the TGP is pointing at, no matter what station it is mounted on, correct?
  6. I encountered the same problem during a mission yesterday. Shooting at tanks (T-72B3 in that case) resulted in an imapct crater from the missile next to the tank and the target being undamaged. Did a short test with 3 tanks in a row, orientated that i would shoot at them from front, side and rear. Only the one that showed me its side could be hit reliably. (Track attached) When i did that same test with BMP-2 as target, i found that the BRM would still narrowly miss the targets facing towards or away from me, but the splash damage was enough to destoy the lightly armored vehicles. Hope you guys at Deka can look into this. BRM test.trk
  7. Waypoint didnt work for me strangely. Guess a target point is needed. Maybe it would work by copying the coordinates of the waypoint to waypoint 40.
  8. Just gave it a try. Didnt notice anything different, except that they now are being guided by a JTAC's laser. So I guess buddy lasing in multiplayer should work as well. Still need to make a target point by yourself to launch them, though.
  9. I noticed today, that LGBs will fly a curve and then miss shortly after aquiring the laser. Tested a bit and it seems to occur when the targeting pod is rotating its head when I overfly the target area. In order for the bomb to keep the track, I need to fly in a way so that i have the target on my side. Track and Tacview attached. LGB test.trk Tacview-20200926-105943-DCS.zip.acmi.zip j17.trk
  10. It got fixed with todays patch, so this thread can be moved to "Fixed bugs". At least its working correctly for me now.
  11. It got fixed by todays patch. Just checked it, and both Viggen and Jeff are now starting normally from Senaki hangars.
  12. I heard that sound as well at the start of a mission. It stopped once the canopy was closed and the ECS was on. Thought it was the pilots teeth clattering because of the cold.
  13. Thanks, lets hope it will get fixed. Funnily enough the AI doesnt care either way, and reverses the Jeff out of the hangar. :lol:
  14. No, they snap to the alignment of the parking spot, wich normally would be fine. All hangars at Senaki-Kolkhi. See the added mission file for demonstration. I put the aircraft there down as AI, but same happens if changed to player aircraft. hangar test.miz
  15. With version, when I place a JF-17 in any of the aircraft shelters at Senaki-Kolki, it will start with the nose pointed towards the rear wall. When placed on an open parking slot, it is oriented normally. I didnt find any other airfields that had this problem, nor any other aircraft modules. Didnt have this problem in the previous open beta version. Already ran a repair, but the problem is still present. Not sure if this is an ED or Deka problem, so I will post in both subforums.
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